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Von Minden, Conway Exchange Barbs at Forum

.. ,'"EFF,ECTIVE Immedlol~ly. Ihe ,Iro~sler ~lallOn will be oP,ened ,Mgndax "fhr9ugh' Friday from"9'a,m:tq ,3 p.~. :until further notice. Satu~~4Y'h~Ur:sre-'malo' the ,Same fro.\1'I ~ a.rn~,.~!.5:p~m ..' ,

A story elSeWhere on thls'p~'geI'01:"nta=,,,.~,-_out ""that -1he llautersaraagree to goback to work Wednesday moroing and

, were to meet with aspa.cla! gr.·oup 'of ci-ty offl1!lals and.Council members' <

Wednesday nlgh~,. . ", .The ordil\ance to Wh.!ch Mrs:ny ~,nC;l' ,. ,

Russell refer beco~eseffecUve',,",pon 'publication In today's Wayne Her,ald: ,

Readers ~re encoura'ged to review th~ordinance. ' ~

When City Council members went to For th~ ~~a1)h !"!'ld,~~lf~re'pi:t~~ ,city.,.work N\QndOy momlQo, th~~:soon le~rn· :".we'u(~I.!llJr"lmtned\~teallertlon Ql", ''','ed' thit't -fhe ~cJfy'& 'tfa~AV.g-afDage"';'~·'· :'--_." "tl1tlir'rnaHaY;~~~:;·~~'· ~~,~.~ ~: '; "~~,1'.!('~;-':':':I~::'~';:~~"".lw ~ r, r.haulers - all two at them'- were It was:slgn.d;~Y;,~nd J\!Ir~~y" "

reluslng to haul garboge, CITY OFFICIAl;S rea~~d ~wli,,~ b;' '

OFFICIALS AT City Hall learned by releasing Iholol/owlng annoi!!;ce",,,,t 'letter by mid·mornlng that tour Monda;y: . ':" .~!,.. ,,; .... :.,demands had been set out by Vern '~A very short notice was pr:-ovlded byRussell of Wayne Refuse Company and the,Class,A garbage hjwlers. glvlng,fhe .Frank Mrsny of Mrsny Sanitation. If city no reaction time. . ".,the demands were not met. the work "However,- the city Is rEwlewlng.'t~

slopage would continue, they said. sftuatlon ,at ,the-time and Is looking ~tThe text ot the tetter and the all alternative's to disposing of the g~r-

demands are as follows bage. ',.'"Effective Monday, Oct, 13, Mrsny "Tomorrow's (TuesdayJ Co!:'ncU- :"

Sanitation and Wayne Refuse Service meeting WlII have o.n the agenda this <-

will discontinue pickup In the clty of garbage problem, and ,hopefully the ·CI·Wayne until the· Council makes the ty'Council will arrive at asolution thatfollowing changes of Ordinance 985: Is agreeable fo E!veryone Invo~ved.

1. SECTION 1. Paragraph 1 (SolidWaste Transfer, disposal, hours ofoperation) to be taken out of Qrdlnance:.

2, Transfer stat.lon to be available toClass A haulers, Monday thra.ugh Satur­day, from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. including allhottdays at no extra charge

3.Sectlon 2·0: to be changed from$:.17 pfi!r cubic yard to $2.50 per cubicyard.

4. SectIon 2-L: we wOuld Ilke todIscuss this paragraph as to the tlo per·mit fee for out of town customers which15 being charged bu! Is not in ·the 'Or­dinance nor being enforced at thetransfer Sid Han.

knows no more about It then he does shouldtake a stand on It.

He addett, how~ver, that it he cannot ,g~tadequate lnf0t-matlon on the: ~mendment 'hewilt "take the ¢ons~rvatlVeway out and v:ote,

..agalnsf It." .'

THE COUNCil decided to place the Itemon the special meeting agenda for Tuesday

The Council 0150 approved advert1soments for a new city admln/strator andfor an electric distribution superintendent

All Council members except CarolynFilter were present and all actions wereunanimous

ATTORNEY Swarts told Russell that If hehas a viable alternative to the present garbpge progr4m, It should be presented for theCouncll'a consideration.

The COUJ1clJ. RUSoselJ and city offiCialstossed around figures. disagreeing on theirImportance and their accuracy

"We sat here fhree hours with you lastMonday and this Is what you give us," Councllman Larry Johnson said?

"If YO!J don't want to hear them, then I'll

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. . !.

"IF NEITHER' (MtsnYJ1r RYJi~ , " ,1ng to worf' under the eXlstlng ordinance.mayb(t anOther hauler or, possibly a fran- "', '.ch'se should be considered," Council Presl- ;dent Darrel Fuelberlh salq,

"There ara olher people Inlerested hi,picking up 9arboge. but how seriously andfor ho~ much, we don't know yet," Mayor'Wayne Morsh added, '

Hauler Ross~1l said that, yes, he Is s~re

there'are other$lnterested. "But when ~hey

soo the circ*mstances they h~ve to workunder,' tt\ay'll change their mind," he sald.

sa'I::~':~~:': :~nVr0~gf~:0~~~~~~1~:~:talrness between U5 and the..~ldents.·'


Deadline Oct. 24Persons who need to register to vote In the

November General Election must do so by 6p.m. Friday, Oct. 24, according to CountyClerk Orgretta Morris.

MRS. MORR'S S<!Ild registration may be.made'at the Courthouse fr'l-Wayne. at Con:'"merclal State Bank In Hoskins, the CityClerk'~ office In Winside, City Clerk's officeIn Wakefield or Farmers State Bank in Car,"011.

Persons who need to vote by absenteemust make applications as soon 85 possible,:me added. Absentee ballots can be receivedat her office fhrough Oct. 31, but applies."tlons for such ballots can be made until 11noon Tuesday, Nov. 4. •

who will set them, II He reviewed his malorcampaign theme that he Is b~t qualified toservo ~onsfltuentsof the district.

THAT WELL 15 working at minimumcapacity and the Council wUI consider drill

Appeals in St. Louis, Mo. The Eighth CircuitCourf upheld the U.S. District Courtdecision and rdfused to provent CORstr'uetlonof the transmission line. Attorneys for thetribe then tiled a writ of certiorari - 8

requosf tor review of the record of the case- before the U.S. Sllpremo Court. In thehIgh court's decision Monday. tho courtdenied lhe> wFit. whiCh means- they witt nofhearthe trlbo's appeal.

meetIng Tuesday to discuss the status of theproject

power such 85 an elimination of state tax onellher.

The first sign of ar-y 81gnlflcant disagree­ment between the candidates came on the

THE FIRST question asked of the polr Issue of the 7 percenliid Ij'muatlon.l:lelng 1m,concern,ed Ihe slale's dwindling posed by Ihe slale., 'undergreund waler supply. Von Minden said Ihot In Ihe Allen Can,

Con!Nay saId he lliels Ihere Is 0 need to sollda!lld SchllOl Dlslrlcl. "lfs nol hurtingmonllar Ihe water supply and establish th 'I II" H d llted h th I hprlorilleslhrough adequale research. d:'~~oI\~ve ~:Ia";,n ot;':~:~:;;s I~ th:

Von Minden agreed Ihat tho supply needs ---.itlleemeral district.10 ba monllored and eddad thallecal control ..;,$hO,Uld be malnl~liled.. TM Allen former ":C:ON\Y~Y SAID he I..'IS Ihe 7 petcenlproposed Ihlll Ihe, Nalural Resoue•• , 'lI\~nlallty:lsarellee:tlono"hebilteauctoIICOl~,r'cls "ov~ a malor , ••ponslbll/ty In con, p!!lIoiilPhy, ',It "a poor approach to thetrolling ",eler '~PPIIeI" ' ' ovetn"!ent, he 10,ld those

STRUCTURES for the transmission linehove already been built to the Thu"tonCounty line from the east and west. DistrictJudge Schatz hlJsl$cheduled a condemnationtrial for mid-December for the tracts lylOgwithin the Winnebago reservation InThurston County,

HOWEVER. City Attorney Kem Swarls'said "my Initial reaction Is that this. per se,­Is not a violation." The city Is In the business';·of seiling licenses. he said. and In his oplnlcH'1}'~thert'! are not any legal requlreme'nfs ttlat~.·

they must use the license. -.

Councilman GInn said ·'It bother~me. 85 a'·',citizen fln;t, quite seriously when an In- 'dlvldual will use his poSltTon to dictate theterms under which they operate." Ginn saidhe feels It Is an affront to taMpayerS' fhat the .'haulers are 'dictating to the taxpayers theirterms of doing business."

There was serious conslderaflon given bythe CouncIl to advertising the city's garbagebusiness to another hauler Other hautershave been contacted, Council members toldMrsny and Russell, and an alternative ­method ot garbage disposal here 15 quitepossible

