Top 20+ Champagne Wedding Colors Ideas for Bride-to-be (2024)

Champagne is a popular choice for wedding colors as it exudes elegance and sophistication. The soft and muted tone of champagne pairs perfectly with a variety of colors, making it a versatile option for any season or wedding style. From romantic blush pinks to bold emerald greens, there are countless wedding color pairings to choose from when incorporating champagne into your wedding color scheme. Whether you're planning a rustic fall wedding or a glamorous spring soirée, champagne is a great choice for adding a touch of luxury to your special day.

Champagne + Peach

Champagne works well with peach, a romantic and also bright color combination that is perfect for summer or fall weddings. The peach tones complements the neutral champagne color beautifully, creating a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere. Champagne and peach wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: champagne bridesmaid dresses, white and peach wedding bouquets, dry flowers decorations, champagne napkins, peach table centerpieces, wedding invitations with peach flowers patterns…

Champagne + White + Black

Champagne can be added to the traditional black and white color theme to add to the opulence of your event. Champagne, white and black wedding color combinations creates a vintage and rich atmosphere, perfect for a formal winter wedding 2024. Champagne, white and black wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: champagne bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, black groom and groomsmen suits, white shirts and black ties, white and black wedding invitations, white wedding table cloth, champagne table runners, black cups…

Champagne + Gold

Champagne and gold color combos is luxurious and glamorous which is perfect for a winter wedding 2024. The warm gold tones add a touch of sparkle and shine to the champagne color, creating a look that is both elegant, glittering and festive. Champagne and gold wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: Champagne bridesmaid dresses, rose gold bridal shoes, champagne and gold wedding table decorations, champagne and gold decorations for wedding favours, champagne and gold wedding cakes…

Champagne + Grey

Champagne pairs well with earth tones like grey, chocolate brown and taupe. As for a champagne and grey wedding color combination, the champagne color can act as a neutral base, helping to produce a tranquil, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. Champagne and grey wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: champagne bridesmaid dresses, grey groom and groomsmen suits, champagne men's ties, champagne table cloth with grey wedding napkins for table decorations…

Champagne + Sage Green

Sage green is a fresh and natural color which is perfect for an outdoor or rustic wedding when mixed with champagne color. The earthy green tones of sage green will complement the neutral champagne color and create a relaxed feel. Champagne and sage green wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: mismatched bridesmaid dresses of champagne and sage green, sage green wedding cake, sage green wedding table cloth, champagne wedding napkins, champagne and sage green wedding invitations, sage green aisle markers…

Champagne + Navy Blue

Champagne mixed with navy blue is a classic and timeless color combos which is perfect for formal weddings. The deep navy color adds a touch of sophistication to the neutral glattering champagne hue, creating a look that is elegant and refined. Champagne and navy blue wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: Champagne bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, navy blue groom and groomsmen suits, champagne men's ties, champagne table cloth, navy blue napkins, champagne and navy blue wedding cakes…

Champagne + Burnt Orange

Burnt orange is an especially autumnal shade, which goes well with champagne. Champagne and burnt orange wedding color palettes, elegant and bohemian, is one of the best wedding colors for an autumn wedding. Champagne and burnt orange wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: mismatched champagne and burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, white and burnt orange wedding bouquets, champagne, white and burnt orange wedding ceremony decorations, wedding table decorations with champagne table runners, burnt orange table centerpieces…

Champagne + Dark Red

The two colors of champagne and dark red complements each other perfectly. Warm hues of burgundy and neutral champagne complements each other perfectly for a romantic fall or winter wedding 2024. The champagne color adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, while the burgundy color brings warmth and depth to the overall look. Champagne and dark red wedding color combos inspirations for 2024: champagne bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, dark red wedding bouquets, champagne wedding invitations with dark red decorations , champagne table cloth with dark red napkins, wedding cakes with champagne and dark red decorations…

Champagne + Greenery

Dreaming of a classic and glamour fall wedding in 2023? Champagne will be your best choice. In addition to its elegance and romance, it also conveys a luxurious atmosphere. There will be no wrong to fill your champagne wedding with greenery. The bridesmaids in champagne dresses carrying greenery bouquets with white flowers are a great complement to the bride's lush white garden floral bouquet. To complete the color combos, you can let your men in green suits and champagne vests, arrange your table covered with champagne lace and greenery arrangements with white flowers, use a vintage champagne gold mirror for wedding signs, and decorate the wedding arch and wedding cake with greenery.

