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A toast to love, a toast to weddings, a toast to champagne weddings! Learn how to create a sparkling champagne celebration at Zola, your wedding expert.

Dom Pérignon, Veuve Clicquot, Moet Chandon… what couple doesn’t want a little bubbly in their life? Or, at their wedding?

But champagne makes for more than the ideal toast or a delicious drink to pair with your wedding cake; champagne wedding colors can be just what you need to incorporate bubbly into your event in a sophisticated, elegant, and eye-catching way.

So how, exactly, do you do that? From toasts to décor, from color schemes to dresses, we’ve got just the wedding inspiration you what you need to create the perfect champagne wedding that’s sure to sparkle.

Colorful Accoutrements for a Champagne Wedding Theme

First, let’s talk about champagne—the color, of course. It’s essentially a light gold, sometimes with a hint of glitter or shine (much like its delicious namesake). This elegant shade can be played up for sophisticated formal affairs, or played with in a more casual atmosphere.

Another wonderful thing about champagne is that the shade is stunning all-year round. So, no matter when you’ve saved the date, a champagne wedding will always be in season.

Here are a few ways that you can pair champagne with seasonal hues to create the perfect color palette for your big day:

Another wonderful thing about champagne, the color and the drink, is that it’s stunning (and delicious) every day of the year. So, no matter when you’ve saved the date, a champagne wedding will always be in season.

Here are a few ways that you can incorporate seasonal shades with champagne:

  • SpringSpring wedding colors mimic the florals of the season. And since champagne is basically a neutral tone with a little more oomph, any pastel or light color will pair well with your champagne wedding, including:

    • Blush
    • Periwinkle
    • Lilac
  • Summer – Poolside co*cktails, tropical vacations, and eye-catching swimwear—the colors of summer are rich and vibrant shades. Champagne adds a hint of glamour to any summery hue, including:

    • Robin’s egg blue
    • Coral
    • Fuschia
  • Fall – As the year winds down, the colors of the season become brighter than ever, which is why champagne would fit a fall color theme. Get inspiration from clear, blue October skies, russet red maple leaves, and champagne-colored dawns. Some autumn colors that would suit a champagne palette include:

    • Deep orange
    • Crimson
    • Moss
  • Winter – As the days get shorter, the nights get longer—and more fun. Champagne adds a shimmering accent to the deeper hues of winter. Take a look below for some classic winter shades to add to your champagne theme:

    • Wine
    • Plum
    • Midnight blue
    • Black
    • White

Champagne Attire

One of the best ways to work champagne into your wedding color combos? Champagne dresses and other wedding attire!

Champagne can make for a glam, classy, and elegant color choice for a variety of wedding attire, including:

  • 5) Champagne wedding dresses. If the bride doesn't want to go with a traditional white, cream, or off-white dress, champagne can be a great alternative.

    1. Champagne bridesmaid dresses. Champagne not the right color for the bride? No problem! Champagne also makes a great hue for bridesmaid dresses.
  • 7) Champagne groomsmen accessories. If you want to tie champagne into the groom's side of the wedding party, try incorporating the hue into the groomsmen's accessories (like pocket squares, ties, or socks.)

Champagne Floral Arrangements

Flowers are the simplest and most natural way that you can add beauty and color to any venue. And a champagne bloom is striking in any flower bouquet or arrangement. But, be aware, the light, shimmering quality of champagne doesn’t translate very well to flora. You may end up with a flower arrangement that’s a little less bubbly and a bit more beige-y.

According to Petal’s Edge, the only flowers that actually come in a champagne color are roses. They write: “There are a couple of varieties (‘Sahara’ and ‘Quicksand’) of roses now that can be called a champagne tone, but unfortunately, only roses come in a true beige tone. ‘Sahara’ roses with other, highly textured flowers in varying shades of ivory. The texture will bring depth and shadow to the flowers, making even some of the whiter flowers look less stark.”

But, whatever your color palette, there are plenty of ways to bring a hint of champagne to your floral arrangement—and you don’t have to use flowers to do so.

  • Satin – Satin’s natural shimmer makes a perfect addition to floral arrangements. Champagne-hued ribbons, bows, and even fabric rosettes will blossom in centerpieces, bouquets, or boutonnieres.

  • Balloons – Tiny champagne balloons will add delicate whimsy to floral arrangements. Plus, it evokes even more of this gorgeous “bubbly” shade.

Glittering Decor

Champagne is a versatile, neutral color that can fit with almost any setting and in any style of decor. But, each part of your wedding reception should have its own unique champagne details to help your guests celebrate all night long. Check out these strategies to incorporate champagne throughout the reception area:

  • Lounge Area – Your guests will dance up a storm on your wedding night, but they may need a place to cool off and catch up with family and friends. Create a champagne-colored lounge area to encourage conversation, bonding, and making new memories. Use neutral-toned furniture and add cozy champagne accents, such as:

    • Blankets
    • Pillows
    • Overhang drapery
    • Champagne-toned light fixtures
  • Guest Tables – The reception tables are the epicenter for each guest’s experience. To really make champagne pop in these areas, leverage textures, layers, and color accents to create a sense of visual variety to the scene. You can do so with:

    • Table runners
    • Floral centerpieces
    • Seat covers
    • Candelabras
Ideas to Create an Elegant Champagne Wedding Theme - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (2)

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  • Entryways – First impressions make all the difference in a wedding reception. And a champagne entryway clearly states: “Pop the bubbly and let’s celebrate love.” Try adding champagne to your entryway with:

    • Balloons
    • Pinwheels
    • Streamers

How to Decorate With (What Else?) Champagne

A champagne wedding is about more than just a champagne color palette. Embrace the champagne aesthetic with a decor piece that’ll never fail to sparkle—champagne itself. After all, what would a champagne-themed wedding be without incorporating the delightfully bubbly drink?

Make sure you have plenty of bottles of champagne on hand for your big day—because we have a number of unique ways to incorporate the drink, including:

  • Champagne co*cktail Bar – Come up with a few signature co*cktails that use champagne as the base. Some of our favorites are:

    • Air Mail – rum, lime juice, honey, and champagne
    • B2C2 – brandy, Dom Benedictine, Contrineau, and champagne
    • Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon – absinthe and champagne
    • Bellini – prosecco and white peach puree
    • Mimosa – orange juice and champagne
  • Make-Your-Own-Champagne Bar – Give every guest the power to become their own personal champagne mixologist. You can set up glass jars with all types of fresh fruits and garnishes, including mint, raspberries, limes, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and peaches. Guests are free to mix and match as they see fit. This not only gives the drink some flair, but also adds beautiful splashes of color to the room.

  • The Champagne Tower – Few things harken back to the old days of glitz and glamour quite like the champagne tower. This also makes for a fantastic wedding decoration, so it could be assembled and poured before guests even arrive. Or, for a show-stopping wedding event, you and your partner can pour the champagne yourselves.

But, save the champagne flutes for toasts, and, instead, construct your tour with coupe glasses.

A Toast to You, from Zola—Your Expert for All Things Wedding

These tips will help you pull off the perfect champagne themed wedding—but if you need a little more help in the wedding planning process, Zola has got you covered.

That’s where Zola comes in. With everything you need—from your registry to your wedding website to your invites—in one place, we make registry and wedding planning easy. Sign up today to get started!

Ideas to Create an Elegant Champagne Wedding Theme - Zola Expert Wedding Advice (2024)
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