"However, at Tuesday'S meetl~gii, ,s~eye,'

~~~E~r~~j::uT::'~~~~~~~~'~':1~,~7rother words, about four cubic var~$ of ur;':compacted garbage equals one cubl'c' yard>of compac'led garbage. ! :1, > ~,

Tuesday nlgh'l'S discussion about g~rbag.e1opened with consideration given to'PQSS,il?le~violation by the haulers of the c1ty'&'Hc.en5~~ ,requirements. _~,

Dennis Hlrschbrunner, representative ofBruce Gilmore & Associates of Columbus,will be present at a ]'30 pm special

provement specIal assessments will be holdat 8 p.m. Nov. 11 at the Clty Hall, a hearingon Morywood sanitary sewer extensionspecial assessments will be held at 0: 10 p.mNov. 11 at the City Hall and B hearing onMarywood water e)(tenslon specialassessments will be held a1 8: 10 p m NovII

THE COUNCIL has argued that Mrsnyand Russell 'can get several cubic yards ofuncompacted garbage Into one of their compeeted cubic yards. Russell has contendedthat a yard of uncompacted garbage shouldbe treated the same as a yard 0' compactedgarbage.

THE CENTRAL problem raised by thehaulers 15 their claim that the city Isdiscriminating against them and Is In­hibiting free enterprise. Fees charged ClassA haulers should be more In line with what Ischarged residents who haul their own garbage, Russell told the Council.

Under the new ordinance. residents willbe charged $2.50 per cubic yard to dumptheir uncompacted garbage while thehaulers will be charged $3.21 per cubic yardtor compacted garbage

Councilman ClIff Ginn said he wants foreview the 1;05ts, advantages and dlsadvantages of the blo·dlsk system and the ac·tlvated sludge system

lng of additional wells when It meets withHlrschbrunner Tuesday night

The CounCil agreed to allow Vakoc CanTHE COUNCIL approved a rel5olutlon structlon Company to use concrete rather

placing no parking signs on the west side of than asphalt for paving In Sunnyview Sub-Walnut Street lust north of Seventh Street. division.

Agreements Involving fill dirt lor a con' Vakoc a'so requested that the city ter

structlon prolect south of EI Toro, tor sower, ~::~:eR~~ke~r:~;~:rl~~t~lr~ean~e~:~~ .THE COUNCil was updated on tho ~:~~o::;:~:~~nd for water Improvements Gilmore & Associates to Inspect work at

federally mandated sowage lagoon !.ystem Sunnyvlew SubdiviSion.prolect. Engineering costs 'or the prolect In· The Cou~cll was uJilde.,ted, .on, the "tV',s, ,.\ • Va~oc sal,d fees charge~ ~Y .l:?G&R ~re_cr~asect slightly. and pape~work.has been , • water situation. 'tt was discovered' reCfmtIVl>~...." !9.ut'iI?,~, I~~r¥' ·end'ha~,~Umore:.would!'>s·approved for a bio-disk system grant. ' that one ot the clty's two remaining wells 'expensive. .

was tlot prOViding adequate sUPPJlC15 ofwater.

hove placed the line 0 yc&r betMnd schedule.

dlcotlon whatsoever after 0 threo·hourmeeting between the haulers and the Coun·cU .Mondayrl')ct. ~. thaI ail\i'lype 0' workstopage was even considered.

That special Council meeting was hold forthe beneflt ot the haulers 50 differences In­volving a proposed ordinance could bediscussed. As a result of the meeting, twochanges In the ordinance were made. Thenew ordinance becomes effective withpublication of today's Wayne Herald

THE LINE will pass through theWinnebago Indian Reservation In ThurstonCounty. tn May' ot 1'919, the Winnebago Tribeflied suit against NPPO and the U.S, ArmyCorps 'Of -=nglneers, alleging that anenvtronmental Impact B85eSSmont flied bylite Corp. bad,lll1led_IQ co.,ldar ,,,,,,,,1htoharmful envlronmenta~ Impacts. on theIndian reservation" and the Missouri Rlvorvalley wildlife. especially the bald eagle.

U.S. District .Judge Albert SchatzdlsmllSsed the suit, stating that the tribe hadnot prosented sufficient evidence to showthat the power line would pose anyenvironmental hazard.

The tribe appealed Judge Schatz'sdeclslen to Ihe U,S, Eighth Circuit Court 01

Von Minden's contrlbufors for him, notingthat OM·sheth of his contributors have beenfrom :rlblg all companies," .

VQli -Mlndan responded: "Thl~ has been ac~~an ~a.mpafgn until now, and t would like10 ilee II slav Ihal way,"

"Don'l deceive the people by tellfng themyou ~on'l know w~o supporls you/'ConwayoHol back,

"I cert,alnly wasn't, I knew who theywere. but not fhe amounts." Von Mindenreplied.

VON MINDI:N,lhen .a,ld he dld,~lil likewhal the forym was turnln9 out. to be, Whenhe wa.phoned ~bout Ihe evenl, ho )'Ia.'O!Ilo

,believe II WQII'd be a forum, not a debate.61esaid. ' . --

;" Netc;t,: ,when.what '

I n order of sppearance on the agenda, thefollowing agenda I,~ems were covered

The Cltv Council moved through a varietyof It~m~ at Its regular meeting Tuesdaynight bafore tackling the recent garbagestrike. (See garbage story elsewhere on thispage)

Slale Senale candlales Merle Von Mindenorod Gerolll Conway had lillie 10 diller aboutMond4y nlgllt ot a "Get Ounhe Vote" 'arumunlll Ill. 10.115 mlnule..01 the euenlng.

CONWAY. OF Woyll<!. anll VonMIMen. 01Allen; t6$por_ to qutitlohs posed by themoderalor ond by Ihe aUdience. continuallyogr..,lr,g with ..... anollter.

Whllll a.ked. directly how Ihey dlflered.Von MInden said he dldn'l Ihlnk theIrp~IIO$llphles "ar.#lilt llillerent;" He said helelt hIS age and backgro~ndmadchlm moreccn~r\lllllveflIan, Conway.

COilway AId hil·ltlt th~ malar ill~'!\<:e'wM tl1lot he hed mora ability to carr~liQI"r'·Ide,"to lhe sllllehOUse In'l.fncoln. "I ~.v~lhe tll~nl" ta c!ll1vlnca pejlple/' he said,

Undar troa old crdlnance, trailers tor thistype of usa wel"'e' no1 allowed.. Str~t Improvement district. sanltory

S6"""Wei exw.islon district and water exten·sion district work In Marywood SubdiviSionwBsac~..,.d

Public hearing on Marywood street 1m

COUNCil MEMBER Clift Ginn said hewas "disturbed" that the Council and Mayorhad bee-r, notified "after the tact "

Council members sold there was no In-

Wayne-Is 39·hour garbage strike has en~ed. making It the first and shortestsuduat"'~e.r:liln..recellllllsl"ry.

Both Class Po haufers and a committee ofcity pc'rsonnel agreed Tuesday night to sl'down and discusg differences In figuresregarding the city's transfer s'a'ion.

THE DECISION to meet equitably cameet the end of e lengthv Council rt1eotlngwhich InvcJved attempted negotiations be­twOOfI the hBiUlgs and the City Council.

Vein Russell and Frank Mrsny. the clty'sonly Class A commercial garbage haulers.were to tn2et With Council members end ci­ty """,.cn""l Wednesdoy night, The oppos,Ing factions hoped to reach an agreementover a dlspBrtt")' In expenSe and Incomeflgur~ fe...:' the transfer s'atlon.

Council members took a firm stand at theTue!Uiay mooting after learning from aradlobroadtast early Monday morning thattho ","vo haulers had decided not to collectgarbage until four "demands" were met,Councilmen were dismayed they had beengiven no advance warning of the Impendingstrike.

THE COUNCil adapted an ordinancewhich allow"$. Blue Cross· Blue Shield to temporarlly parI( a tralfer In the PamIda, Inc..parking lot later this month. ~luO CfOS~ ot,f1ds!s wUl 00 em hand to 'Serve cus"tomen ofcvufiiy~n!ts._

"~8RASKA Public Power DistrictlNPl'DI I. building the 345.000 volt linebatween' its HOSkins substation In StantonCounty to the Reun, Iowa, SUbstation OW'nedby JOWl! Public Service

The II... Is ...- by NPPD to supplyelectricity to growing agricultural andIndu.trlal loadS ond lor reliability In north­&8St Nebraska. However, a series of legalmov.. Inltlalad by the Winnebago Tribe

The U.S. Supreme Court h3S denied a writof certiorari flJed by the Winnebago IndianTribe regerdlng IS dec::lslon of the EighthCircuit Court at Appeals to permitconstruction ot a transmission line acrossthe Missouri River from Reun, Iowa. toHe--klns, according to an order of the court.dated Oct, 6,

Council Moves Quickly on Items Tuesday Nigh't

Garbage Shutdown Here;f:~,. II"

Court Removes Power Line Block

[. ;cCl••• POilalleI, - atWs)'IIe, Nebr••1Ia


the plastic garbage sacks anddump the leaves, he said that

• would be too C05f1'~ and he wouldnot go along.

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Put ItTogether

Elizabeth Griffith

Services tor Esther Marie Johnson. 80, were held Wednesdayat Redeemer Lutheran Church In Wayne, the Rev. Dantel Mon­son officiating. Burial was In Obert Cemetery In Obert.

Visitation at Wiltse Mortuary was trom Monday until time ofservices.

Mrs. Johnson was born Feb. 16. 1900. at Woonsocket1 S.D., toNaranus M. and Mathilda 08S. and died Sunday, Qd. 12. at Pr~vidence Medical Center In Wayne.

Mrs. Johnson married Fred Nicodemus Johnson on Oct. 16,1918, at Mitchell, 5.0. She lived In Woon5OCket. 5.0" L.aurel.Obert, Wynot and Hartlng'ron. anci In 1952 moved to Waynewhere she made her home.

Pallbearers were Leon W. Burrus, Lowell J. Burrus, ShelbyN. Burrus. Larry L. Miller, Troy Amick and Jerry Miller.

She was preceded In death by her husband, one daughter. twograndchildren, parents. tOUIl" brothers and a 515ter.

Survivors Include two daughters. Grace Johnson of Wayne,and Mrs. Henry (Genevieve) Mary of Jackson. Mlnn; ninegrandchildren and lS great-grandchildren.

Services for Elizabeth Griffith. 92. Carrol', were held Mondaytrom Bethany Presbyterl5n Church In Carroll, the Rev. Gall Ax·en officiating. BurIal was In Bethany Cemetery In Carroll.

Mrs. Grlff.llt.., wa.$ bam Dec.. l6,. 1881, lnOrange County, Callf.,and died Friday. Oct. 10. in the Osmond hospital.

She moved from California to Carroll as an Infant and livedmost of her adult life In the Carroll area. She mar'rled Frank L.Griffith on Feb. 6. 1912, In (arroll. Mrs. Griffith lived In a Wausanursing home since 1966.

Pallbeal'er5 were Mark Cook, Rick Cook, Vaughn Cook, RoyJenkln5. Melvin JenkJns and Morris Jenkins.

She was preceded In death by her parents, husband, twobrothers and a 5lster.

Survivors Include a son, Stanley of Norfolk; two sisters, Mrs.Dave Ruth Hamer of Los Angeles, Calif., and Mrs. Robert Mar­rIetta Waller of Wayne; one' granddaughter; Mrs. Dick(Sharon) Cook of Norlolk; rive great-grandchildren and'·~rct.n~~hltdl

Esther Marie Johnson

~/lIie EIc~ora 'Jnder .Servicies fo~ I.lIIleElclIifa:l;I~deri ...; 'Waiilll'eiil)'Were lleld '

Mo~day. C!ct. 6, from, Salilll! Lullteran Church, the !i.ev. RobertV. John,son offlclallng. BoMa', was'ln Wakefield Cemetery. ­

Mrs. Linder was born sept. 17, 1896, In Burt County 10 Peterend Josephine Lennart Gustafson, and died Oct, a "tWakefleld

, .JoleaItlt-E8fe'Center.Mrs. Linder married Vernle Linder on March 10, 1926, In Sioux

City, Iowa. She was a member 01 Salem 'Luthef'an Church: InWakeflelct.

Pallbearers were James Gustafson, Harrv Gustafson Jr.,Randy Hansen. Marvin Stolle, Eugene Johnson and Roy Wig·gains.

Survivors Include two brothers, Milton Gustafson of Wakefieldand Harry 01 Bellevue; nieces and nephoWi.

George Edward Jensenservices for -George Edward Jensen. 88. Wakefield, were held

Thursday. Oct. 9, from Salem LutheraJ1 Church In Wakefield.the Rev. Robert V. Johnson offIciating. Burial was In WakefieldCemetery.

Mr. Jensen was born Feb. 7, 1892. In Wekefleld. anddledOCl. 6at Wakefield Health Care Center.

On May 21. 1918, he married Augusta Johnson In Wayne. TheyI1ved on a farm until retiring In 1951. Mr. Jensen was II memberof Salem Lutheran Church.

Pallbearers were Eugene Meier, William O. Driskell. DallasJensen, Randal Aagard. Cleland Stinger and Arnold BrudJgam.

Survivors Include his wife. Augusta of Wakefield; two sons.Derald of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. and Weldon 0' P8rker. Colo: adaughter, Mrs. Donald (Arlene) Belth of Sioux City, Iowa; abrother, Chester of Coleridge; a sIster, MrS. L.ena Driskell ofValentine; seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

station at. times Is leaves andgrass.

But when Russell found oul he_would be. required to break open

AFTER RUSSELL .greed toprovide additional and "fresh"informaflon tor the Council'sbenefl-t. he WBS given a chance totalk.

''I'm !'lot here t9 listen 10ridicule. I'mhere10 listen to newand pertinent Information,"Councilman Keith Mosley toldRussell. .

The Council and Russell pro­ceded to discuss dlfference5 ofopinion regarding Russell'sfigures and the city's figures.Russell admitted some of hJswere estimates, whffe ~ PublicWorks Director Vern Schultz saidthe clty's figures could bedocumented. "They are here Inblack and while:' he told Russell.

Garbage 'ShutdownIContinued from P-a!ge 1)

sit down:' Russell replied."That's fine with me," Johnson

retorted. as Russell sat down.

Services were held Wednesday, Oct, 8, tor a former Allen resl·dent. Lealia Wheeler Jones. at Heaton Rutledge GulsrudFuneral Ctlapel in Slol,lx City. Burial was In Soldier ValleyCemetery 1n Pisgah, Iowa.

Mrs. Jones. the former Leona Wheeler, was born July 3, 1907,In Allen_ She married Sept. 21, 1937.

PrecedIng her In death was her hU5band.Survivors include a daughter, Mrs. Earl (Nancy) Rltfey of

SIO~ x City; a brother. Vernon Wheeler ot Allen.

Services tor Theodore R. Gunnarson, 76, were held Tuesdayafternoon trom Evangelical Free Church In Concord. the Rev.John Westerholm officiating. Burial was In Concord Cemetery.

Mr. Gunnarson was born Jan. 3. 1903. In Cedar County, Neb.,to Carl and Johanna (Nelson) Gunnarson. and died Oct. 10 atWakefield_

On Oct. 11. 1935, he married Ida Forsberg In Concord. Thecou·pie farmed on the homestead southwest of Concord until retiringseveral years ago. Mr. Gunnarson was a member of theEvangelical Free Church In Concord

Services tor C~rls Jensen. 8.4, will be held at 1 JO p.m. Thu"day (today) tram the United Lutheran Church In Laurel, theRev. Kenneth Marquacdt officiating. Burial was In Plea~nt

VIew Cemetery In WinsideMr Jensen was born Od 8. 1896, In Winside to Magnus and

PaUline Nielsen Jensen. and died Monday, Oct 13. at Pro­vldenco Medical Center in Wayne

He married Clara Nielsen on Aug IS. 1973, In Wayne. Theyfarmed near Winside and Carroll until 19A5 when they moved toLaurel He operated the Laurel Locker until retiring tn 1959. Hemoved to Hillcrest Care Center In 1918

A member 01 the U S Army In World War I. he was" memberof the American Legion and Veterans ot Foreign War and LionsClub In Laurel and the American Legion and DanishBrotherhood In WInside

He received the Laurel Chamber 01 Commer-ce OuhfandlngCitizen Award In 1978

Pallbearers wlll be member! ot 'he American Legions ofLaurel and Wfnslde

He was preceded In deafh by his wlte. a !on... daughter, twograndsons and two brothers.

Survivors Include a son. Dr. Ronald Jensen ot Barrington, Ill.;a daughter. Mrs Leonard (Dorothy) Andersen or WinsIde; asister Johanna Jensen of WInside: five grandchildren andseven great grandchildren

Services lor Elmer (Bus) Otte, a former Carroll area resi·dent, were held Friday, Sept 26. at Laramie. Wyo. Burial was InLaramie

Mr Otte was born Dec 13. 1909. at Carroll. the son 01 Mr. andMrs Henry Otte. and died Sept n atl .... lnson Memorial Hospitaltn Laramie

In 1946. he married Violet They moved to Laramie rn 1947Preceding him 10 death were his first WIfe. Cella Stoltenberg

01 Carroll. a daughter. two brothers and his parentsSurvivors Include hIS wile. three sons. Gene, John and Dean.

all ot Laramie two daughters, Irene Hampton of Laramie. andColeen Jacobs of Hud$On. Wyo. two Sisters, Mrs. Irene Harmer01 Carroll. and Mrs Matte Francis 01 Rudd. Iowa, Mrs ElnorSellon 01 Randolph and Mrs Johanna Evans at Neligh. andeIght grandchildren

Theodore R. Gunnarson

Chris Jensen


son. Wakefield; Clara Nelson,Wakefield; Amy Jackson, SouthSioux Clfy; Mary Kay Lundahl.Wakefield; Irene Wenstrand,Wakefjeldi Edward KrJ,lsemark,Wakefield; :iusan Cooper, Allen;Dora Moseman, Emerson;Esther Fischer, Wakefield;

D'SMISSALS, Edna Dodson.Wayne; Julee' 8peshart Emer·son; Roseoe Smith, Allen; ClaraNelson, Wa1<efleld; AmyJackSOn, South Sioux' Clfy;Iren",Wen~tran~, Wokelleld,Mary Kay Lundahl and ErIc'James. Wakefield; Velda Pear­son; ,Wakefield;, EdwardKrusemark, Wakefield; SUS8'"C""PO!' AI,'en.



• berstead, Dixon; Kay Nielsen.Hartington. Clifford Guinn,Laurel; Erma Kearns. Wayne,Jolleen Roth. Wisner. EvelynJerman. WiJyne. Jerri Langston,Wayne.

DISMISSALS: Bertha Jones,W-aync; Elaine Lubberstead,Dixon; Debra Hall. Carroll; 1m:ogene Baler and baby girl,Wayne; Kay Nielsen and babygirl, Hartington.

CIVILThe following civil cases were

flied In County Court recently:

Oct. 10 - Credit Bureau, Inc ..Norfolk, Is plaintiff seeking S17Strom Stephen Getzfred, Hoskins.due on account from LandersPa4hology Lab and HappnerSanitary Servtce, Norfolk

Credit Bureau IS plaintiffseeking $130 18 tram Donald JayDavIe, Wayne. due on accountfrom Wayne Auto Payts. Wayne

Credit Bureau vs JackIe FryeJr and Joanne N Frye, Wayne.$165. due on account from VisionCenter and WilliS L Wiseman.both Wayne

MARIAGE LICENSESSleven Lawrence Scholl 18

MOVille Iowa and Ann ClariceSWdn50n 16. SiOu_ Cdy. Iowa

REAL ESTATEJOint Tenancy Deed Clover

M Clapp and loyd V Clapp toClover M Clapp and Loyd V

(I('IPP all 01 <)ur Interest beingnn undiVided \ 1 16 IOlerest In !heN ' i N L] SW '. and In the S L 1 NW'. all In 18 17N 5 sublect tofBllroad dnd drainage dl!chrights. OS exempt

·Clover M and loyd V Clapp toPercy L Clapp Frederick 0Clapp and Diana V luther. all ofour Interest bemg an undIVided11 )6 mterst In the N 'i N 1 1 SW'4 and In the S '] NW I .... all 1f1

18 nN 5, ::.ublecl 10 railroad anddrainage d,tch right of ways. DSexempt

The School District orWakefield. No 60R, In DIxon.Wayne and Thurston Counties, toVirgil and DoriS Ekberg. Lots]8,9. 10. 11 and S 1,01 Lot 12. BlkIS South Addition to the City 01

WakefIeld. OS elCemptVirgil and Dons Ekberg 10

WakefIeld Pledsant Manor. IncloIs 7. 8, 9. 10 dnd 11- and S '101Lot 12. Blk 15. South Addition toCIty of Wakefield. OS exempf

Datsun1'171 - Wilbur Helthold.

Wayne International truck. JeffNelson. Dixon Chevrolet

1971 - Kent l Grosvenor.Ponca Ford

1970 - Leo GarVin. Dixon.BUlCk

1968 - Celestine Hillen.Newcaslle. Plymouth

1967 - WillIS V Pearson,Ponca Plymouth

1966 - Leonard Hoe-SIng.Newcastle Ford LindaAU':iodemore. Ponca. Chevrolet;Greg Graves. Ponca. Chevrolet

1964 - Melvin KraemerWakelleld. Ford pIckup

1960 - A D Brown d/b/aBrown s Plbg & HealingWakeheld International truck

Elmer (Bus) Otte

FINES. 'Timothy M. Leise. Hartington. , Robert J. Boultl",n,9"

speeding. $16; Rodney J. Cole;Winside, no valid regls'fratron,.no Word has bee?,recelved by, Mr. and'Mrs~ ,Andrew Mann ot tfi~valid Inspection sticker. $10; death of RobertJ.~ultlngofRoseville; Catlf. . " ,Cynthia M. Albrecht, Wayne. A former Winside resld~nt, he moved to California about'30parking ticket violation, two years ago.counts, $5 each; Robin R. Survivors Include a ~ster in law. Mrs. Mann.Sobansky. Norfolk. speeding.

. 'fl&; jeffreV 1", TliyTor. Norfolk;' LeonaWheeler Jones'speeding, $13; Sherry L. Presley.Allen. no operator's license, novalid registration. SS each

;,W,yne, ShO.i'(O.', . "'J!''':. 3154065,


1981 Emer<,on HubbardCommunity School5. E- mer50nBUick, Emerson HubbardCommunity Schools EmersonGMC pickup

1980 - Joleen Kraemer AllenFord l yip [) Borg Allen(hevrolpt BI,l[er Marliln JIo:olfe'> Newut.,tlp Plymouth(iltlord Templeman DixonFord OlJ:OJ1 County Feed Lot5Inc Allen Chevrolet pl<..kupE Iray Hank (on( ord ChevrolelE:1(amIOO

1919 Clifford 51aliingConcord Chevrolet Joann MWeber Pon, a Chevrolet pickupKidder Knoep!ler SIOUX Citylown Ch","rolet pickup

1918 Derwood H WrledtWaketlt>ld Dodge DaVid LR~'ln Npwlastle FordM~rq.lre! A GWln AllenMerlury

1916 Eugenia BrewerNr:-w( aslle Chrysler PalmerLund Newcastle. Lane horsetrailer WakefIeld (lly RuralF,re District WakelleldChevrolet l;rew cab pIckup PaulG Kneltl Newcastle. BUIck

J915 - Joe EllIS. AllenPlymouth

1974 - Lonny MartinsonNewca5t1e. Chevrolet. PaulOBurnham Jr Allen ChevroletpIckup DaVid Elton, Wakefield.Chevrolet pickup, Mabel Ogburn,Ponca. Chevrolet

1973 - Gary Stevens. Ponca.