Champagne + Navy + Brown

You will never go wrong with a champagne color scheme, especially for a November wedding in 2023. Champagne is the perfect neutral hue for the fall. Just add a bolder accent color like navy to turn things up a notch. And brown can be a great implement for champagne. These color palettes will give you a surprisingly stunning late autumn wedding. Use champagne bridesmaid dresses and a white bridal gown to match navy blue groomsmen's suits and ties. The flowers in wedding bouquets, sweetheart table centerpieces, and wedding arch can use orange and brown flowers and greenery. Navy blue bridesmaid robes and champagne bridal robes are a great choice, too.

Red + Black + Champagne

Champagne is a color that is as graceful as gold, but not as extravagant as gold. It will match very well with red and black since champagne is a neutral and low-key color. When you let your girls in black bridesmaid dresses, just ask the groom and groomsmen in champagne suits to make the color scheme brighten up. Choose champagne wedding shoes with red shoe soles to match the black dresses. On the aisle black chairs tied with red flowers and champagne ribbons, wedding invites with champagne and red carved holder, white wedding cakes with black couples figures and red hearts, everything looks so sweet and warm!

Grey + Champagne + Brown

A vintage wedding with a color scheme of grey, champagne, and brown can create an elegant, refined, and sophisticated atmosphere. The combination of soft grey with warm champagne and rich brown tones offers a classic and timeless vintage aesthetic. Here are some ideas to incorporate this color scheme into your vintage wedding: champagne bridesmaid dresses, and gold table settings and table number frame, brown gold mirror seating chair, champagne wedding candles…

Champagne + Hunter Green + Brown

A winter wedding with a color scheme of champagne, Hunter Green, and brown can create a beautiful and elegant atmosphere. The combination of these colors evokes a sense of warmth, sophistication, and a touch of natural elements. Here's how you can incorporate this color scheme into various elements of your winter wedding: Consider girls in hunter green bridesmaid dresses and champagne faux fur wraps, the bride wears white bridal gown and bridal wrap with cream bouquets and wedding heels. Brown can be incorporated through accessories like reception table or welcome sign.

Champagne + Black + Burgundy

Champagne is a delicate an low-key nature color, which mixes well with many colors on the color wheel. Champagne, black and burgundy color palettes create a soft and vintage effect. Here's our arrangements perfectly blends the 3 colors into your winter wedding inspiration: Bridesmaids in champagne dresses, white shawls, bride in white gown, burgundy bouquets, black attire and champagne ties for groom and groomsmen, wooden wedding tables, champagne table runners, white wedding cakes with burgundy flowers, all of which looks matched and elegant.

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In conclusion, champagne is a stunning wedding color choice that can complement a multitude of other colors for your big day. Whether you decide to mix it with soft pastels or rich jewel tones, champagne is sure to bring an air of sophistication to your wedding. And don't forget your bridal party - champagne bridesmaid dresses are a timeless choice that will have your besties feeling beautiful and chic. No matter how you choose to incorporate champagne into your wedding, it will undoubtedly add a touch of glamour and elegance to your special day. And if you're looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses to complement your vintage wedding, here at, you have 150+ colors to choose from the custom-made 600+ styles bridesmaid dresses, which are fashionable and your girls must like!

Top 20+ Champagne Wedding Colors Ideas for Bride-to-be (2024)
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