COURT FINESJohn J Milrl J<Hkson SJ)

careless driVing Scali RSorensen Emerson $300liqUidation dilmages. $100 lineilnd $8 court costs li1i1ure 10

punch deer lag lor date 01 kill andsex removing head Irom (arcassbf'lore sealing deer at (heck,>Iatlon

Dixon County Court News



"A hen IS only an egg's wayof making another egg."

Samuel Butter

Phone 375-2600

Dan FieldEdItor



"Jim Marsh. ,BUSiness Manager'

Wayne, Nebraska 68787

301 N 4tn 5! • Bo. )46Norfolk NE 6~ 1


Ltsa Remer. a student at Wayne Carroll High School IS

being commended tor her outstanding performance In the26th annual National Merit Scholarshtp Program

More than one million students entered Ihe 1981 Merl'Program by taking the PSAT /NMSQT In 1979 Aboul33.000 of these students throughout the United States willreceive a commendation for outstanding lest performance

Remer IS the daughfer 01 Mr and Mrs Lee Re-mer

Parents and friends are InVited to attend open house atthe Carroll Elementary School Monday night. Oct 20

Pnnclpal Dave Lut1 satd open house wilt be from 7 )0 to9 p m Coffee and cookIes Will be served

Teachers are Mrs Wayne Kerstlne and Mrs LowellOlson

ServinI' Norlheast Nebraska's Great Farming Area




News Briefs

Dixon co..vnty FB OfficersThe Dixon C:~~~ hrm Bureau annual meeting was

held Monday. Oct 6. at fhe Allen ConsolIdated Schoolgymnasium and Included election of officers for 19B1

- PresIdent will be Arnold Witte vice preSident. LarryBoswell. woman-at large. Lorena Jackson youth alIdrge, Clayton Hartman delegates af large CraigRowland, Dale Jackson and Larry Boswell

Other members Include Gary Armstrong, JimStapleton, Marvin Hartman. Paul Stewart CourtlandRoberts, David Manz. Clarence Luhr Norman MeyerJerry Thomas and Craig Rowland



17~~I"nJ.\·~-r. \\'1-\1:1<1:11I'IN home Improvement

Open House at Carroll

Lisa Remer Is 'Outstanding'

Estabnshecr in 187S; a newspaper published seml·weekly. Monday'and ThJJr~ay, (except ho~ldays), by Wayne Herald PublishingCompapYl .nc.,). Alan Cramer, PreSident; entered in the post of­fice at wav!!"i,Nebraska 68187. 2n1l cl,.. postage paid at Wayne.Nebras~a~@7,

Plaque Honors Merchant1308 MERCHANT, owner of Merchant 011 Co", was honored at a surprIse Chamber of Commerce coffeeFriday at his service station He was honored for 35 years of business and dedicated service to the communlty of Wayne. Making the presentation to Merchant (Ieftl was Mayor Wayne Marsh

THE BOARD~lso he~rd' ~report from board men:tbe.rMillon OWen~ and Sup~rlnten·"den!\g' 'Itie,'Nebraska St~te - Schoor--aoaras:,~-~Association dlstrlctmeellngSept. lS In Beemer. / :.. . ':":

All actions were unanlmous: "

. ,. '''-'!, - :~": ,:_" ":.',',~c.- ~~.~ -

GUitarist Nell_' Arc~e~ R~_,!~!!!perfQ~~B p~m! ~~N~~ '. :.:7, at Ihe Woinan'SCIUli Room of the Wayne City AUdItl>rlum.: ..

Roan wUI perform a varletv: of seJectlons 1ncl,udlng 't~~. ~ork~. o~ .Giuliani, Bach. Tarrega, Tansman, Berkeley, an~ 8arrh:,,!~~" i!:' -', '. '

Roan has appeare~ at various unl"ersltl~s"~8~d i'~o~Cl]~-haHsthroughout the United States, Camrda, Central A'rterl~~ ~~d;E~~~.,His engagements have Included 'such notable pl~ces_ .as .CarnegleRecital Hall. the Wigmore Hall In London, The National TMalre ofCosla Rica and the Brlltsh Columbia Internatlonal,Festival, "

Currently, Roan serves on the faculties allhe Unlv~r,,"yofNebraska at Omaha and Crelghlon University. The Wayne r..c:ltal'will'.be presented one week prior to a return performanc~at.Ca~negleHa,~1.

General admIssion will be-S2.S0 and $1 for chlldren,und~r~2 y~rs,ofa*ge. The program Is sponstJred by the Wayne RegIonal.Ar~ .Coun~tt .with the-support of the Nebraska Arts Counc;lI. _'

MlbDLE SCHOOL Principal

by the Wisner Lions Club and Ihe Randy Neuharlh, I: 10; Aurelia,'Wisner Junior Women's Club. (lowa),,:Gen~ Pe~ry, 1:2q:

Presenting the trophies will be Elkhorn Valley·Tllden,'Darr~lI.

the Wisner-Pilger Prln~lpal Or.!lelhke~:: 1.:30; ,Hom~" Lois.ouan~,~n<!erSllIl...t~~tlng~'11\1\ be' .. ,MendJ*.,1'40, \ :,:,;." "",f ".. "',1given following IheClass C, BandAA competition. L

Competing bands, theirdirector and estimated time ofperformance are as ,follows:

Class C - Laurel-Concord.Dale Irvin, 1:00; Bloomfield,

Sixteen bands will compete Infhe ninth annual Wisner·PilgerI nvltatlonal Marching BandContest Saturday beglnnlr:'9 at 1~.m. Spons,,!OII by.lhe h!'S!school, Ihe contesl 10 9lIncllonlldby Ihe Nebraske School ActivitiesAssoclatfon.

Contest director Jim Johnson.director of the Wisner· Pilgerband, said that two other contestsscheduled 'or Saturday havecaused fewer entries as 29 bandscompeted at W-PHS a year ago.Bands will compete In fourclasses Saturday. There are fiveentered In class C, five In Class B,one In Class A and five In ClassAA.

Judges for this year's event areDale Duensing of Hastings. LarryMarik 01 Columbus and LarryKisor of Sloan, Iowa. Trophieshave been donated for the event

SALARIED workers(teachers) received an Increaseof 4 percent In their base salary.These changes are retroactive tothe first of September and are theresult of recently-comp-fete~.

negotiations. -----,-When the 1980-81 bUdget was

figured, Superintendent Haunestimated fhat for the sChool'sbudget to stay within the 7 per­cent lid limit, the teacher salarypackage increase would have tobe about 10 percent. However,when negotiations were com·pleted several weeks ago, theaverage Increase was 14 percent.The 4 percent Increase approvedby the board makes up the dlf·ference.H~un noted he would rather

Wayne Band to CompeteIn Wisner-Pilger Contest


. Noon to-2P;M....'.. Lunch dnd Doorfflies'. ., :ebrate our newnallle and our:

~anch'8e 'affiliation.' .'.. ' ".',r-."'·- . ..-.'.::':'

began singing together In 1976and have appeared throughoutcentral and eastern Nebraskaand eastern Iowa. Their concertsI"clude traditional gospel quartetfavorites. ,>olos, duets. and In·strumental selections

In 1979. the group recordedtheir first album, "It'll Be Joy."whIch will be available at the can·elusion of the program

The Rev Eddie Carter. pastorat First Baptist Church. said theconcer! Is open to the publiC. Atree will offering will be received

eluded an overseas, phone call cent charge for postage andfrom Dr DennJs Anderson. handling. .Bishop of the Nebr~ska Synod Business sessions we~ byLutheran Church In America. Louise Vanzago, NLC~esl­

who was attending a bishops dent. A proposed budget ofmeeHn.9 on SI Thomas Island, $77,700 was adopted. .and mfO>ssages from Mary Ann Officers. who were re-elected,Spengler. auxiliary represen· include Louise Vanzago, presl­tatlve. dent; Dorothy Decker, vlcepresl-

Group discussions centerecl dent; and Geraldine Rhode,i1round a slide presentation, en- secretar:y.tltled "Everything You Have executive board members areAlways Wanted to Know About Ellen Ann· Qualsett, Schuyler.LeW Buf Been Afraid to Ask," Twlla Johnson, Chappell, and

A love offering ot $4,120.48 was Amy Strand, Holdrege. Newlyreceived. elected board members are

A Centennial skit celebratIng Phyllis Spath, Scribner. and100 years of women's work In the Marilyn Larkowsk~ was presented. Centen-' Attending the convent~on fromnlal history booklets, "A-. New - this ar-ea wef"e·Ma,.garet"Ander.~ _Pattern," have been printed and son, Mary Mo~son# _ J_Ol~

are available for $2 each. The Magnuson and Arlen-Peterson,books may be purchased from all of Wayne, Marjorie Johnson ofDorothy Decker, 2200 Sheridan, Wakefield, and Teckla Johnsonllncoh;. Neb., 69502. There Is a SO and Irene Magnuson. of Concord.'

essay contest and oral Interview,presentatIon and polse

The contest wlll be held Nov 2,1960, at 3 pm, wIth the crownIngat fhe Pork Producers banquetthilt evening Each contestantwill be () guest of honor at theevening banquet

The Queen will receive hercrown, $75 cash. ana the chanceto compete In the state contesf.F Irsf and second runners-up willreceIve Sl5 and $10 respeettvefy.

All In teres fed contestants areasked to contact Mrs. MaryNichols, Rf I. Wayne, Neb.,66787, phone 375 1950. Deadlinelor applicatIons Is Oct. 17

Area Women At Convention

The Northeasf Nebraska PorkProducers are seeking youngwomen between the ages 01 16and 19 to enter the 1981 porkQueen contest

Contestants must reside on afarm In Wayne. Dixon. Dakota orThurston counties In Nebraska onwhIch pork Is raised, or be thedaughter 0' parents now actIvelyengaged In pork productIon

Contestants will be required topresent-a shorl oral essay on sublects dealing wIth pork, and wI/Ihave private Interviews wi rh thejudges

Judging wlll be based on beauty. neatness and perSOnality the

THE GOSPEL TRUTH and Kerrl of Albion Wll-f present a conCert atsacred music Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at the FIrst Baptist Church InWayne. Members of the group, seated left, are Bonnie Llnafelterand Carol Iverson. and standing from' left, Bruce Llnafelter, a nativeof Allen. Kerrl Iverson and Lynn Iverson.

The Gospel Truth and Kerr!will share a concert of gospelmusic at the FIrst Baptlsl ChurchIn Wayne on ";unday, Oct 19, at7 30 P m

The group is comprised of Lynnand Carol Iverson and theirdaughter, Kerrl. and Bruce andBonnie Una'elter, all of AlbIonL1nafelter Is a native of Allen

The iversons farm northwest ofAlbion and the Linafelters areemployed by the Albion CitySchools

The G05pe~ Truth and Kerrt

Women from Wayne.Wakefteld and Concord allendedthe 19th annual convention ofNebraska Lutheran Churchwomen Oct. 6-8 In North Platte

fhe area women·were amongover 300 officers, delegates.board members and gUeqts a1 thethree-day meeting. '

Theme was "Believe. Re~~lce,Proclaim." . - ~.

The first evening conclu~with a tea and fellowship hourhonoring past NebraskaLutheran Churchwomenpresldantg, Incrudlng Betty Heierof Wayne.

Highlights of the convention In

Gospel Truth and Kerri

Giving Concert in Wayne

Pork ProducersSeek Candidates




(Gall Axon, pastor)Sunday: Worship, 9 a m


I Greg Hafer, pastor)For bus service to Wakefield

church seryices call Lee Swln·ney, 375·1566.

WESLEYAN CHURCH(Bernie Cowgill, pastor)

Sunday: Sunday school. 9:45a.m.; worship. 11; Bible 5tudy, 7p.m.; evening worship, 7:30.

Wedne5day: Prayer meeting,Bible study and eve. 7:30 p.m.


(Robert H. Ha85. pastor)Sunday: Choir. 9 a.m.; war

ship. 9'45; coffee and fellowshIp,10'35; church school. 10'50;Family Night potluck supper. 6pm

Tuesdav; Budget commltteemeets, 7.30 p.m

Wednesday: UPW SewIng Day.9 30 a.m.; choIr, 7 p.m; BIblestudy of Gospel ot John, 8.


(Thomas McDermott. pastor)Soturday: Mass, 6 p.m.; con

fesslons, 5 30 to 6 and 7 108 p.mWednesday: Mass, Il.30a.m


(Dontver Peterson. pastor)Thursday: Mental Health

Counseling, 9 am; LeW NaomiCIrcle. 2 pm, anniversary com·mlttee, 0 15

Friday: LCW Esther CIrcle. 2p.m.

Sunday: Sunday church schooland adult Bible study, 9: 15 a.m,;worship, 10:30; stewardshippackets assembled. 9 p.m.

Wednesday: No confirmationclasses. LCW General GuestDay. 2 pm, choIr pracllce, B


.23 E. 10lh St.(James M. Barnott, pastor)

Sunday: Holy Eucharist, 10 30am

Wayne·Woman.'s Club r!J~m.

. Tuesday: Theocratic: school,7:30 p.m.. service meeting. 8:30,at Wayne Woman's Club room.

For more lnformatlon callj75-2396.


(Daniel Monson. pastor)Saturday: Acolyte training ses­

sion, 1 p.m.Sunday: Early service, 8:30

a.m.; Sunday school, forums andpastor's class, 9:45; late servIce,ll; Luther League hay ride, 7p.m.

Tuesday: Bible study, 9'15a.m.

Wednesday: SewIng, 1 :30 p.m.;seventh and eighth grade con'lrmallon, 6; choir, 7

men's and women'syour c:hoIc:e



Missouri Synod(Mike Teuscher. vicar)

Thursday: Ladles AId GuestDay,2 p.m.

Sunday; Sunday school. 9 a.m.,ChrIstian Education Sunday warShip service. 10; Wayne CircuitFall Rally. St. John's, Wakefield,J p.m

Monday-Wednesday:Nebraska District Pastoral Can'erence at Grand Island.

Tuesday: LWML Fall Rally. StPaul's, Wakefield, 9 a.m

Wednesday: Ladles Aid guestsat St Paul's. Wayne, 2 p.m. canflrrnatlon class, 4 30


108 E. Fourth St.(Bernard Maxson, paMor)

Sundav: SlJnday school, 10a m.; worship, 11; evening warship, 7 30 p.m

Wednesday: Bible study, 1 ]0pm

For tr~ bus transp()rtafion call3753413 or 375·2358


(Thomas Mendenhall, pastor)(Jon Vogel. associate pastQrJThursday: Grace bowling

league, 7p.m.; Board of Steward·ship, 9.

Friday: Mlsslon.Mlnh.fryteam. 7:30 p.m.

Sunday: Lutheran Hour, brood­cast KTCH. 7:30 a.m.; Sundayschool and Bible classes, 9; warship, 10; Golden Age dinner andAAL annual meeting, 11 :30; Clrcult Cabinet meeting, 6:30 p.m.;adulf Information class, 7:30.

Tuesday, LWML Rally, 51Pout's. Wakefield, 9 a.m.

Wednesday: Men's 6:30 a.m.; lunlorchoir, 7 p.m.; Gamma Delta. 7;midweek school, 7:30; seniorchoir, 8.


Saturday: Public talk, 7'30pm .• watchtower study. 9.20. at

coffee 'n conversation, 10:30;Sunday school. 10:45.

Monday: Pastor-parish ,.ela­nons at Carroll. 8 p.m.

Wednesday I Men' 5 prayerbreakfast, 6:30 8.m.; MorningGlorIes Interest Group, 9:30;Charity Interest Group, 1:30p.m.; Naomi Interest Group, 2:TheophlJus Bible study. 2;, lunlorchoir, 4; youth choir. 1: Sisters ofPatience Interest Group. 8:Gospel Seekers Interes' Group. 8.

onew~ only! Oetob: 16th

diamond October 23rd.

image rings~


FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH(Edward Carter. pastor) Church schooL 9' 45am, worshIp. 11, eveningtellowshlp lind worshIp, 7 pm.,s.lngsplratlon (third Sunday ateach month), 7 p.m.

Wednesday: Ladles Bible study(first Wednesday 0' each month),7.30 pm; dlaconate meeting(second Wednesday of eachmonth). 7:JO p.m.; AmericanBaptist Women (third Wednesday or each month I, 1 30 P m


AJtonaMlssou,rl Synod

(Paul Jackson, pastor 1Saturday: Confirmation in

structlon, 9 to 11 a mSunday: Worship, 9 am, Sun·

daY' school. 10: 15TuesdaY: LWML Wayne Zone

Rafly, St Paul's LutheranChurch, rural Wakefield. 9 a.m

Wednesday: Mission andMinistry study, 8 p.m


(Kenneth Edmonds. pastor)Thursdav: Chancel choir, 7

p.m.Sunday I Wor5hlp, 9:30 a,m.;

.,~ro~"'IIII'!"· .~~'c'~ -r~~~. '.....~-"~~~

S·:E::Rv:tc:ms~ ,


I mile East of Country Club(Larry Ostarcamp, pastor)

Sunday: Sunday school, 10a.m.; worShip, 11; evening scI"vice, 1 p.m.

Wednesday: Bible study, Bp m


Wisconsin Synod(Wesley Bruss, pastor)

Sunday: Worship, 9:30 0 m.;Sunday school, 9:30.


(John Scoff. pastor)~r.dav: Sunday schooL 9']0

a.m, worship and pre schoolchurch, 10 30

Wednesday: Family Night.7-:10 p.m ; !=ollege Bible stUdy, 9

CHRISTIAN LIFE MSEMBJ'V'(A. P.. Weiss, pastor)

SundBY: Sunday school, 9:45a.m.; worship, 10:45; eveningworship. 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday: Evening worship,7:30 p.m.



,,~ ."'., ;

" -

LUNDAHL...; Mr. and Mrs. GaleLundahl, Wakefietd, a son,Eric James, 8 Ibs., Oct. 9,Wakefield CommunityHospital

HALL - Mr. and Mrs. KennethHan, Carroll, a son, BrandonLynn, 9 Ibs., 1 oz., Oct. 6. Pr~vidence Medical Center,-Bran­don loins a sister, Mandl. 3.Grandparents are Mr. andMrs. Russell Hall and Mr. andMrs. Don Davis, all of Carroll.Great grandparents are Mrs.Anna Hansen and Mr. andMrs. Earl Oav1s. all of Car·roll, and Mrs. Lyrell Thomas,Mankato, Mlnn,

NIELSEN - Mr. and Mrs. KentNielsen, Har'lngton, adaughter. Chelsea Marie, 9lbs., J Ol., Oct. 1, ProvidenceMedical Center,

BAUER - Mr. and Mrs. PalllBauer, Hoskins, a son, Mat·thew TheadOre' 1 lb•.• 15 oz.•Oct, 11. Grandparenls are lheRev. and Mrs. A; P. Bayer.Two Rivers, Wis., ttndMr. andMrs. F. W. Schultt. Juneau.

:~·R~~ea~n':f~~r~~Bauer, Courtland, Minn., Mr.and Mrs. Edward Johannes.Two Rivers, Wis., and Mr. andMrs. Elmer Berger; BllY City,Mich.

ROTH - Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Roth.Wisner. a daughter, AmandaJo, 7 lbs • 3 Ol., Oct. 13. Pro­VIdence Medical Center.

Clara Echtenkamp enter'alnedthe F NC Club Monday evening

Pitch was played, with prizesgoing 10 Laverne Wischhof, LydiaWelershauser, HelenE chfenkamp, Lavern Harder andMr and Mrs. Gilbert Krallman.

Irene Geewe will be the Nov 10hostess at 1': 30 p.m.

Tours Welcome ot

Historical Museum

FNC Meets

The Wayne County Hlstorlca'Museum will be ~n" .~l,"ctay..

. afternoon for penonf.""I.",I09. tQ~,~llour the museum frOm'2 to ~'p.m,

HasIs Sunday will be Mr. andMrs Ralph Beckenhauer andMinnie Rice.

Spec lal tours for clubs andorganizations can be arranged bycalling Mrs. Clifford Johnson.curator, 37S·1137, or Mrs. LucileLarson, 315·1861.

.:.• ,,' ',1' •.

Fourteen members of MJnerva

The Lutheran Women's MisSIOnary League of the Fir'Sf Trlnlty Lutheran Church, Altona, metad '} In the school bdsem*nt.

The Rev Paul Jacksonpresented the lesson "TheWoman Whose Daughter WasSick .

Presldenl Bernl~ce Dammeopened the meeting with the mitebox offering and the LWML song.

It \'165 announced that the 1982DistrlC; Convention will be heldat the Marina Inn in South SiouxCity LWML Sunday will beobserved af rhe First TrinH.,..Church thiS Sunday

I t also was announced that theLutheran World Relief fallclothing drive Is underway

The meeting concluded withprayer, Mr:s.Delvln Mikkelsen and Mrs. AlvinMOhlfeld

The Rext meeting will be at 1: JOp.m. Nov. 6. Hostesses will beMrs. Leon Meyer and Mrs. Har·rls Pflueger. '

14 Members at

MinervQ Club

LWML Meets at

Altona School

In West Pointpresided during the daylongmeeting.

Mrs. Walter Grabensleln of(olad, state president. was thefeatured speaker during theafternoon~ Her theme was'1 nvolvement Through Choice ­

A Commitment"Other speakers included Mrs.

OHwin Schlueter of Pender, amember of the General Federa­tIon's Committee on Constitutionand Bylaws; state public affairschairman Mrs. Dallas Worretl otPender i state education ~halr

man Mrs. Alvin Kessir-.ger 01Bancroft; and Mrs. Elton Peterson, whose topic was checking

home energy.Or. Maria Grovas of. Wayne

was guest speaker at the evening

AREA RESIDENTS WILL HAVE an opportunity to vIsit some of Wayne',> most beautiful homes thhSunday allernoon during the <,lldh dnnual house tour sponsored by the Wayne chapter 01 the AmerIcanAssociation 01 Unlvenlly Women (AAUWl Among the slops on the tour IS the home of Dick and MargeArmstrong upper lelt photo Mrs Armstrong Is pictured In the dining room of the house. which was builtIn 19"24 The tour also will Include the ranch style home 01 Evan and Faunall Bennett lower lett photoBennetts moved Into their new home last March Carl lentz. a woodworker, buJlt many at the furfllshings In thelf home. Including the grandfather clock pictured above Visitors to the Lentz home alsoWIll enjoy the many handcrafted Items made by Mrs Lentz Other homes on Ihe tour, not pictured. arethose of Mr dnd Mrs Larry Mllchetl, Mr dnd Mrs Merle Ring and Mr and Mrs Carl Slratian Ticketstor the tour are $1 SO In advance or $.J allhe door and may be purchased at the F Irsl NatIonal Bank, FirstSavings Co Slate National Bank Gfle5s Rellall, Sav Mar Drug. ar Irorn any AAUW member Tourhours are 1 '0 5 p m

House Tour Sunday

District Women's ClubsNearly 140 members and

guests from olslrlcl litNebraska FederatIon 01 Women'sClubs. attended Ihe 77th annualconvention held Oct 9 In WeslPoint

Thirty nine of the Dlstflct's SOclubs were represented

M-rs Lambert Zvacek 01Pender. District III president,


~ FaTs~~o~i!~;ep;r::ty~~S~O~~I~1b~~~~~yt~:~n~;~ur:::;~~ Table Fashions from 2 t09 P m at the Wayne city dudltorlum The public Is


Mrs Clifford Johnson coordinator said the show will in

DiSp Iay at elude 20 Interesting and creative dlspidyS on themes ranging ~. from a children's tea party 10 oriental settings Coffee and~ cookies wIll be served throughout the afternoon and evening~ C' Ad" Admission to too show IS $1, With all proceeds going to the ~~ I ty U Ito r I U m Hlstorl~l Society Mrs Johnwn said the Historical Society'~ IS working to rai!>e money 'or a new roof at the museum


o A perfect gift for your host.• A beattti'ful way to chitl'w!ne• A greotgllt tG moil

ActUally chillswine while being


0. 5.. ro To Stop In ' ....ndcry gt e p.m. to" the el.CCO Give-A_a"

The Sensational He",

grozen.°tSewine chiller*

Roland ,md Susie DeLong ofLaurel wpre mar fled Ocl 8. 1930at Bur"vell They reSided atBurwell tor five years. Hartlngton tor 14 yearS and Randolphfor one yeilr moving to Laurel 30yeilrs ago

There are 1) grandchildren andthree greal grandchildren

'j,>1 'Ill) ut Ddkold (,I y'h.... rl,ludecl a

.... rlU,"lJ t,y [)!:"l ung t"ntilled,t ..

, "1' [iilk I'd by Dor ..enHolt on1tl Id Hil'tlnqton "",a<, cut

d<1c1 "l.·r"t'd D'y Oet)()rdh HolcomtIII Hartington dnd Patty Dledlkef(l' Ot1um\l\cl Inw(\ Darla DeLon~

',1 Ddkotil ( t, poured and Dlam:HnlLornb 01 Hdrtlnqton 'ioerVeepunch

Wrl I trp<''':d:'\ Nerf' DoreenHole omb dnd Melody Holcomb,both 01 Hartington, and SheilaHolromb 01 Yetnk ton S 0

• 1

DeLonq ot Dakota l.l" cHid 'I/Ir

and Mr<, h'alp" D.q unq ,I f,J.,


T hI-' guest'S . t"q ~""

',lar',o DeLon.g of CJeth u'< om.. trom Frernor" ~) .... q,

dnd Rocklin (aid [i.-,,, .,.,

Colo 01tUrpWd 10Wd iilnk'

SO Lincoln Avo(,l N1"""".,

Wdyne L dUe" h',~nd("

Burvvell ""dr'",g'u' (Belden ,,", 1"PlOn' <inn I irT'dr\,~

G.fts were iH rdngea tJy '>',1 1

.Make us your headquarters

for Vinyl floor Covering!

Mr and Mrs Roland DeLong 0'Laurel observed their goldenweddIng anniversary O{ t ) ill lh,..Belden Bank parlors

F ttty two persons aI/ended adinner al noon and 175 guestswere present lor the afternoonreception

Hosts we're the couple \children. Mr and Mrs DeanHolcomb of Hartington Mr dnd

-Mrs Dallas Stoltenberg of F ~e

mont. Cald ,Mr and Mrs Paul

Delongs Observe Golden Year

..~" ~i

'\.'.', ~;,_J

_£.Slaie-Coliega studenlsand lacully members w,1I be. ad·milled 10 Ihe perfo~mante free 01charge wllh Idenll/ltallon. Allother tickets, advanced· and .atthe door, are 53. Group r:-at.ts areavailable. .-

Persons who would like moreInformation about the productionare asked to call the theatredepartment, 375-2200, Ext. 234, .

malor from Park Ridge. III....Juhlln has been cast as fhedisllkeable Leo Hubbard. son ofOsc~r and' Birdie Hubbard.

OTHER members 01 Ihe ta,Iare Pam Elbracht as Addle; JohnSau~.e~s.. ,~s :WIUI~n:t ':;~ars~anana O~r{Spr1rtget~a~rc·~t·I~.'.J-' "

Th~ prodUtll,m s:f~I~! Incl~dasArthur DIrks 'as scene ,:feslgner;Dale Cuffel. asslslant designer IPal Mals and' Kalhy R!ed",ann•. ~f, C()st~,Te~fr' l?e:~.1seLee. slageman.gerrahd MlthaleBrockmoller. assistant to Ihe..direc:tor.

8kbe~g, 9Jo@tg~ew

Qet CWeddUtg COate

JEANNIE Robinson of FortCalhoun portrays Oscar Hub,bard's wife, Birdie, a sweet andInnocent woman Who Is keptsilent. Miss Robinson is a seniorwOh theatre and business ad­ministration malors. She has ap­peared In "Professor George,""An Enemy of the P-eople:'.. Shadow Box" and "Allee InWonderland. "

One of the newest members ofthe Wayne State theatre depart·ment Is Gregg Juhlin, a TV·Radlo

~not new to the Wayne State stage.He has appeared In several pro­ductions, Including "Hot LBaltimore." "The Night ot the Ig­uana" and "Allee InWonderland_"

---I PL.AY1NG·the role of Alex~n~1

dra' 'Gfddens;I~e InqulSlllve·daughter of Regina and 'Horace,is Corrine George. Miss George.a freshman maforlng In dramaand home economics from Win·side, Is new to the Wayne Statestage.

THE PART of Regina GIddens,a domInatIng woman and a sister10 Ben and Oscar Hubbard, isplayed by Karen Achor ofBellevue

Miss Achor IS a junior at WayneState with majors In theatre andEnglish, and has appeared inmany college productlons, Ineluding "Shadow Box." "Beautyand the Beast." "How to Suc·ceed."' ··Hot L Baltimore" and"The Night of the Iguana'

The cast also Includes Ron Foxhoven as Regina's husband.Horace Giddens. a kind and gentie man In· ailing health

Foxhoven. a senior theatre andmath malar from Wynot, also Is

portrays Ben's brother. OscarHubbard, who IS manIpulated byhIs brother

Anderson. a lunlor at WayneState mal0rln9 In theatre andmusIC also has appeared in "TheMiser,"' "The Bald Soprano,""Hot L Baltimore," "How to Suc­ceed'" and "The' Night. of the Ig­uana."

THE PLAY focuses on Iheunscrupulous dealings 01 theHubbard famIly In the deep southIn the 1900's

David Sindelar IS cas! as BenHubbard, a Single, greedy manS~ndelar. a senior malorlng 10

math and theatre, IS from SIlverCreek. Other productions he hasappeared In at Wayne Slate are·'Hot l Baltimore' "The Nightof the Iguana·' and Alice InWonderland'

Doyle Anderson of Harflngton

The Wayne State CollegeTheatre Deparfment. under thedirection of Dr Helen J RusselLwill begIn Its theafre season thisSunday afternoon with LillianHellman's. "The little Faxes·

The cast Is now In Its final weekat rehearsals tor the show whichWU\.i run two evpnlngs and anafternoon In Ramsey Theatr.e atthe Val Peterson Fine Arts'enter

Curtain time Is '1 p m Sunday.Oct 19. and 8 p m nightly Manday and TueSday

Wayne State Theatre Season Opens

Sunday With IThe little 'Foxes'

Historical Society

Meeting Tuesday

Mrs. Gilliland

Hillside Hostess

The Wayne County HistoricalSociety will meet at 3 p rn. Tuesday, Oct. ·21. In the eommunlt)room at Columbus Federal Sa ....Ings and loan.

Brochures for the countyhistory will be prepared underthe 'direction of the Wayne AreaRetired Teachers AssoclatlonChairman is Lucile Larson

Mrs. Larson said membershipdues of $5 for the Nebraska State .Historical SocIety may bebrought to the meeting Tuesday.

ARC Plans Meeting

Lutheran Church In StantonReglstraflon begins with a cof

fee hour at 9:30 a.m., followedwith opening de....otlons at 10 30and a business meeting andreports at 10:45.

Fallowing lunch at noon, therewill-be a guest speaker. at 1 p mand closing ,devotions at 2:30

Speaker will be the Rev. CarlMischke, who will tell abouPihesynod's role In missions.

Postor Mischke hss been asslstant'pastor of the First LutheranChurch In La Crosse, Wis., andpastor at St. ~eter's·St. John'slu*theran Church In GOOdhue,Minn. and St. John's LutheranChurch in Juneau, Wis. He hasserved as president of theWestern Wisconsin District, second vice. ~re~ld~nt 8!,d !Ir~t v\~epresldenf oTfhe·synod:and presIdent of the synod slnce.June 1979

Meier of Coleridge arranged thegifts and cards.

Hosts for the reception werethe couple's daughter and family,Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dirks ofLakewood. Colo.

An anniversary cake baked anddecorated by Mrs. Maurice Den·dinger of Hartington, was cut andserved by Mrs. Dendinger andMrs. Clifford LInke of LIncoln.

Mrs. Robert Meier of SouthS~oux City poured and BonnieMeier at Wayne served punch

Hillside· Club met with Mrs.The Wayne County Association Ward Gilliland Oct. 7. Mrs. lydia

for Retarded Citizens will mee' Thomsen was a guest.Monday night, Oct. 20, at 7: 30 The hostess opened the meetingp.m. In the community room at with a poem. The eight membersColumbus Fede"~1 Savings and attending the meeting respondedLoan In Wayne. to roll call with a favQrlte fall

The group wlU dl$CU5S the television program.skate-a-then hQ!d 'Seturday In The group played cards, w1:th-Wakeffeld. ptlzes going to Mrs. Wayne,

Other business will Include a Gilliland, high, Lydla·Thomsen.~eport .by Ben, Cattle on Honey second high. 4an~ Mrs. HermanSunday. whIch will be observed Vahlk'~mpi low.Nov; 9, Thfr:-next-meeflng WI~1 b~ at .2".

Tf:t-~ mea1lng Is c-pen to all In· p.m. Nov. 4~ In ,the home of Mrs. .:·'·<ilSW-"........Ier""ed "lUze",,-" c,•• ~ _ .,w..yne--Glllllomt.o,~ -_.~._~--~

TUESDAY. OCTOBER 2'LaPorte Club, Mrs Harry BecknerVilla Wayne Tenants Club weekly mee1lng, 2 p m.

THURSDAY. OCTOBER 16Immanuel Lutheran Ladles Aid Guest Day meetingWayne County Historical Society "Table Fashions

Parade" show. city auditorium, 2 to 9 p.mSenior CItizens Center crochet. knitting and tatting

classes. 1 p. mHappy Homemakers Home Extension Club, Mrs. George

Biermann, 1 30 p.m.Senior CItizens Center physical fltnes.s class, 2 p.mSenior Citizens Center bridge class, 3 p.rn

FRIDAY.OCTOBER"Wayne Community Hospital AuxIliary, Woman's Club

roomSenior Citizens Center 5ermonettc and slng·a·long, 2 pm

MONDAY. OCTOBER 20Progressive Homemakers .Club, I~a Moses

"'Senlor CUI2ens CenYer, bingo, 1:30·p.m:·Acme Club. Camilla LIedtke, 2 p.m.Senior CItizens Center monthly business meeting, 2 30

p.mThree M's Home Extension Club. Mrs. Jack Rohrberg,

730p.mMonday Mrs_ Home Extension Club, Virginia Backstrom,

8 p.m

Nearly 225 friends andrelatives gathered at the com·niunlty bUilding In Coleridge Oct.S to observe the golden weddingannlvcnmry of Mr. and Mrs, CarlMeier of Coleridge.

Alan Dirks of Lakewood, Colo.and Jay Linke at Lincolnregistered the guests, who camefrom Colorado; Minnosota;Iowa; Wakefield, Wayne, Ran·dolph, Hartington, Emerson andSouth Sioux City

Mrs Robert Hansen at MandamIn. Iowa and Mrs Fred

Stanton HostinglWMS FaU Rany

The Fall Rally of the NebraskaIowa Circuit of the LutheranWomen's MiSSionary SocietyI LWMS) will be Saturdav, Oct25. at St. John's Evangelical

Coleridge CoupleMark 50th Year

o Purses o lingerie eSportswear-Jewelry o Hose Warm Gloves·-SIee,*,ear-oFoundotioG- -T'-~-SGarfs - .

-Blouses -Garments , -Hat$ & Caps-Dresses, including our Nancy Frocks

-Coots, il!cluding our .londo~fog-.1"· ,'. _.

b- _

VOWS ExchangedGEORGIANNE GOBLIRSCH became the bride ot Charles Gonder·lns~r Ir 6 dooble ring ceremony Sept. 26 at St. Cecllla5 Cathedral InC-msha. Parents of the couple are Or. and Mrs. George Goblirsch 0'Wayne and District County Judgo and Mrs. C. Norman Gondcrlnger ofO'Neill. The newlyweds are making their home In Omaha, whor* bothore employed.


t$P. Troy's Anniversary Sale: ~.~ &

': IIBIG 20% SAVINGS ON All ll!i....•.v·. ITEMS IN THE STORE" ~..~ Thursdav. October 16 through Saturday. October 18 I'.',. This has been a very good ,year for us so we ~~ wont to show our appreciation to our .'"'

customers by offering this 20% discount onall items in our store.


I tancer SocietyColl:;cts $5;2-05' .'.I ,.The Wayrw CC>Uflfy unit of the Mrs. Nell Sandahl was rural trlbute:d toward this year's drive Mrs. _(lei aoec~enhllUer: I •

A.~""'I""''' c...-",,,,, SoCI'lly ended Wayne chairman. and· preclncl In Ihe I.lghi a.gainsl center. and Mr~. Fanthen Benlsler.,Ii,!;, Iiscal year In Augu'I lind thillrmen were Mrs. Jack Mrs. Gildersleeve also .erv.. Charles Millie, He.nry Ley. Leo....pori. 55.205 In conlrlbullons Langemeler. Brenna, Mrs. Herb as memorial chairman. Conlrlbu- . Jordon. Dr. Gordon Shupe. Cec'I 'durln-j)fhityeBf. Niemann and Mrs. Werner Mann, tlonsdurtng 1he past year have Oorr /. Anna 'Kre:l, C.lar~,:".,A breakdown 01 Iha tonlrlbu- Chapin, Mrs. Allred Mangels and bean given In memory III Otta Jorgensen•. Clara Bergl. Allt~\l'

U¥nlln1hacounty Includes: Car- Mrs. James Robinson. Garfield: Frever', Howbrd Mau. Mae Mao Armbruster, Genev.lbve:~,feU. $107.SO; Hoskins. $.dB; WIn- Mrs. Don Nolson and Mrs. Mike Young~ e~r' Kiernan, Mrs. "Pomerpy, Nettle Bunn; Mrs. Ar:~'!\'i\l<'••186.SOI. CliY 01 Wayne. Sthwedhelm. Hancotkl' Mrs. Clarenta Volwller. V. G. Wehrer. Ihur ,Eull•.Darly Rossbatk and~I~769.,,; rura'WaVrl~','6t.'2; Delwyn Sorensen, Hunter; Mrs. Mr. and Mr&. Car.1 Sievers, Mrs. VerneSJ~vers. ,{~~yne businesses, $524.50; Kenny Thomsen, Leslie; Mrs. Pearl Echtenkamp, Dr. WIlliam Memorials are accepted year~m01'lai5' $1,:;31; and special Rudy longe, Logan; Mrs. Larry Koeber. Sam Cavner. Roy Meier, round bv Mrs. Glldersleev8.e;frn. filS. . Nichols and Mrs. Leon Meyer,-.-f/trf1.. H~n~n ~fd a wishing Plum Creek; Mrs. Roley Isom,~u spcm~m'"~ by the American Sherman; Mrs. Lawrencec.ancer Society at this year's Backstrom and Mrs. DarrelWf~v~ ~m-J Fair brought In Rahn, Strahan; Mrs. Cyril&29. Sh~ also announced that can- Honsen and Mrs. Ron Sebade.f~~,butlcns amounting to $40 were Wilbur; and Mrs. Gordon Davis,sqnt dlr-ectly to the state office In Deer Creek.Omehe. Mrs. Fred Gildersleeve 15 vice

;Chairmen for this year's president at th!3 Wayne Countyc~ncer drIve In Wayne, Carroll, unlt.- Other otflcers are Mrs.H03klm~ and Winside were Mrs. Louis Luff, secretary and JaneGeorge Voss, WinSide; Mrs. Macklin, treasurer. SpeclatHarry Nelson, Carroll; Mrs. events chairman is SherylEmU Uken 800 Mrs. Ron Srown, Marra.lJ'~ayne city; Bnd David Ley, Mrs. Hansen said she wishes toWayne business district. thank all the volunteers who con-









Friday, Oct, 24CrOSS Country-State meet atKearneyVolleybai I-Wayne State away

Thunday. Ocl. 23Volleyball-WInside at NorfolkCath

Football-Wakefield at Coleridge

Saturday, Oct, 25Football-Wayne State at EmporiaVolleyball-Wayne State away

WashburnWayne Stale

Flnt downsPassesPassing yd5_Rushing yds.Tofal yds.PuntingIntercepted byFumblEri-losl

tlngtonVolleyball-Homer at Allenyolleyball- Laurel at WalthillVolleyball-Wakefield al BancroftVolleyball-West Husker atW'lsnerFootball--Wayne trash at WestPt. Cc. 7 p.m

Wednesday, Oct. 21Football--Wayne at HartingtonCCFootball-Allen at WalthillFootball-Hartington at WinsideFootball-Laurel at Wau')a


$5.00 WINNER

Dallas Schellenberg Win.lde

. ,~

Our weekly conte.t I. either g.ttlng toO easy 0.

our reade... or. really knowled,ealtl., Itecau.. thl.w_k's ~Ilfn.r only mlued two ........ Dennl. StrohlIad l' correct picks and almost nailed the Tl..lreak.rat 24-17 (actual 24-1'1).

Second Plac. was hottly'" Ity four .ntrleswith Dallas Sch.llenlter. the cl~twith a 13-7 count,oth.... w.r.: Dean SChram 34-31 and ..... Sch.lI.nltergand L.fty Olson plcldnS Wl!'lhItUm. _

May...·thl. w••k'. cont will prove to Ite more ofa•• Our luckywln..!t ;w".. ..wcarded.1ft car·tlflcot•• to It. used at ourflli• .,onlOrln. m.rchant.locotlonl: '


Dennis Stroh Wayne

Tuesday, Oct 21Volleybal1- WinSIde at

Monday, Oct 10Volle yba II --C 01 er IdgeWakefieldVolleyball-WestTourney at Wisner

(Parents Day)Volleyball Wayne Stale alKearney

Saturdav, Oct 18Football -PIttsburg at W.1yneStdle


Allen Tops

Frldav, Oct 11FoollJitli Emerson al W<,yne

I Parents Day 1Footbdll Wdk.elleld al WInSIdeFoolbdJl· Homer al AllenFootbdll- Pender at LaurelVolleyball- Wayne Slale alKearneyCross Counlry -Wayne In B 4dlslrlcl'!. ilt AlbIOn

ThursdaY, Oct 10Volleybdtl WinSIde al WakefieldVollpybdll PIerce at WayneVOllt'ybdll Randolph aj Ldurel



10 yard pass from Mark HummeltD Ttm He-fer Wayne hdd oJ

chance to tIe the game bul thetwo poinf converSion altemplfdded

"Although we 1051, II was anawfully good game We pia, ed areal gOOd feam:' Wayne coachRon Carnes said,

Leading tacklers for Waynewere Jeff McCright with 15,Richard Poehlman with J4, TimHeier with 12, Rod Gilliland wl'h10. Jim Sperry with 10 and KurtJanke with 9,

wayne's team suffered a blowwhen Jeff Loberg sustained aknee injury. He will be gone therest of the season. Final <,ctlonfor fhe Wayne reserves ISscheduled at South Sioux Cily at4; 15 p.m. Tuesday, O~!, 28.

,>cored Iwo conversions andWarne scored the other

DefenSively, Barner had threelackles and one aSSIst, Rob Allenhad three lackles and Pete Marchhad one lack Ie and two asslslsRod LuI! Gregg Elliott and JayReben,>dort re-covere-d one fumble l!ach Barner had an Interceplion

Two touchdowns were- called

bac k on Clipping penalties One S SIwas a 70 Ydrd punl return by pO rtsateWelsele, and 'he olhe, • lO-y.'drun by Moore Hansen S"Brl:f'tl-latl'<I~:;' , -~,... ~ "hiS firs' and ,:>econd feam~ pla.yed'·iJboul equiJl limeWestPt CC 0 0 0 ~ ·6,Wayne 16 8 8 0 J1

Wisner 31, Madison 14Emen.on 8, Hartington CC 0Walthill 16. Ft. Calhoun 12PonCii 14, Homer 14Wausa 40, Coleridge 0Bancroft 21, Newcastle 0

LewI!; arld Clade

players surround~epunter ashe- f."it-eo "o--controt' bafi- Thr~or four Blue Devils handled theball before Mark BofenkamppICked up Ihe loose ball and carned II SIX yards for a TO JellMcCright scored Ihe two'pomtconversion

The other TO was scored on a

push hIm through the endzone Ingrum had two touchdown receplions in Ihe game

and one <I"oslslKoenig Ipd IhE" lpam In tilckllng

again wilh 10 unds'>lsted lacklesand thrpe iJS'>I<,t", OffenSivelyKoenlq (arrlPd the ball SI)( limeslor 6-4 yiJrd"

Brad MrJQre rushed for 17yard" (hrl<, Wel<,eler 'u<,hed tor16 JiJ<;<,1 Joha, ru<,ht'd for 14 andJpfj Sher!;', iJnd Od,rln Barner"<'Ie h (arr led the ball for <,hOr1yardaql' Moore Ihe v:"cond <,trIng quarterback (ompleled oneat two passe!) for 11 yards

Maly was Ihe leadlnQ receiverWith Iwo (alche<, lor J6 yardsWelseler hild two I eU"pllons lorII yiJrd .. cand Pete Warne had one',It,h tor three yiJrd" Wel'>ele-r

I h r fOe

West POlOt CC 28, Wayne 11Winside 3J, Wynot 0WakefIeld 7, Osmond 0Hartington, Laurel 23Allen, IdleDC Aquinas 27, LakeView 0

for a 100 lead at the hall AnotherTO In the th~rd period brough-f thescore fa 160

The Blue DeVils dId all 01 theirSCOring In the fourth quarter TheWayne defense was responSIblefor the first fouchdown wilh astrong rush on a Norfolk punt

The snap was high and Wayne

hdd d greal year ,,>ald WiJynecoach AI Hansen It 5 been dgreat priVilege working wilhthese boys iJnd I certainly Wishthem addpd <;uccess In tulure.,.ear"

Hansen crpdlted Steve Ove-rlnN,th a ,>uper ..oHenslve- gdmeand K;:-vln KoenlQ wilh ,1 <,upprdefpn'>lvP qame'-

Ove"n '>( orpdtoU( hdown., on long nJfi<, 01 J~ ~ Iand ')1 yal ds and passed to KeVinMaly 'or another 25 yard'ouchdown play He compleledtour at live pd,;ses 'or )9 yardsscorE"d onE' two pOlnl lOIlVe'';.londnd pdssed lor IwO 01 her s Defpns(vely O"efln had 11'11' tad,le"

A Conference Glimpse

il~,~.vefRi$eS,#1tll-lI.m.c\famlDAWin_I<:~';';' ''; .'.,. .... . . ."J' '.: .'. . . '~-~~~~:d~~~~~;I~-~ ~ -.- ~~-T~;~:~e:::~i~r- ~~',n~~pol~tC~n~e:~::-;o:rl~~lhescbre

The Wayne.Slale WlI~i:als broughl oul The cent~alStates Intercotrelliat. Co~.. 1018.11. '" . • 'Iheir heavy arlUlery In.lhe lourlh quarler 10 lerencemalc_hup was' a . e .f gl~~away···· The-Cots wesled 1It1la"me before put1!ng

,.shell Washburn and conquer Ihe Ichebods early. Weyne Slale com 'lied 51.,·fuJ11ble5 . some more pOlnts'Oh'lhe boerd. A four"¥erd]14-18. Salurday: The homecom'ng vlclory and losl PIlssesslon lour II - . pas$'lromLede"flng~umcappeda62·yard

.. lIuatylsh.e Ilnlshlng 'ouc"" on WSC". Wlldcal The C"'sfu'jibled Ihe opening kickoff al drive with 6:54 In Ihe game. This "me Iheo Ihe'r.olY" 10·ya.rd I/ne bul Washburn return' -cal,da_ Ihe kick end Irledll-two-polnl

AbouI3.000 fan5 witnessed the lI,r.. hour ad the favor on the IIrs", play from scrim· pe~~play. The gemble falled with Wa.hburnlong aerial dog·'lght at Memorial Field. mage. Tony Scudder recovered the fumble leading 18·17. .

Because Wa'shburn and Wayne State tor WSC.: The final scoring pass froni~Lade to Cn-entered the game ranked first and sixth Wayne State again cooghed up the ball on grum'Wlth four~mlnutesleft put the Wildcatsrespectlvefy In the NAIA passing charts. the the next series. this time at the 3S·yard Hne. on top to stay. 'game was b1fted as a passing duel. Despite a Steve Atamian got the ball back (or the Lade completed 11 of 24 passes for 202strong northwest wind. neither team fell hosts when he made a diving Interception at yards. Tony Marlnella. rusbed for '41 yardsshort of expectations. the five. and R'andy Frink added 33 yards rushing for

The lchabods, averaging 326 paSSing. Once again, the Ichabods recovered a Wayne State. Maxwell had six receptionsyards per game.. put the ball In the' air 67 WSC fumble ~J the Wildcat 10 yard line, The for 11'9 yards. Blackburn·had ·three recep-times and completed 32 ot those attempts Wayne State defense rose to the occasion tlons for sa yards and Ingrum had twoHowever, the Cats recorded five quarter with a fine goal· line stance and took over at receptions for 17 yards to round out WSC'sback sacks, Intercepted four passes and the three. The lchabods put two points on offensive attack. Leading receiver forlImited Washburn to 266 yards in the air. the board with a safety by Mateo Alverez. Washburn was Ron Hamilton with 12 recep-

Wayne State's receivers had trouble Wayne State's first score was set up on tlons for 158 yards..

~~~~n~no~:~O~:el~:"lnl~h:h~~~:tt:~~a~u; :/a~~~~~rS::~~el~~~~~~~~:~~~~~~r~~; Parent. Day. Saturday

;~~;~~~:ra~~~Y:~~SC=::hC:~:~~:~n1t~rO:e~: The Cats settfed for three points on a 35'yard fe~~~;erl:~~t~I::Sb~~~~~~~:~~I~:~:I~o:;lion fje~~I~~a:l~n:~~::I:~;::~dCt:k~hotgUn tor' Memorial Field. It will be Parents Day wJth

Three Oulck Touchdowns matlon, Washburn came back In the second many parents of players on hand for the

The hosts trallea 18-3 with 14:52 left In the quarter with a touchdown on a 12'yard pass ga~:.Pittsburg State Gorillas are currently

game but scored 21 unanswered points in a ~:r; w~~k:I::~~7:d~od ~h:nlc~::'I~:O~ ~~~ tied with Wayne State and Missouri Western

lO~h:f:~:-I~~h~:~c~~:wncapped a' 7S yard Washburn Intercepted a pass and added ~:::~:n~I~~~C:r~nh~; =~e;:~~~w11;~h2;~drive with 4:05 remaining. The TO was set three points to Its total on a 32'yard field the NAIA several weeks ago but losses fo theup on cl62 yard pass p1ay. Quarterback RIck goal with 4-22 left In the halt University ot Missouri at Rolla andLade, who replaced sfarter Kelly Neustrom Hclff~tlme too long Washburn University have knocked the In·late In the second quarter, faded back to Things got off to a rocky start as the se- vaders out of the ratings.pass bul was pressured by a strong cond half opened as Wayne State was Last weekend, Pitt won Its homecomingWashburn rush penalized 15 yards for delay of game game21-170verFt. Hays. Stan Patton rush·

Wllh a man dangling on his leg, Lade Because of numerous homecoming dC- ed 21 times for 117 yards and twolofted the ball down'ield Pat Maxwell. tivltles, half·tlme festivities lasted 28 touchdowns while the conference's secondrunning it cross pattern, grabbed the pass minutes, eight minutes longer thon allowed leadln,g rusher. RlchardOv:erton, scored theand drove to Washburn's 13-yard line On As the WSC marching band lett the field at other TO Player of the week on defense waslhe neld play, Lade hll Jeff Ingrum In the the close of hatf tIme festivities, the Cats John Pringle with 14 tackles, two Intercep-l'ndzone Gary Cook added the PAT were accessed a penalty on the kickoff lions and a blocked punt.

Wdyne State shut down Washburn on two Washburn scored Its second and finalIinal affempts to score. Kirk Schroeder'S touchdown of the game on a fake punt thaIre( overy 01 a fumble on a faked punt and an caught Wayne off guard Short man backottenSlve pass Interference call were key Andy O'Neill took the snap and carried 'hepliJys In WSCs final defensive stand The ball 34 yards for a TO The PAT broughtIe hdbods had scored earlier on a faked punt Washburn''j lead to 18 3 with 14 52 remain

We were a little worried when Ihey 109 •'>cored on that fake punt," said WSC coach Ken Kohlofl picked oft an Atkins' pass toDel Stoltenberg 'Our kIds played so lough 'jet up WSC's tlrst TO Lade took over, hiton defense that the offense gal back up and ling Randy Fnnk and Maxwell with passespul logether three excellent drives The to drive the ball An 18 yard pass from Ladedrive') were a dlrec' result of our defenSive to Maxwell gave Wayne a much needed TOpllort Lade connected wlfh Blackburn agdln for

Wayne State 14, Washburn 18Kearney 3L Mo. Southern 7Pittsburg 21. Fort Hays 17Mo. Western 41. Emporia 18

--------------------Results ------------------

Central States West Husker Clark DIVISion Lewl'!> DIVISionW L T w L W L W

Kearney (4 I I) ) 0 1 LakeView (4 21 J 0 Wlnslde() 11 0 Ponca (50l ]

Mo Weslern (41 1) ) 1 0 Wisner Pilger (5 11 J 1 Wakefield (5 I J Bancroft!) 2) ]

Pittsburg 1-4 2) ) 1 0 Wesj POint CC (-4 71 J , Harllnglon (4 2) Allen (1 )) )

Wayne Stdte () ]) ) , 0 Hartington CC 1-4 71 1 7 Wausa(']]1 Walthill ())) )

Mo Southern {'})1 , 0 Madison ('] -4 I , J WynOf(])1 Homer (151 0EmporIa (14) 1 0 Emerson Hub (2 41 , J Osmond (24) Newcastle to 6) 0

Washburn ('] 4) 1 0 Wayne \0 6) 0 J Colendge l:i' 4) Inde~ndent5FortHays\l-4 I) 0 ,

Laure!"!) J)

Norfolk's lunlor varsity tootball tea_m proved to be sligbtlybeller than Wayne's JV squadMonday afternoon

Norfolk won the area contest16 14 The Panthers scored the'lr

.... irst touchdown on a run In thefIrst quarter and then added afi-e-Id g.ool In the second quarter

Using a dlfferen' allgnmerl',the Allen Eagles defeatedNewcastle 1511. IS'1 In LewisDivision volleyball action, Tues

Norfolk Edges Wayne Junior Varsityc::[~?~~e::~~~::;;~1sw,~~~:Eagles. Lisa Erwin led the teamin net play with eight ace spikes.Allen had 15 ace spikes as a team.

'"We're trying to use lisa(Erwin) a little more with our'new alignment. She spiked well.Janet (Peterson) served well andDes (WlIllams-l p-l-ayed well,"said Allen coach \Joary Troth.

The win improved Allen's var·slty record to 6-3 with all threelosses to Walthill.

In 8 team action. Allen prevail·ed 1S·O, lS..(). Troth said thatMachelle Petit played real welland added that Carmln Lub­berstedt also pJayed well.

"It was a good team effort,good volleyball," Troth saidabout the reserve matCh."Everyone who played servedand everyone who servedscored."

JEFF INGRUM leaps In the air to make a touchdown catch In theback podlon of the endzone as two Washburn pldyers attempt 10

Wayne's elghlh grade footballteam IS gellmg people:. hopes upfor the future The eighth gradersfinished their ,>ed50n With dperfect 40 record by crunchmgWest POint (enlrell Cltholrc 316Tuesdayalternoon

Eighth Grade Finishes Undefeated

Lentrcal scored It., touchdownon d 40 yard touchdown aGainstWayne s <,econd stflng In the t,ndlmlnule 01 the game Those werpthe only pOlnls scored againstWayne 10 16 quarters. of play TheBlue Devils oulscored Ihelr opponenls ) 1-4 10 6

'Our ottense WilS strong whilethf" Ilrsl tedm detf"nse Wd<,tremendou,>ly sironq The team

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trom my sports section will be sent to "RealPeople" I always wanted to be famous. butnot for my mistakes.

I'm trying to improve. In tact, my wife.who is a teacher. makes me write "quarternot inning" on our blackboard 100 timeseach evening I sure hope U works.

.:: ,." ,,' "',:' ,-because UCLA ralllea to deieat .Slanfqrd .1give those two ~~c-l0 schoo's poss~sslon C?fsecond and third. I had earll~r pr~dlcted

that Stanford would upset the ,Bruins:Flo.ida State did it again, thumping Pitt·

sburg. Thus, the Seminoles .move up, andPitt falls out of the top 10. Notre Dame clob·bered Miami (my 10th rated team) and now

WAYNE STATE quarterback Rick Lade moves up to fourth.·Tlle Fighting· Irish areand PIttsburg State cornerback- Jot'ln Pr:o much stronger than In past.Ve:ars a"d nowIngle have been selected as Central States- play a formldle-,5ChedUte-:~ tn"previous:yearsIntercollegiate Conterence play,ers-of-the- Notr:e Dame played rlnky dinky teams andweek for performances during their teams was,over--t'ated; Proballly not so this year~victories, Saturday The Crimson TI~e. w!tl1lts ~,~III,laht.per-

Lade. a 6-1. 190 pound senIor from formance against Rutgers.·drops"from:se-Tekamah. threw three touchdown passes In cond to fifth. Neb'raska got back ()n tracka six mInute span during the final eleven with a land-slid!;} win and 'moves up,·t~ shth•.minutes ot the fourth quarter as WSC rallied Georgia slipped by Mlss!sslppl and falls to Ito defeat Washburn 24-18. eighth. North Carolina .can nO longer be ,

Pringle. a 6-0. i1S pound cornerback from overlQoked and Ohio State moves b.;lck IntoMlama, Fla., had two key Interceptions. 11 the ratings w~th a 63-0 win over Nor· I

tackles and a broken up pass in PIttsburg's thwestern ::12117 win over Ft. Hays. Northw~:stern. with tharioss~-p,JtIS"~"~~

Those two players should be seeIng a lot of farther away trom the gro,",p In my bottomeach other this weekend. 10 ratings. Perennial Southwest Conferer:-ce

The CSIC game-ot-the-week, selected by cellar dweller Vanderbilt. (a tough Alabamathe CSIC office in St. Joseph. Mo.. Is foe) moves to number two. Oregon 'State,noneother than the Wayne State-Pittsburg Texas Christian, Colorado (de~plte s'corl.ngState game scheduled at Memorial Field. more poln'ts agal"st Oklahoma ·thall anySaturday. team wit.! this year), Dvke and 'MemphiS

Involved In a three-way tie f~r second State follow with wlriless re.CQr( the winner of the game could solidify Texas EI Paso, W~sconsln I1Ind K~t StateIts claim as a title contender. Both are-ex- round out the bottom 10. I t~lnk,"the NCAAploslve offensive teams and both have been should think ab6ut adding isome· ~owl

. Involved In close games over the past two games to determine the wor$t teams in the·weeks.' .country: toe Woql B.ow.l/-tl1e Sa~·crlne"Bowl.

Pittsburg is averaging 359~8 yards per the Lime Bowl, the Dandellne Bowl> the

~:~:. W~~I: ~~n~I:;e~~~~gC~~~h~~:~O~ Skunk Bowl and the"TolI~t~owl· -Gorillas rank last In the league. In pass Randy~~:~:rr:tgs:.~· .;,:, ,sJt~~,~:\o~:defense. Wayne State Is averaging 226.6 1. Texas (5-01 . 1. ~ort~vfest~rn (0-6)yards through the air. ,.. 2. USC (5-0) , 2. Vande'bll' t!J-4)

PEOPLE WHO HAVE scoftedabout my 3. UCLA 15·0);', 3.pregor:l'St.i;(0·~)

_ratl'19S,POS!tlonlng Texas ~s the num6er one 4..Notre Oal'{l~ (4-P) .'~."~.r<;,~", (~:~) .;: ':,. .team In the country can·t laugh so ~ard any 5. Alabama {s.o) ., ._.£ Colo,r~dO (p.~ .more. The Longhorns deteated Okla~o.'11ao 6. Nebraska (4-1) 6. Qvl{e (O·s)r .and surely have to be at least. as good as: .,7: Fiorlda'SI..(S:,l), 7, 0

Alabama. ttle.nation:s~~mbet~'~~'''''''3...~illj:t5-1tt,-.-.- .'_. ., ,~",'team In most polls;- • ',,', ?N.:Car"lIna (5·0) !.:\IY!.S~onslnl:4i

Because USC has looked strong' and 10. Ohlo.5tate (H) 10. Kent 51. (1·4)

The Wayne Stata volleyballteam traveled to Emporia. Kan.over the, weekend and playedmatches agal,nst three con­terence opponents. The LadyCats 10st.1I three matches.

WSC played on Friday againstFt. Hays.ioslng the match Inthree games 11-15,13-15 and 4·15.In match play on Saturday, theLady Wildcats played top ratedconference opponent PittsburgState. The Lady Cats playedtough but lost the first game14-16. In the second and thirdgames the momentum was main·talned by Pittsburg to down theLady Cats 7-15, 8-15 and seal thematch.

Wayne Stated played Its thirdmatch against Emporia andstretched the match to fivegames before losing. The Ilr$tgame was won by the Lady Cats15·10. The second game was turn·ed around by Emporia to downthe Lady Cats 15·11. The LadyCats regained the momentum Int'W third game to win 15·3 but lostthe match by dropping the finaltwo games 4·15 and )3·15.

The Lady Wildcats are now 1-7

In the Central States Intercollegiate Conference and 8 14 )


DARN THESE LONG sports seasons Itseems I've been getting football ml){ed upwith baseball lately. I've receQtty beencaught rererrlng to divisions In footballgames as Innings Instead of quar1ers

With professional baseball season fInallynearIng Its end, football geftlng a good startand pro basketbaillusf beginning, I'm liableto start referring to free throws In footballand clipping In baskefbaU. last year. It wasreported that I referred to a wrestlingta.kedown a5 a touchdown.

Those stupid little mistakes are especiallyeasy to make because I write the footballstories from 10' 30 p.m, to about 3 a m on

.... Friday nIghts (Sl1turday mornings) I'm notexactly wide awttke at that time 0' the day.50 please bear wlfh me. tn fact, sometImes I.find ~Y5elf tvplng parts·of my dreams whitef droop over the typesetter.

Then, I come back down to. The Heraldbetween 6 and 7 Saturday morning to layoutmy pages so we carfgo·to-p-ress.-bY-noon:·Who knows, maybe one 0' these days a story

record to 11·1."They lust plain outplayed us,"

said Wayne coach Mavis Dalton.Wayne's reserves lost 4·15. 0-15

and the Blue Devil freshmen losttheir mlliteh 1·15. 4·15_

The Blue Devils are scheduledto host Pierce tonight(Thursday I.

Helthold had 13 assists forpoints In the match for anaverage of 4.3 assists per game.Deb Poehllng was the, teamleader In total points with 33 foran average of 11 total points pergame. \

In jun1o.r varsity action.Midland came out on top of,a 6·15.15·13. 5·15. 15-4. 14·16 marathonmatch

Sharon Luchsinger was theteam leader with 20 servingpoints In the five games. She hadseven ace serves'and an averageof 5.4 serving points per game.Luchsinger also scored 41 fatalpoints 'or an average of 9.4 pointsper game.

Other top players were JudyJarecki and laura A!imussen.Jarecki had II spike polnfs in thematch and Asmussen had 26assists

Wayne State Is scheduled tocompete against Kearney State.

Hartington Cedar CathoHc. thenumber one ranked volleyballteam In the Norfolk Dally Newstop five, extended Its winningways with a vIctory over Wayne.Tuesday

Cedar delea'ed 'he Blue Devils156, 15) in varsity action. Thewin Improved Hartington's

Cedar DefeatsWay~eWorm or Cold


Haro comos tho PDQ - 'Speclal'

-R 88W "h W W nI ne c est tat c' '0 omen .ant!


HALL OF FAME reclpJents were presented their awards for their contributions toward Wayne Stateatht:~ICS at half-time ?t the Wayne State Washburn football game Saturday. All six of the living reelplenf3 were 00 hand for the presentation Mrs Nella Benson receIved the award tor her son, the lateA 0 Benson. Her son Linn Benson was also on hand tor the ceremonies. Back row. 'rom lett: Rod Tlets,or-t. 'Rowen Wiltse. Mrs. Nella Benson. MIke Reldman. Front row from left· Rober! Gaefa. WarrenBest. Stan Lewis

ACCORDING TO INFORMATION released tram the Nebraska School ActivitiesAssociation this week. Winside andWakerleld are tied for .first place In the ClassC 2 district 2 standings

Both teams have 40_8 points with threegames remaining. The district leader at theend of the regular season will qualify lorstate playoffs

Wakefield Is ranked third and WInSidef!'Fl=====alllll I!illl!II!II !llilIlllliIll!i!ll!lllIllll!lIi!illI!!!liIi!l!lIllll!IIl!liil!!iillleB!lIiillIll!!ll!!III!!!!I!IIIIIIIIII!II!lIIIIIiIiliii__lliililillill!lllilllllllll.·' fourth In the Norfolk Dally News top five for

Class (.2. Winside cunently leads thE: LewisDivision of the Lewis and Clark Conferencewith a 4-0 confEl'rence record Wakefield IS

tied IIVtth Hartington tor second wi th conference records 0' J·l

The Wildcats and Trojans are scheduledto clash at 1:30 p.m Friday In a big gameThe winner will lead the conterence anddistrict standings. probably move up in NorfOlk's ratings and possibly break tnto the top10 of the Omaha World Herald or Llnco'lnJournal

There Is a lot riding on the game lor bothteams and I'm hoping tor a thriller

Hall of Fame Recipients

FIRST PLACE in the dormitory category at the Wayne State ColI~e of "Shootout at WSC Corral'Homecoming parade went to Bowen Hall (above) with Its renditIon

Homecoming First Place EntryS13!~ALUE


• Three heat settings• Sponge Included fat moist

heat --or use dry• washable, son camel vetour

For Dry Skin

~ $215~,I REO. VALUE1,~1 $3.40


• Regular• Menthol• lime• WildForesl

REG. VALUE $2.04


$119 ~ 5eIsun® aoz.EXPECTORANT i- blue ~89¢ - Dandruff Shampoo I~

•.VRALEGU'ES269 •.

REO. VALUE$1.70 4 oz. 1"~ ....2Il 2 FREE OUNCES

.', ~ ~ < "" "') ~ I

r;qr,REsPOr;Sle~£ FOR ;'Rlr;r~8If E"'!'W!S" "I(~,f;~J~~~i'~oy~n:,

,""il ",il

·. ; '";,:,

'::,,-~-: :';:'j';,:.!. I

: ':) 'I;' '!:,I ;~T ::~, "., i, '!



MENtn,...Speed Stick" Deodorant

r!1':~J;~Hefbal and SPIce Seen!

Liddy and hiS Wile Frances.have live children Now _ anovelist and lecturer Liddy'sautobiography "WILL" becamethe number one bestseller In thecountry

The event IS sponsored by theWSC Student ActiVities Board-

Gordon Liddy',> lecture is opento the publiC Ticket,> Will be sold

al the door - U for generaladmiS510n and ~ 1 SO for area high

school students

rea( tlons 01 the lour stale colleges, rely on student opInion'>

Jaeg91 serveOj, on the Personneland Poll!.. y Subcommittee that

discusses collecllve bargdlnmg~ecur ily for the tour stale colleges polICIes lor studentr('( ords, pol,tlcal leave lor thetacully "wd the securl1y dndll'igalion organlzallon JaegQ'added thdt currenlly, the commdlee I"> looking al tul!lon, administration and facVl1y evaluil'lam. a5 well as retlremenl and(ontrdct "roposafs

Accordmg to Jae9gl. hiS mdlflgool while being on the commlllee IS '0 show concern lor Ihe ')Iudent of WSC jaegg( also IS cancerned With the state colleges atNebraska. giving student~ aquality education

Jaeggl has also been InvolvedIn VdrlOUS other organ-HatlOns a\well These Incll1de the WayneSlale JudICial Committee, lheMarch of Dime':., the Nebra"k"Commlttf'e 'or Children and theNebraska Conference 01 Youth

Saturday, Oct~ber 18, 1980

1 • 5 p.m.Walthill, NebraskaParking Lot in laek of Ageney



Jetf Jaeggl d lunlor af WayneStale College wtr> nominated 1o

the college board 01 educatIOntrustees Jaeggl I~ originallyIrom Columbus dnd 15 a bUSinessadministration malor He hasPclrt'Clpated In numerousorganllatlomi around the area

The board at trustees wlthln theNebra..ka slate colleges IS a rulIng board which approves and ISresponSIble tor the operation anddlrecllon of the lour "tate college<;, Chadron. Peru, Kearneyand Wayne

Jaegg(s positIon IS a siudentboard member lor WSC There ISone slate representative memberfor each 01 the four stafe colleges

Jaeg91 saId that he applied torthe position to the Siudent Senateand was cho..en by the Senate

The luncllon of Ihe organilalion cons.lsts at the student boardmember prOVidIng an InSight tothe feelings of studenf~ on anyparticular campus Jaeggl saIdthaI policies and deCiSions Iheboard makes concerning the

Goldenrod Hills has various odd, size windows anddoors fo sell. These were acq'uirect because Of peoplemoving away or elderly people passing away Ind wereunable to finish a house. We wiJl...teU these doors andwindows below wholesale: ,prle8s, Ever,yo"e iswiHcome.


Combination Storm Windowsand Doors

Various Sizes-As Is

,,>peClal asslst.anf'to the Secretary01 'he Treasury and lIsEnforcement Legislative Councilbefore becoming stat! assistant10 the president In the tint Nixonadminlstraiton

There he ",erved In the ,>pe<:lalInvestigative unit "Odessa.'whIch later bee ame known as the

Plumbers Liddy then becamegeneral counsel fO the Committeefa Re elect fhe President, Irom

whtch he dtreded the Watergatehrptlk in

Trustees Student'

Rep Is Balancing

Force on Board

Mrs, s.a ndra Hoffa rt256-1563

School Calendar

ThursddY. Oct 16 Vens"vvolleybdll "t Rdndolph, 6 :;0 p m

FrlddY, Ocl, 17: VarSity 1001ball Pender at Laurel. 7 )0 P m

SMurday, Oct 18 Wlsn€>rPilger MarchIng Band Fesllval

Tuesday, Oc'- 21 Varsityvolleyball al WalthdL 6 30 pm

Wednesday, Ocl 21 Firstquarter ends, vanity tootball atWausa, 7 30 p m

lour dnd a half years 01

Imprisonment 11 included 106days of ,,>olilary confinement


~ervlrtg two years as an Armyotlieer and five as a speCial agenfot the FBI, alfer SIX

commendations Liddy becameat age '29, one 01 the youngesf menever to serve as a BureauSuper vIsor on the staff 01 )

Edgar Hoover He also se..-ved asa prosecutor and an unsuccesstulcandidate for congress

Liddy returned to Washl~gfon

from Manhattan to be~ome

(ircle2 2p m Laurl"lchildren's"'unbeam chOIr practIce. )'20.L <lurel S-e.... lon, a

SunddY Sunday school 9)0

am Norshlp wilh Ihe ReoI,'William Schull at C,IOU"- (,ll'

spea k mg 10 45

Tuesday Laurel ConcordM,nl<,terlal A,,>,,>oclatlOn 10 30om

Wednesday Laurel Biblestudy B p m

United LutheranChurch

( Kenneth Marquant1. pas-tor 1Thursday Junior chOir prat

tlce, ) :?O p middles InVited toGue5t N,ght elt (oncordlelLutheran (hun hap m

SdfurddY Eighth elnd ninthgrade conflrnlal'on cia,,'> 8 30


Sunday C,unddy "ChOOI 9 d m

wor5h,p 10 1 '>

Monddy Church (OunCII 8

pm lonferpnct' pa'>'or"meeting at Colerldqe

TueOj,ddy Romans Slbh" study9 30 d m Laurel (oncordMlnlslerldl rneetlng 1030

couple'S Bible "Iudy I 30 P In

Wednesday Seventh gradeconfirmation cia">"> 7 pmRevelation,,> Bible ,,>tudy a

Untted PresbyterianChurch

(Thorn.;:s Robson. pastor)Thursday, C Irc Ie I 9 30 a m


•C.I....... F.d.",1 Int.r••t Booring Chadd., A"_11

Make your New Year's resolution now

to eorn on 011 your .. in 1981.

Columbus Federal's interest bearing

accounts will be available ~ for 011

our Nebraska customers. You'll have

the convenience and pleasure of re­

ceiving the some locally owned core,

courtesy and service 'On your ~~~-3J

account that you receive now on yoyr

savings account and home loons . . .

~Q~pe:bon\,$, you~ Columbus

't=ederol l'i'......~ account balance will

earn 5 'I. % interest doily. Plan now to

earn lhe double bonus of '5:;. % interest

checking and a,!!I:...famousCalumbus

F~~~f~ISe0i(:·,~r- ...... ...•. •..... .•


G Gordon Liddy will appear al

Wayne State Co\\eQE' on MondayOcl 27 In Ramsey Theatre at 8

pmHe has been called tear less to

the point of bf'lng awesomeand to historian Theodore S

White he'~ <'l j·horoughlydangerous mdn Yet BarbaraWalters says 'he hd'; d brilliant

mind'LIddy was the Weller gall:'

'mastermind who defied theefforts of all three branches alIneU S government to toree him tobetray hi'; <'I..,,,,O(I<1les thrOUGh

Former Nixon Aide Liddy to Speak


.~~~~To~~~ATTENDANTS G!FTS ...

- "., ... ·1'.... , ...THANK YOU 10 e\le,v"ne lor an .the kindnesses and, Jlsslslanceshown 10 mv lamlly and Idurlng ,my recent JIlness. WOr:'ds cannotexpress ou'r appt~~Jatlor:' for:. ttle,prayers, c;:~rtJ:s,,'gi:fts, I'and .calls·and Ihe help 'al Ih~ larm. l~ IheOrs.- and nurses at both hospl,tals,it all made a dllflcull time mucheasfer. watter 'Jager '''~f1d

famllv. , .'·016

THE F·AM'LV of Chris Petersenwishes to thank everyone fortheir expreSSions '1)f sympathyduring the recent loss of ourfather. 016

WE WISH to thank aU relatives '.and friends who helped uscelebrate our 50th anniversaryand for all the beaufiful and flowers and for yourpresence at ollr open house anddance. Also thanks to ourchildren and grandchildren forhosting the open house. YOIJ allheJped make, It a. very, spe;c;Jalday Henry and· Adeline Koop­man.. 016

WE WOULO like 10 lhank IheWayne businesses tor fhe ~l.QOO

In bonus bucks we won on-Thurs'day, Oct. 2. It was avery nice sur­prise and will long beremembered. Thanks again.Dennis and Pam Ekberg. 016

THE FAMILY at Joyce Beyelerwould like ta thank everyone for

:~~e~hf~~:~~~'I'sC:~~~~~~~%I~~S;passing, A special thanks fo Rev.Edmonds, the ladles thatprepared and served lunch. and'anyone that helped· at her ser­vices.. tt was very m~ch ap,' ,­predated. God bless each of yov.Husband, Robert Beyeler•children. Malia, Craig at hom~Barry, Usa and Brandy Brook.Parents' Charles and FernJorgensen; ,sister Joan Prathera,lJd famHy.· brQfher DaleJorgensen.'andfamUy. 016

THE FAMILY of Ralph Emrvwishes to express appreciation tothe many relatives and friendswho remembered us wl1h, tood,flowers, cards, memorials andother acts of kindness durin~ theloss of our loved one. Your kind~·'

ness will alwllYs be remembered~Mrs. Edna Em,Y'. ~M""nd-M...,..",~f---'---'-'-:Fay Emry and family, Mr. Nor­ris Emry and family, Mr, andMrs. Warren E mry and

_ family 016

FOR R~NT;' 3b~dr~iI;'ltllU~,·carpeted, air c;ondttioning, allutil1t.les furnished. Motel roomsby the day or lower monthly

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Card of Thanks

for Rent

MOVING?Dan', tollo choneos with yourvaluable belongings. Movo withAero Mavflower. America',

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abedrooms. 1 car garage. large storage sbed. lot. Close to Shoring center. Irpmediate pOs'i,es-

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Millions Avollable4% to 11.5%

Steol frame - undercover In 3 days. C~m.

pleted hom*os. As lowos 520 per sq. ft. foe.ton to R-47. St. LouisareG dealer sold 20homes In last 2 months.Dealers Wanted.

1·800·"5.2408(Toll Free)

- WIll 00 babyslflmg In my NEED BABYSITTER? Campushome Reasonable rates. Call Ministry can gIve you names ofJ752195 09 , responsible college studen1s who

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Other. to '38.00

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Girl, Denim

Little MI.. Allee

Fleece Anrel Polyester.Full 50 Inch wide. Reg.53.99 yard.

JEAIS.&~AINrEI PAirsRegular and SUm. Permopr.... Decorator pock.t. onall lean•.

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lEI. BlueBrownCream


Full 60 Inch wide In beautiful skirt,dress prints. Solids to match sport.swear. Smail neat prints - the In forFall '80. Reg. 55.9S.

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Modocryll. ....d Poly••t.rflee..,. A bl"nket and

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.Joe DiMaggio'1i streak of54-. ·su.ceesive games hitsafely In. 1941 w.. quiteiqTeCtaeu1"". Fil'llt DiMaggiopalled the Yankee record of29J then the NationalLeape tall1 or 83t and thentID;- rMjor ~----e mark ofi:9?~breh ~d ~ lince

Members ot the NATSthroughout Nebraska collegessponsored this event held atNebraska Wesleyan UnIversityOct. 3. Wayne State studentswere In competition with voleestudents tram Concordia, Doane,UNL, UNO, Kearney, NebraskaWesleyan and Midland College

Other WSC studenfs who placedIn the competition are SusanErwin of Concord. second place,sophom*ore women; ConnieLinder 01 Onawa, Iowa, thirdplace, sophom*ore women; SteveLinn ot Laurel, third place,freshmen men; and Jamie Daleof H~gerstown, Ind., honorablemention, freshmen men.

Cash awards were given towinners. The WSC competitors.are students of Mrs. Connie\~ebber, assistant professor ofmusic and Dr. Cornet! Runestad,professor 01 music.

PlaCing Ilrst In Wayne SlaleCollege s lunlor men'~ divISIOn ofthe annual National Associationof Teachers of Singing conle5twas Doyle Anderson. a lunlorvOice malor from Hartlng'on

Singing Contest

Special guests have beenInvited to aUend the forum inDecember. J .L.Monk of NPPP InNorfolk and John Hoblrng atNPPD in Columbus are amongthe Invited guests as welt as DrHarold Baltaxe of the UnIversItyof Nebraska Medical Center inOmaha, U,S, Rep. Doug Bereuterof Washington, D.C , and RobertSchoentelder, anesthesiologist ofYankton, S.D

Also invited are the Union ofConcerned Scientists, NoelynIsom of the Game and ParksCommissIon In Omaha andfarmers Val Damme and VictorKniesche of Wayne

Scott Raymond and RuebenSnake will represenf theWinnebago Tribe

WSC studenfs will berepresented at Ihe forum by BlueKey, Cardinal Key and 4·H

Students parflc!pallng In theGroup Processes class areLenora Driver, Missouri Valley,Iowa Julie Nelson Wausa(Indy Langhorst, Howells,Penny Roberts, Wakefield.Nancy HewlH, Wayne; LIndaPichetl. Omaha and JaniceBeduvdls. Norfolk

Doyle Anderson

Takes First at

'978 Impala. 5 door. Here',a low. mileage loeotion oneowner thl!lf'$ really a prettycor. Hlatly equipped. Jetblock in color. This cor has hadexceUen' core.

Petrenl'., Day ell Wayne SlateCollege is Saturday All parentsof WSC students are InvJle-d 10 attend varlOu,> demonstrationsaround campus dUring the day

Actlvilles Include broadcastingdemonstrations. presentations Inhome economics ,ndustrlaledueallon and micro computer(business I an art gallery .,how'ng and teachony'learniny centeropen house

There also Will beplanetarium show at 10 a m 11

a,m. and 12 noon In the basem*nt01 the Carhart Science buildingl uneh Will be served In lhecdlelerla beginning af 1 \ a m

The Wayne State CollegeWildcats will lake on PltfsburgState al I )0 pm There Will alsobe d speCial hall lime marchIngband prpsentallon Following thegame al4 )0 pm there will be d

Sing aiong at the WindmillRestaurant leaturlng banloplayer Les Corey 01 Omaha

Parents Day

is Saturday

At College

member of the UniversIty ofMinnesota student newspaper

The goal 01 the WSC classproject Is to have a torum otvarious representatives of thepublic in which they can discussand inform the public of theirviewpOints concernIng the RaunHoskins Powerllne

The forum \s scheduled lorSunday, Dec 7, at 7 pm in theNorth Dinmg Room 01 the WSCStudent Center

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32,000 mil.. and Its sharp.Silver metallic: In eolo,.

The mOlt technically advanced highly fuel

efficient small car ever built in America.

constructed In this areaThe group processes crass

chose this project following aVIsit to their class by ScottRaymond, former resident 01Winnebago and former editor ofthe Winnebago Indian NewsRaymond informed the class ofthe Viewpoint represented by theWinnebago Tribe of Nebraska onissues at the powerllne

Raymond is a Rosebud SiouxIndian and presently a stafi

, I

1979 Marquis IIf'oughoni, 4door. loaded, dovogrey in col­or, 1000 actual mUes. W. soldit new.


ellee' tllese late model trade-insl!


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D'DrOUKNOWFord Escort not only has front wheel drive but alsofeatures Independent Rear Suspension for a greatride and precise handlingII

PhtllO (;r~e(lng Card.!! art" !ht" pt'"rtn.-t _av to "a," Happy

Holiday" In won1:"! and pll:ru~

A giGUp processes crass atWayne State College, under thedirection of Dr. Bob Johnson ofPonca, WSC professor ofcommunicatlon arts, willundsrtake a problem of publicconcern

The group's Interest thiSsemester: has been directed to theRaun, Iowa· Hoskins powerline tobe constructed by the NebraskaPublic Power District and allother power lines being



,~,,~~~Y~!e'QnJh.~t$~g~,$~~~ 'I··':r:,:'_:,o{;·N.or:~ l :B~~~t~,~,:-i'ri the election. from using their e)(CeS5 profl-ts to Then Story-turned h.1$ tho~g~ts·, 1"~••"".""".ilil.III••"~"'.", !I" ,~, .,',:. __ _"", r~' carved ~~x _Story~ ,~-~J~m 'Jrylng to ·get p~ople' to buy up ""fgal. real estate and to agrlc:u1tU''r_e~ '~Wf!' need:' an ,,' " ,.,',' , ',' 1,",.,.,.' -,,' " ',' -".'" ,-,. ,,::,.• ,"- .,.oUJ'.!lI i.IJa.. ,.:,:~.'_~.. ';__....•...~~ e.__~••..•n.•. Sol.. , ,'. PS.. 10.00.. I ~.,:t.' '

;for -.~o.n.' vo~~ tli~ iS$~e~ not for the most dep~~tment stores. ~~r!c..,,~tur~ ",or:le,~t~ , ,.f'~I~:so.n', 'In i:;.' EX'"'p'E'R''J" 'W'H'.~'E-"j::::" :8'1:'&:,.',;,. 'N''.,"N-','G'"",:;',::: . ,i, . ~, .' ,,,' " . ':;'~W·loldadverllsed'caildldale." Siory . -Ioslabmtegasollneprlcesby con!1res"We·~~eir~l!resen.· " .: •. ~.",:,~~,,~.,.,;;,.:,IOW:!,~P~i¢ecl;.1.~t9$1.24)'~

'h~.~ner9Y said:; "<:Joe-of "the maln issues, Is controll1n9,th~.prlce of olt tativ~on fhe:'Gg c.o~m~.tteti'r;~r~r_e ;;:" 'I ',"- ' :-. -'~',., ','. ", '",/-::<l> ,~:,~:t::."'~','.":i:,):(r:,::":.~,:,,,I)'<::i"-_,',:,:, >:;:(;.",;,1,:'-' • ":.':' :iIY'J;' 'c,"'::'> ,:'~<'< .",":,:,,\,':~. ,;:,\"\:~: ,I'" _ ':',:'. "'.":,:~~t p~t!Ssl~g:"," :the,e~rgy_cr;lsls wHI4:h Is causIng -to '""'lax ,fhe""'oll "companles' are435pe·OpJ~,Who,hav.,tobe,con· '.< &" A'L'IG'""N'""M"EN'T''I"" '.' . " • ",jJ~...le' :i:ha~r'- a - variety ""of- 'qther ;;;.~

~"'1lilIjffiiliiC'W",,~efi'f puftlilg Wlnafa\f1Jn>filS s<J1he-exces..prg. v1""ed," -hl> stated. "t beIle";e .... '. . . .' ·anlm'I~~foo••iwcoll..cllon or decora: '1::, , l1e Sunday, m~y w~ere it .is needed. We 'nts may be returned to the peo- th'at the ~amlly farm trlust be -- - - -.--t-·- -.___ firm. l!'~

fijg.'ht,·:~..'.. Mdrida.y":'W..~.lie com- . need t.o..tur.n...our a1lentlbn toward pIe. ·malntained," Story added that he ·_C-_ --J ~..plet-H1.g, ::a campal,gn swing gasohol and solar and goo'her- According to Story, Bereuter is opposed to the grain embargo. ~J O)f ,l'... :fhrough':Nprfolk. Stanton, Ponca mal energey." < "voted in favor of the oU com- .' " • .::zJt'AIAAI& _~.and Wayne, before'" retur:-nlng to' Wh.en asked about his stand on panles." Other main Issues on Wh L-e-d h t h td"" M h tOil C' - '. ,,., ~..,---- '>.,Lln(o!n,:_Nte~ spea.klng to the nuclear energy. StorYJ:eplled, "I which the candidates differ are en as... 1// a ewou do,' ." ere a...n.. " .... . 0.. Joonl.llmt_.",......... ..' 5"1~.~W.."".'-,Nf ~:Kfwa,nl$-~Iub-Ov.erthenoonhour, think we need to continue to use agriculture and health, Story to curfallinflatlon, Story replied·, 7..

thai a low Inleresl rale 'musl be ' 121 W. lit Waun".· 37'......3·40 t"Story 5f~ 'at THe Wayne nuclear power, but I don't think said. malntalried, opening the way for 1~~:::::::::':::::::":":::~'=:=:::·C1:''''':.:_::,:,_:.:.....;.,:.:..:...:.....;m~.""':":.':'":~,p.:.'m:__::::::,Heisld for an Interview Monday we should lTlass produce power "The major medical more business, more production ,·,i~ftSi'r.oon. plants_ We need some new groups...are financing Bereuter. and thus more lobs. He added ~.

Other previous stops In Wayne nuclear, sites but we need to He's fighting for them rather that the government should make ~ ~~Included a taping session at research. keep the sites away than the consumer," said Story. It· easier for young people to get . .KWSC·TV and an appearance In from large populated areas and "Medical Insurance and hospital loans, espe~lany farm loans. ' ~,'a class taught by,. Allen keep the Nuclear Regulatory costs are'foo high. Hospltalsrieed ..11I..11I........ . .O'OonneH .. Both appearances Commission In charge." fo fake a look a~d see where they .' • Sll!NDI!R'AllStook place at Wayne State Col- Story said that If elected he can save money. These costs '" hope people vote on the i7~ S I; Hlege. Story Is opposing would vote should be controlled with a Issues," Story emphasized at theRepublican Congressman Doug -to stop major oil companies hospltal containment bill" end 01 the Interview

Power line Problem to Be Topic



EYE_THING(Including Drlnkl)FF

....HJTO SUNIMI .~ ,,-TacO ",.al. Nfrlto t..oM. ehH••• otIlQfJl. mUd IO~. t~nnc"OCtI.

ollV_1 e"d IQ\I',CreotI'I t(lll~ I" Q IcftflO\lr lorlmQ, fopPttdwllhwll-cModQ IitroYY'cnd"""" creom. .SAlAD . , _'C,l,p gr"IlI_Ituto, compl.l_ wllh cheM•• IQmolO ondyout thole_Qfchnln;, "'''CQ .AI,~O. I'H.opl~bow! 0' (rl,p le"'IIII:•. lopped wllh lceo 1'!!1Nt13. mllkd tq,uce.

---~_~~OIIdl~_"_~. ~_._~ __------:__II!A~'.ea··· ',,"A .p~v blend 01 rIco. o"lon, gr..n P"PPM Ql1d 1~IQ 'Q~.~ ,

~~:tt~"~"'ICi chip' co,,_,.d ood ~lIh'~6NI., 1101 tilue.ond rlp+ oilY.". "., .QUI~~I[tIl~A ~Qlop.lIO. ,.

evangelical FreeChurch

(John W~slerhollll,P••lor), .Sunday: Bible schl"'" ,10 a,m.;

worship, 11;, evening serVIce. 7~30p.m. .

Tuesday: WMS dlslrlct lun·cheon at church. noon. ~adles Biblestudy, 9:30 a.m,; Family Night, 8p,m.

Concordia LutheranChurch

(David Newman, pastor)Thursday: ~CWGue.1 Nlghl, B

p.m.Sund~y.chool ana'S!"­

ble classes. 9:30 a.m.i wo1"shlp,10:45; Community Tea at thechurch, hosted by ~ydla Circle,2:30p,m. '

Tuesday: Friendship WomensTemperance Union, Dixon UnitedMelhodlst Church,-~ p,m,

Wednesday: ~CW Invited 10 51..paul's Luthercm Church. Wayne,2 p.m.; Lutheran Churchmen,Famllv Night, with Ihe Rev, andMrs. Eddfe Carter of Wayne.peaklng, 8, .

Birthday· gues," In the VernCarlson hOf!1e Sl,Inday aft~rnoon

10 hanor ,Randall were Wallace '''!IIIl'!~~'''''''''''~~iiit'I",'',Ander."n.... . CIIU"rd,'

Taco del Sol-Menu

The Concord Fire"Oepartmentwas called Friday afternoon to agrass fire at the Verdell Erwl~;i.

Jim Martlndales and HermanUtechts 01 Wakefl~ld, Steve Mar·!lndales,.W"vne, and Jerry Mar··

Couples LeagueConcordia Lutheran Couples

league met Sunday evening.Winton Wallins and KeithErlcksons presented the pro·gram, entitled "A History AboutFall Festival Days In October."

Devotions were given by Mrs.Erickson. They were followed bya brief business meeting andlunch served by Harll" Ander­sons and fner Petersons.

St. Paul's LutheranMeet for Bridge Church

Bon Tempo Bridge Club met Su.nda~ _WorshIp 1'30 a m.--;----;;i:?';";±c"f.;E~'aC""'=::S";-'C'C----.,,-last Thursday evening -- wlth- - Sunday school, 8:30.hostess Helen Pearson. AgnesServen and Helen Pearson wonhigh scores.

Agnes Serven will be the Oct. 16hostess.


Members of the ConcDrdWellare Club and other friend.and relatives were birthdayguests of Mrs. Dick HansonSaturday afternoon,

Tekls Johnson, who Is Mrs.Hanson's club secret sister,' for·nlshed' 4:1 birthday cake, whichwas served with the cooperativelunch.

Among those attending the par·ty was Mrs. Roger Hanson ofMOVille, Iowa.

Evening guests of Mrs,. Hansonwere the Roy Hanson family,Mike Rewlnkles, George Volhks,Mrs. Earl Nelson. Robert andErich.

Wednesday·Thursday·Friday.SaturdayOctober 15·16·17·18

l.cO" I,led com 10rll11a IUiod wllh locO meal. toppcrd wllh chool'. 101'h,ICO, lomalo, wuh yovr choice of hOi 0' mUd .ouco.'Ace.URaI.A bflh bu" tlllod wllh loco meol. lappod wllh ch"ou o"d l,,"uceIn. INCHILADAA IQIl corn ItllllllQ flll9d with lOCl;I'mllOI. rQII&d and lOPllod with au'OW" 10"'Qti¥I"g gravy. ~"'Qlh.rod In ,h.eoe and ....10'"CHilD INCHllADA_ . .A loll corn 10rllllQ wllh choole fI1l1"9. rQUod Ql'ld lopped wllh lit""...... 'onion tin(! che.leOI'IrN,NCtmAOASoft corn 'arUlla wllh boo! Illllng ,oUod and 'Qppll'd ~lh QY(Kg~

,ouc", Qnd ,lpII !;IilYOI .IANCHqA rQlled.tlou,IQ,IItIQ IllIed wllh IQCQ mllol. cholllo Q"d 11I11..,co. /II,


:lr;lltQ~;;r1~~:I~;~:~I."':h;~~~~~II~n~.e:;,::::1;1~~~~~X:eh:chvolo. IQr1'I(IitI Q"d rlpo oilyos.CHILIDOO .Foot IQ"g.hQ~ dQll Qnd Item bu" wilh IPIvi chill 'QU~., IQ'pped \NII~

e~!. end 01'1101'1'.

:':=~~T:a~: lel,I1I1Q loppod wllh rolrlto baal'll, "Iluell, cho.,1cnd 101'1I<I'0.iiiHOSTaDAA'UQI 'rlad (Qm IQllillo IO'ppod wllh loco me.ol. 10Il\lC1), eh,,"_ ~dn

10rrn:!lo.CHili (QIIr,'lI'My-tA IPlllclQI bl.nrfQ! chili. 'IIQlonod lQ your lOltV.

~::i~~fout' i~rlillc lIuffod wlfn ralmo boa'" on~ 10'<' mllQI, 10P"'~plJd wllh ehe..... ,1I1.IUI"TO . .:..Inolhrd-1l0ur'l{i/111tln1utllldwlth1oCo mlQI, tappld ~liJj mU~ IOIlC_orlde/'ln$';'.


Johnson HonoredGuests In the Arthur Johnson

home last Thursday evening tohonor the host's birthday wereLeon Johnsons, Doug Krles,laur~l, Carla Johnson, Norfolk,Bennett Salmons and RebekahBlair, 'Wakefield, Evert Johnsonsand Bruce, Brent Johnsons andsons, Susie Johnson, OscarJohnson, Jim Nelsons, Todd andLaRae, the Dwight Johnson faml·

" Iy, Gl~n Magnusons, Wallace

Over 50 ClubThe DIxon-Concord Over 50

Club met Friday at the OlxonParish Hall with 18 persons.

The group Is planning a tour toStanton on Oct. 2l~ They will eatat Ron's S1eakhouse In Carroll.Cars will leave the Dixon ParishHall at 10 a.m., and anyone Iswelcome to attend.

Lunch at Friday's meeting In­cluded a cake baked by HelenPearson 'or persons observingbirthdays and -annivenartes inOctober.

Pleasant DellPleasant Dell Club met last

Thursday afternoon In the home0' Minnie Carlson with sixmembers and a guest. Roll callwas "My Most EmbarrassingMoment:'

The club made nut cups. forcare centers.

Mrs. Clifford FredrIckson willbe the Nov. 13 hostess.

Taco del Sol is celebrating it••••




Music was provIded bY'"Blackberry Wln'er."

The board 0' trustees of theWSC Foundation also gathered onthe college campus for a 'run·cheon and board meeting on Fri·day, followed by a dinner at theBlack Knight Restaurant InWayne

On Saturday, the trusfees andmembers vIsited Preslden'Seymour's residence in WaynefOr a brunch. Approximately 120people attended

There were tours on campusprior to the football game and asocial gathering 'allowing thegame at the Wayne Country Club

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STRETCH POLY KNIl' Reg. '1800GREAT COLOR51Present this coupon at time 0' purch..,se•••

- CQupon E".II;'lv_ Ocr. , ..,7.1. -



tled 'or firs' place In theorganIzation category For beslfloats trophle!; were awarded forIlrs! and second place with cashprizes going to first, second andthird place 'or organllatlons

Atter the parade was a royallyroceptlon open to all students.laculty. family and gues's Pregame activities began at 1 30with a performance by the WayneStafe College marching band Achili supper af the Wayne (ounfry Club fottowed a 241 18 comaback win for the Wildcatsagainst Washburn

The evening and the week ended With the t1omocomlng dance



vIew tloats which were madeibyf~ students The floats wereludged tor dormitory and campusorganllatlons

Bowen Hall dormJlory wasiJwarded !lrs! place and MoreyHall receIved second place Incampus orgilnlzations calegory.first place went 10 IndustrialArts/Home EconomIcs. secondplace to Phi Beta Lambda andlhlrd plare 10 Alpha Bela Sigma

There also were prll:es lorbillboards on campus with MoreyHall lak.lng IIrsf place In the dormllory diVISion and Berry Halllaking second while foreigniangvdges and Kappa Mu Epsilon


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A weekend 0' aetlvlHes rounded up the final days of WayneStale College Wildcat Days 1980

Chi Omega sorority and PhiSigma Epsilon fraternity took thechampionships In the GreekOlympics Friday evening In theWllIo;,-", Bowl

Skits presented by WSCfreshmen from each d")rmltorywere presented FrIday nlghlAHer all skits were ludgedNelhardt Hall emerged the VICfor The avenlng ended with abonllre and pep rally

WSC Homecoming day began~',lIth B pardde During that limeeveryone had an opportunity to


TAKING FIRST PLACE In the Wayne state College Homecomingparade Saturday was the WSC Industrial arts/home economics.

Bowen Hall, Industrial Arts Take TopHonors at WSC Homecoming Parade

death to walk the earth with a lightedlantern may eKplaln the term"Iack 0' lantern" A modern pumpkin ,tory- rapIdly becoming In 1t1!l own right aHalloween legend - by cartoonist CherlesSchulfy concerns the Great Pumpkin. whomthe Peanuts groups of cartoon character~

believe will visit the earth on HalloweenWlfh gifts 'or good boys and gtrls.

Pumpkins have long been used InNebra~ka for food Larger varjetl~ are ...sometimes fed to livestock The orangecolored flesh can be used tor humanconsumption In cakes, lea breads, cookIes.clnd puddings. A nut· like delicacy can bemade by roasting and ,altlng kernels ofpumpkin seed But the chlet culinary use ofpumpkins has always been In pies ­traditional for Halloween. Thanksgiving.and throughout the tall and winter. TheNovember 4, 1904. "Holdrege Citizen"Included pumpkin pie among therefreShments. served by MFS. Frank CowgHlal a 1904 Halloween party In Holdrege. TheNovember 23, 1906. "Omaha Evening Bee"published. under the heading "PumpkinsPie Receipts by Five Famous C;ooks," avariety of ways to prepare this favoriteautumn dessert. Pumpkins an~ other types'of winter s~uash are now a malor cennlngcrop, enabling modern Nebr"ska cooks toenloy this versatile vegetable year·roundwith a mfnlmom or advance -preparetlon.

Pat Gasfer. NebraskaState H'storical Society

Overcharging InvestigatedAttorney General Paul Douglas says two

Nebraska pharmacies are underInvestIgation for possibly overcharging onprescriptions for welfare recipients.

Investigators tram Douglas' office havefound at least 2.000 cases of pi<Jarmaclesovercharging welfare recipients. Eklt theoffice Is precluded ,t(~ prosecutingbecause of an apparent loophole-In the law

The overcharges varied from $1.60 to S4tor each pi'"-es.crtption.

Under the scheme, Assistant AttorneyGeneral Bud Packett said, a pharmacYwould bill welfare agencies lor more than aprescription was worth. The person onwelf-are dld not pay the bill, which wentdlrecUY to the agency

Packett said the legal loophole, which hededined to explain, blocks fhe state tromprosecuting the pharmacies

He said one of fhe pharmacies ts InLincoln and that case has been given toLancaster County attorney's office rorpossible pros-ecutlon

"n Sept~,,\ber. ,eavl~gJ~,eipteldel:ll"'e·Infhe nu",ber of employee~.~lhl:e\h~ frl!e18 a.t54S' ,. .. '. -e.' •. ,,"

In~JuIY. ihestate'e",ploy",e~Uolls werereduced by '172 a~d In Augusf by 298 ,.,.'employees. -.' "I:

- Slate Budget Adr;1I.nlsirator DonLeuehberger. coordlnafor of the freeze, said.of the 21\ employ""'l hired In September. 110were for the state Depa/tmenf of' PubliqInstitutions. and most of the 1to were for theFitzgerald Veterans Hom·e. The Corrections.Department hired 25 workers.

Both tbose departments' have blanketexemptions from the freeze. If crucialpositions are involved. Tttose departmentsalso have a high turnover rate.


'" 'I

Telease and 3.15 u~cte(~ro.l'&',SU~r:YI$IO.n.~ .Abouf a year laler, there .w~re" I~118prisoners wltfl1521n work-release programsand 253 on parole_ ....Crowded co"dlflons have been cited for

c.eallng fhe f~hslon .. ln fhe penal cori!plexfrusty .dorm as a posslb!~ reason lor adisturbance on Aug; .2~. ,A IIghf eruptedamong dormitory resJdf!.nts. some armedwith baseball bats and weight Iilling bars.

Greenhollz says the P.raIe Board place.soffenders'back -Into society as soori as"U 1slegally possible to do so. He also noted thereare statutory regulations that spell outstandards for parole and work·ret-easecandidates.

Bolin and Gree"holtz said there is a'national trend of more people beingsentenced for longer terms for violentcrimes. That same point was made during arecent correctlon-s c;;onfcrence In Lincoln,which attracted a number of penal expertsfrom different parts of the country.

Greenholtz sald the Parole Board hassatisfied the requirements In the law toreview each inmate's case within 60 days ofhIs or her eligibility for parole.

He said additional prison tacilitleseventually may prove the only answer to theproblem of overcrowding

CompletIon of the Lincoln CorrectionalCenter and the Diagnostic and EvaluationCenter has helped to some degree, he said.

Hiring decline slowsThe rate of decline In the number of

persons hired by the state slowed InSeptember, mainly because employees had10 be hired to staff the newly openedF ltzgerald Veterans Center In Omaha

Gov Charles Thone Imposed a statehiring treeze on July \

State employment dropped by 15 workers


( OLDI~-__ - NBBBASIEA~i ,~\-~ ~~ ...~~~1=" = :Neb(aska State

Historical Society

The autumn vegetableThe pumpkin symbolizes Nebraska's late

summer "nd fall harvest bounty as does noother Irult or vegetable Large ears ofyellow corn. apples and apple Cider allSIgnal summer's end But the lowlypumpkin - hollowed and carved as a ~ack

o· lantern for Halloween. or gracingThanksgiVing tables In pIes - Is aunlver'],ally recognized harbinger 01

autumnOne 01 the chief uses 01 Ihe highly colored

pumpk In hilS always been In o..-namentatlonAutumn tloral arrangements orcenterpieces frequently feature red andyellow leaves. colored ears of Indian corn.and orange pumpkins - or their smallerbotanical relatives. gourds. The November2, 1906, "Alliance Semi Weekly Times", onfile at Ihe Nebraka State Hlstorlcal Society,describes decorations at a 1906 Halloweenparty "given at the home of Dr Bowman byhis -daughter. Miss G Frances, and MissAHce Acheson. The decorations wereapproprlately made at pumpkinS, autlUmnleaves. and cranberrles " The November 3.1905, "Valentine Republican" saysornamentation at a 1905 Halloween partygiven by "Miss Noble and Miss Kort!. atthe home of F.M Walcott and wite" was "inkeeping wlfh the celebration, aU Ilghts beingin pumpkins and pumpkins everywhere asseats."

The "lights In pumpkins" - beH~r

known as lack-a'· lanterns - were derivedfrom European custom. The Celts of Britainand northern France believed that eachOctober 31 tno splrUa 01 dead ancestorshaunted the earth; humans who wentabroad on that night carried a lantern for J't

protection. It was a Scottish custom tohollow out .arge turnips or rutabagas and

, cut holes In the sides to allow a lightedcandle to shed light from Inside thevegetable. Later th~ hiOl~ were carved astaces. possibly to frighten evil spirits. AnI rlsh legend about a miserly man ­sometimes named Jack - condemned after



on energy·conservallon Improvements, saysome sources Others believe energy'conservation technology is not sufficiently'advanced to warrant what amounts to astate SUbsidy

The Nebraska State CaprtolCommiSSion ..... hlch continues to be

~~=~:~~~;elnl~r91~~rT"~:i~:~~Z'o~s::t~t~~:the outward "Ign of Ihe character of ItSpeople TheIr respec t lor lt~ traditions andhistory theIr bel let In It,,; lmportance andworth and their love of ItS fair name - let.!he new capitol be lis symbol'

"I am proud thdt thrs capItol contlnues tostand as a symbol of the stalwart characterot the people 01 Nebraska

Parole DIscussedJohn Greenholtz. the chairman of the

sla!e parole board. says he sees no way toplace prisoners Into work release or paroleprograms more rapIdly

'.ilate CorrecI,ons Director Jerry Bolinmet re-cenlly wllh Ihe board fO discuss waysto from lhe number of adull offender~

ron',n,'d In prl ..onsOn "e-p! 14 l~J~ Bolin reporled 1.002 men

,lnd womt'n olfenders WIth 156 on work

I \'Qned Inlo law prOViding 'hat all theOf '4,nal cdpltolfurnilure should he returned!o the butldlng Some 01 If has beens, ,~ilered Ihrouqhou! ... Iale ollices. wllhh ... !orlca1 Slgnltl(i'lnce los' dnd tor gotten AsI' '~returned, the furniture will be restored{.omple1ely and used In office'S within the<<.;ldlehoust,

It IOU havp npver tour~ yo-ur caprtolone vi 'he world"" archItecturalmdS!("IJ,eres or haven·t vIsited I'rere-nlly I vrqe you !o do so whenever youhave an oppor!unlly There are gUIded lour'],on the hour from 8 a m until 4 pm eachMondity throuqh Friday. trom 10 a m untl1o4p rn each '\d1vrday dnd from 1 104 pme,teh )unday A new Wide sc reen slide showr.. shown ever" hilll hour In the Ea .. t SenateChamber

that nothing In the proposed amendmentdemands consolidation of school districts,he believes the existing six classifications ofschool districts would be eflmlnated, it theamendment became part of the stateconstitution.

L Ike other opponents of the am~ndrt:'ent;Brauer says the requlremen.t for "thoroughand efficient" schools is vague and theInter~tatlonof those words would lead toalong series ot laWSUits. Then judges. notelected officials, would determineeducational policies, he said.

Brauer has long been active incontroversial politlca"ssues and has been astrong advocate of small schools inapppearances betore legislativecommittees.

In 1979, he led a petl·tlon .campaign toplace a constitutional government spendingIImH on the ballot. That effort failed afterthe lC.69"")slature passed Into law theslalulory lid Brauer was also Involved Inthe repeal. through an Initiative petition In19'B of the 520 million In state aid theLe-g Islafure approved for the schools.

Dworak claims the proposed AmendmentNo 4 was approved by the lawmakersdur,ng the hurrIed last day ot the legislatIvese""lon and did not receive properconSlderallon

Editor's Note: Nebraskans will be voting on4 issues November 4. So that voters canbetter understand these important Issuesthat would change the State's Constitution,the Nebraska Press Association incooperation wifh this newspaper, hasprepared a serie' of news reports on each otthe 4 proposed iS5ues. Each story In theseries concentrates on a slngle issue, brieflydefining the issue, explaining its purposeand fiJ1ally stating the arguments both forand against the issuo.

The following 15 the third in the specialpublic service series.3. ENERGYCONSEllvATION/AMENOMENT"Consf;tuficnal ame~~entto authori~e theLegislature fo provide a tax exemption onenergy conservation improvements a.sprecribed."-PU.RPOSE: Currently, Improvements onreal estate often result in higher taxvaluations. The amendment would permi.- bot not require - the Legislature to enacta I~w under which improvem~ntsdesignedprimarily for en~rgyconservation would notboost tax valuatidn. 'thereby amovnling to afax exemption lor such Improvements.

'.SUPPCSRT: The case for the 8t;nendmentsays the state ~shouJd encour"se-energyconservatJon);>Y;9rantlng proper!y-tax reliefin this faahlcn: •

OPPQSl1'JOr-!; Tr.e L.....··glslature alreadyM$..the power to.allow sa!e"'.....fax exemptions

Issue 3: Conservation

Nebra"Ka .... !a!e (apltol has beendescribed as onE' 01 the ~even wonders ofmodern archltec lure and II I" Importantthai we protect our lnve-'j.tmenl In thl.,magnltlcent .... tructure

In the 48 year'!! .. lnce the presentstatehouse In Uncoln was completed.gradual deterioration has occurred and IhebUilding has nol always been properlymdlntalned The legislature and thegovernor have now agreed on a program atpreven!lve maintenance and restorallon....hlch ..hould have the building sparklingliKe new tor I' .... golden anniversary In 1962

Work began on the capitol In 1921 When11 was completed ,n the depreSSion year a!19)2 II had (D.. t $9 8 million all 01 which hadbeen paid I! ha .. been e .. tlmatedcon..ervallvely thai I' would <.'ost more IhanSlOG million to dupllUtle the budding today50 we musl be good stewards and proter t Ihernveslment Ihal was made In thl" beautifulstructure by the NebraSka la .... payer .. 01 the1910's and JO ..

Curren'ly the mortar 15 being replacedas needed on the entrre stone eKtenor Olherprolects planned underway or compleledInclude restoratIon ol the pillntlngs andmurals In the governor's office cleanlnqand preserval;on of the leafher doors at theenlrdllce 10 Ihe legislative chamberInstallation of new elevalors and resloral,onof the 'ower elevator cabs I n additIOn theOriginal handmade rugs, draperies and wallhangings tn the second floor rooms drebeing cleaned and restored We're alSOgOIng 10 lake out the present chrome publ'Clelephon~ and pul In the walnut lined phonebooths that were originally planned

The capitol has four outsIde courtyardsthat are surrounded by the base of thebuilding These had been so neglected thataccess to them had been closed Now thesecourlyards are being restored 10 their()figlnal appearance and planned use

. The 1980 unicameral passed a bill which

CAPITOL NEWSBy Melvin PaulStatehouse CorrespondentThe Nebraska Press Associa,tion

Because proposed ConstitutionalAmendment No. 4 has "enormousramifications," It will be opposed by S.H."Zeke" Br.auer, ex~cutlve director of theNebraska School Improvement Association.

State Sen. Donald Dworak of ColumbUSrecently let It be known he too is urgingpeople not to support tlie amendment thatwolird change the- f.nanctng of NebraSkaeducation.

Brauer told those attending a recent newsconference he will be the treasurer of SaveOur Schools, a political action committeeformed to fight the amendment that will beon the Nov. 4 general election ballot

Sen John DeCamp proposed theamendment that would require theLegislature to establish a "thorough andeffiCient" system of public schools thatwould be financed In such a way thatproperly owners would not carry anexcessive lax burden

Brauer said he tears people will think Iheamendment's approval would be anassurance fhey would receIve tax relief Hesdld state aid 10 schools apparently wouldmake up for the reduced dependence onproperty taxes and the higher state aidwould be generated by higher sales andIncome laKes

In Brauer'S vIew lax relief will berealized only by Ilmrltng governmentspendln9 That goal, he said, has not beenattained through the spendlng lid law underwhrch local gov~rnmental unl!~ mustfunction

Brauer ..aid despite DeCamp s .. !atemenl

State Guards Capitol

As 7th Wonder: Thone

10 years agoOctober 11. 19to: J. Alan Cramer, ~ayne

businessman, was elevated from the rank ofEnvoy to that of Ambassa~or during thethird annual meeting of the Nebrask~

Diplomats last week The Wayne'"Chamber of Commerce is asking forfarmers in the area who would be wlllllJg tohouse hunters this fall and winter to contactthe'~ham.berOf,fi(t! as soon as pOssible ...Member:s.·of the ~Ine Corps throughoutnOJ:"theast ·Nebraska are being sought Inorder to find oU.'-il_!hey_would_be Interesled_In la-lilrig parI ina Marine Corps BirthdayBall tn early Nov.ember •. JamesCreverand. .field representative for the.Nebrask4 DePartment of Revenue, will beIn fh:e 'wayne Chamber" of 'Commerce office­aU daif' Fridayfo heJp a~Tare" bv5fne$$m~wi~"" ~robtems t~ ?""'V be hav'n~ . "

15 years agoOerober 14, 1965; Plans and speCIfications

tor the new Wayne HIgh school buildingwere approved Monday night by the DIstrict17 school board Petttions are beingCirculated in the Carroll ar::~~ urging thestate highway department to surface 10miles of Highway 57 from Carroll north to Itsjunction with Highway 20 Belden residentsare signing a similar pet1tionAppraisers have set a valve of $43,120 onland north and east of the Wayne StateCollege campus whlch the state of Nebraskahas asked to have condemned for futureexpansion of the campus Wayne's citycouncil Is considering a new ordinance tocontrol out-ot-town salesmen's activities Inthe city. Under consideration is a law thatwould require out·ot·town salesmen callingfrom house-to-house to re9lst~r with thepolice, be fingerprinted, have their picturestaken, fill out questionnaires and obtain apollee card showing they had met tilerequirements

20 yea..- .... agoOctober 10, 1960 Homecoming royalty al

Wayne High Friday were King RogerPetersen and Queen Carolyn Bpck Roger IS

Ihe son of Mr and Mrs Victor Pelersen andCaroloyn IS the daughter of Mr and MrsHarvey Beck Berry Hall will comealive Saturday That is the scheduled d~te

lor M Day. fhe day abovt 66 students willmove Into Wayne State's newest dormllory

Don Echtenkamp. announces thiS weekthat he has purchased hiS partners InterestIn Van's Shoes The bUSiness Will now beknown as Don's Better Shoes KathyFischer and Dale- Fischer re-Igned ashomecoming King and Queen at WakefieldHigh School Friday Kathy Is the daughterat Mr and Mrs Verner Fischer and Dale ISthe ""on Of the late Mr and Mrs LawrenceFischer

ac!'villes at ceremonies In the high .... choolQym Tuesday nlghl


25 yea..-s agoOctober 20, 1955: The senlQr class entry

"Tweety Pie" receIved top award In floatcompetition over 16 other entries In theannual WSTC homecoming paradeSaturday morning Madison High School'sma,chlAg band receIved the KiwanIS trophyfor the best performance In Ihe parade by anout·of·town band Construction of a newpost office building in Dixon was startedFriday morning. The 20 x 20 building Will beerected from cement block Rev S KdeFreese. Rev W G Volker and CharlpsSleekmann attended a meeting of the northeast conference, Ev Lutheran Synod atFonteneUe last Tuesday Chuck Mellorand Judy Heinemann were named king andqueen of Wayne Hlgh"s homecoming

)0 yea..-'Ji agoOctober 19. 1950' Oscar Ramsey bough1 a

small house Irom William McEachen Iha!he plans to moVl:.' from the McEachen tarn110 a 101 at the west end of First StreetArnold Ebker who farms south at Waynesuffered a gash on hIS lef1 leg below the kneeThursday when It WdS ctlught In the pulley ola combine he was operiltlng He was dble toextncate himself. but was In the hospital tora lew days George Kndpp staleSelective Service auditor was In Wayne lastweek confernng With draft offiCialsGrace Lutheran Church. Wayne will be host10 the annual laymen 5 can terence andmeeting of Circuit 4 of the NE Nebraskadlstrlct of the Lutheran Church - Mlssour ISynod nexl Sunday

Dear Editor:I would like to appreciatively thank. the

-Wayne Women'~ Club for fhe lovely picnicand presents they turnl.shed for our clientson the evenrng of. Sept. 19 at Bressler Park.

Their gesture allowed severalhandicapped individuals to feel very h~ppy

inslda. The c10b provided them with someexceptionally good food and fun as well as aehance to intermlngJ.~_!!Vithother membersOf -thetr c.ommunlty and fo r!S'aHy feel as iflr",v are" l"'rt Of the Waynecommu/lity-

< -. -w.-!Ml"lk"-rt:-onee---amon- t&1he- WayneWon-tel-t-s. C.f.ub-.··., believe 1hat· Wayne iselCfTemely ·fortunate to have such'a9r.~e-a-~oUbtaiuirng as thIs 'in Its community.

Valerie .,,.g:ner "• Are. Director

,. R.t9ion IV Se-r'Vi'ces-:W.y..

We abhor any attempts by private citizens or private businesses tocoerce the city of Wayne Into accepting demands which would benefitthe private sector. ' "

The city's two Class A garbage haulers are doing just that. Althoughthey say they have the Interests of the public In mind, they admit theywant to make a profit.

Striking or refusing to work, as the haulers did Monday morning, is asubtle torm of blackmail. If you don't give us what we want, we won'thaul your garbage, they are seeming to say. Their attitude certainlylacks the professionalism that a private business should promote. Thehaulers were given a three-hour opportunity Oct. 6 to air their viewsand present their figures, but at no time indicated they were consider·ing a work stopage.

Councilman Cliff Gjnn charged at Tuesday's Council meeting that theClass A haulers are dictating to fhe taxpayers. We agree. No privateenterprise or any Individual should be ailowed to do so.

The Council needs to consider alternatives to the present system ofgarbage disposal. The city has discussed other methods, and the recentstrike by the haulers Indicates little concern for the welfare of the taxpayers. The haulers want the fee system more equitable so they can'!lake a larger protit.

The city has operated the transfer station at a deficit for the last twoyears The fee service should not be supported by the general obliga­tion portion of the budget, but should be made self-supporting. As longas the city loses money on the transfer station, it will have to subsidizeits operation with tax money

City officials are considering a contract with an Qut-af-town garbagehauler Brief discussions WIth the corporation indicate the hauler cando the job as cheaply as or cheaper than loca I haulers The optionshould be considered since local haulers apparently are unwiillng towork under the existing ordinance

Not only should this avenue be conSIdered. but also other types ofdisposal need to be examined The CouncIl has its back unnecessarily

against the wall and needs to be cautious and bold In Its actions

At least for the time being, the haulers are back in operation. None

of the haulers' demands were met, but the Council did agree to sit

down - again - and attempt to settle the differences

The Council has been more than compromiSing In dealing With thetwo haulers.. Unless the city's figures are In error, we would hope littleground IS given up Dan Field

Not Coerce the Council

PrivateC'itizens Should


'.'~ ,\ j . ( . \

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72nd .. 1-1O~" tlir_ ,Strfp


SPECIAL'1 bed $25.(10 :.

2 bed. $30,00 .Frio, Sat. & Sun.

thru 4/30Indoor Heated' PoolWhlrlpool ":'"".Sc!I~~' ,

Restaurant op.n 24 hn.HQve Fun thl, Weekend

402,397-37CN!. or:·1.110O-556·2000

Logan CenterUnited Methodisl Church

(James Mote. pastor)Sunday: Worship, 9:15 a.m.;

Sunday school, 10: 15.

Dixon UnitedMethodist Church

(Vivian Hand, pastor)Sunday: Worship, 9 a.m.; Sun­

day school, 10.

St. Anne's CatholicChurch "

(Jerome Spenner, pastor)St¥""day: Mass, 9:30 a.m..

The Clair Oxleys, San Dleg9,Calif., spent Oct. 0-12 In the DonOxley home. The women vislfedMarian Oxl~y of Sioux C;Uy, las~.

Thursday afternoon.-The Carl!!r­wllers were Friday eveningguests In the Oxley borne.

The....Ernest Lehnen wereWaf.:­night guests Oct. 7 in the EvereHHenry home, Council Bluffs, andWednesday through Fridayvisitors In the George Saut1erhome, Syracuse.

Bessie Sherman, Mrs. RalphStark of Ponca. Leslie Shermanand Donald Sherman 5pent Sun·day to Tuesday In Oakes, N. O.and attended .the funeral ofBessle'ssfs1erJ Mrs. Ole Aune,· Oakes. Tf'!ey also visited Mrs.

fllh Birthday'Guests In the Jack Hintz home

Oct. 2 for Ice cream and cake inhonor of Brenda's 11th blrthdaywere Nanc¥" Penny and ClintonDempster. Mark, Craig andTrlcla Bathke, Monica Nelson.Chona Van Buskirk, MichelleGothier, Randy and BradPrescott, Tom, Paul, Patty andDebbie Roeder, Jessie, Charity,Larry, Shane and Tina Jacobsen,and Sherry and Tabby Moore.

Sunday dinner guests wereRose Nelson and RaymondNelson of Maskell.

NO THIS Isn't a scene from the movies "Ben Hur" or "AnimalHouse" It's just a typical scene at Wayne-Carroll High School duringhomecomIng week. Last Thursday was desIgnated Toga Day and thestudents did their best to dress the parf. Here. Kathy Kay studies bet·ween classes In the high school hallway.

Toga! Toga!

. ",'

TuesdaY'''Q~t,21: Alle~, ~e~gte ,.VFW'Auxlller.y•. Graves Ll~r.ary,·.Sp.rn. ..,".' , .

Wednesd.y,i-Oct; 22:cVarletyClub. Mrs. Roberl" Oslergard.);30 p.m. ",--- (, " ,,.(

School Calendar . .Thursday, Oct. 16: Volleybafj,

Winside al Wakefield; junior highvoll.eyball, Coleridge atWakefield.

Ihlek or 'Ihln f,llcod Ib, pjlgl




ii·cON -- .. ; ~m~s

~;;,~~~En~;.;;..AR_J.....;;"~"'--n;Inii' (;"EioUNDK.~'NmOCFK;;.;.;W;..;:;.U.;;;..;RS;....1_ib:::-::S=,,-9::-91 BEEFW'iMMERS Sl89SUSSEX ~~:~;~'~~'!\~~--~m.CHUB l1·o.C""." .....;;

Lonlt O'froal Wafer-.Uced •


SQclal CalendarThursday, Oct. 16: Home Clr

cle, Mrs Arvid Samuelson. '1pm

United PresbyterianChurch

(Dana White, pastor)Thursday; Mary CIrcle, Eva

Conner, 9 a.m. Rebecca Circle, apm

Sunday: Sunday school, 9:A5a m., worship, 11

Salem Lutheran Church(Robert V. Johnson, pastor)

Thursday i Lutheran Churchwomen guests at ChrlstlanChurch, 2 p.rn

Sunday: Church schooL 9 amworship. 10:30

Tuesday: XVI. 2 p mWednesday: Confirmation. 4

p.m .. choir. 8

St. John's LutheranChurch

(Ronald E. Holling, pastor)Thursday: Ladles guests at 1m

manuel Lutheran Church, 2 p.mFriday: World Relief Sewing. 1

pmSunday: Sunday schooL 9 15

am, worship. 10 30. Wayne FallCircuit meeting, 3 pm.; AALchill and oyster soup supper, 6 30pm

Monday; BIble r;lass. MrsAlfred Bensen. 2 pm'":' choir, 8

Tuesday: LLL, a p.mWednesday: Weekday classes,

A pm, Crossways, a

\Immanufll Lutheran

Church(Michael L. Teuscher, vicar)Thursday: Ladles Aid Guest

Day, 2 p.m. '- .Sunday: Sunday school, 9 a.m.;

worship. 10; Wayne Circuit FallRally, St. John's LutheranChurch, WakefIeld, 3 p.m.

Monday-Wednesday:Nebraska District Pastoral Can·ference, Grand Island.

Tuesday: LWML Fall Rally, St.P,A,I's Lutheran Church,Wakefield. 9 B.m

Wednesday: Ladles Aid guestsat St Paul's Lutheran Church,Wayne. 2 pm, confirmationclass, <1 30

16:~.o; evening $.ervlce, 8- p.m.Wednesday: Allen. area ,Bible

.study, 8 p.m.:· Wayne, andWakefield Bible sludy. B; 30 andunder Bible Slvdy. 8.





,'oO",::;;., ~f;~:- .~_.-J, -" 8-01. P~9'


14-0' P/Ilg.

Christian Church(Greg Haler, pastor I

Thursday: Guest Day. 2 pm,Pender Emerson Thurston areaBible study, 8.

Sunday: The livIng Word.broadcast KTCH. 9 am; Bibleschool for all ages, 9' 30, worShip.

leadership, and Jodi Greve onservice.

ce~e%~~~I~:dIn:I~:lIon'~:j~b~Mlfler,. new me.mbers were srgn·ed by Jodi Greve.

The program Included a plano Evangelical Covenantsolo by Brent Kohl, " llUte solo by ChurchJodi Greve. a vocal selectIon by (E...,.Ne-ii Peterson, pas-to,..)The Patriots, and a ,reading by __..5011day: Sunday' school, 9:45.Heidi Munson., a.m.; worship, 11; SeQlor. HIgh"

New members were guests or Le'ague, 5 ·p.m,; Junior Highhonor dUr"1ng a dinner at the League, 5:30; --evening worship. 8.Black Knight In Wayne that even· Tuesday: Covenant 'Senlor,Ing. Guest. speaker was Renee CitIzens potluch dinner, noon.Wltson Bartels, a former' Wednesday: Confirmation, 4m~mber of the Wakefield No- p.m.; Bible stUdy and choir prac-tlohal Honor Society. tlce, 8.

Officers for the coming yearare Joan Miller, president; KimGreve. vice president; HeidIMunson, secretary; Holly Meyer,treasurer; and Carla Meier.historian.

Others attending the dinner Ineluded honorary membersMerlin (Lefty) Olson, DerwinHartman, Fred Harrison, Mrs.Betty Heier, Mrs. MargaretPaulson "nd Mrs. MarvinMortenson

SpQnsors are Joe Coble andMr . Sundell



~. lb. Pkg.



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Ph. 375·1353

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cY.!..'-2!0>2-tb OD.











lutheran ClreloSeven members of Circle 5 of

the Salem Lutheran Church metIn the fellowship room Oc"t. 1.Hostess was Mrs. Terry Baker.

Mrs. B. C. Thompson gave thelesson.

Next meeting will be at 9 p.m.Nov. 4. Hostess will be MrsMerle S'lhwarten.

New Members TappedThe National Honor Society of

the Wakefield Public School heldtapping ceremonies Sept. 30 Inthe school auditorium

New members, with parents'names in parenthesis, are HayleyGreve (Art). Alan Echtenkamp(Marvin), RIta Wilson (Melvin).Kim Greve (M~rlln), Jim Ur·banec (Mrs Ann Lovelace).Susan Baker (Larry), CarlaMeier (Harold), Hotty Meyer(Dennis). and Teri Schwarten(Weldon).

Joan Mlffer gave the welcomeKathy Dolph read a history of theNational Honor Society clnd MrsAlvin Svndell gave the goals

Also speaking were Heidi Munson on character, Brent Kahl on

,Club met lasf Thursday allernoonwith Minnie Carl$~n( r9spondlng',to roU call with their most embar·rasslng moment.

The group worked on hut cups. for the Wakefield Health Care

Center. . .Mrs. Clifford Frederickson will

be the Nov. 13 hosle•• al ~ p.m.

Prices good Wednesday. October f 5Ihru Tuesday. October 21

STORE HOURS8 A.M. - 9 P.M. Mon. Ihru frl.8 A.M. - 9 I'.M. Solurday8:30A.M. - 6 P.M. Sund.,



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?l!cl~D S~11S:9 ~1REL,lA~,~- 4-0' PJrg, •. :~ ~2.~J: e~~n"


B~:':buns69~GILLETTE.~. GIl,LETTEHALF" •GRADE A • 1%

L.' HAL MILK.BP'39~'iJ Sf9

Bib~~ Sfudy GroupNine membei~ of the Ruth Bl

ble study group of Sf John'slu*theran Church met Fridayafternoon Hostess was MrsIrene Walters ..

The lesson was given by MrsRaymond Prochaska

Mrr. !<enn~th Baker will be theNov lA hostess at '} p m

Pleasant Dell511{ members of Pleasant Dell


l~_.~~ Main

Tho MI•• W"kelleld'Centennialcontest has been schedufe'd forJan. 17 ai' the Wakefield Com·munlty School auditorium.

To be ellg!ble, gltl~. mu.t besingle and between the _gea 01 16end 20 by tlie confest dal", Theymust be a student at Wakefleldschoor or have c-aen a. studentthere.

Contestant5 wilt be asked tomodel a slack outfit, street· lengthdress and formal gown. Therewill no talem division,

Prizes will be announced.Entries should be sent to Mrs.

Albert.L. Nelson, Rt 1,Wakefield, Neb.

Circles MeetTwelve members of Ruth Cir

cle of the UnHed PresbyterianChurch mef Friday afternoonwith M.s. Charles Kinney Jr TheRev. Dana White- was a guest.

The les50n was gIven byMargaret Patterson, who will bethe Nov. t3 hostess at 2 p.rn



grain to:



st'relateil "0the amount of amagOd grain anelevalor I'gelflhg at Ihat lime. 'IIfhev're nql7l1t1lfl~ /llUchh fhediscount mIght not lJe so gr.atsince the.elevato.' can "'he It withgood sfull and gel II back up Infocondition."

Often. farmers can- work withfbI>- elevll!Jlr. rl J!!!lY-"!n'._~alnthev know fa be going out 01conditIon. so thay wOh't sufferquit.e as large dl~ountsl Lutgensaid. Buf•.he added. "II grain',going out (of concfIRQ(1) and Itwon't stop by drylftg or moving,If's besf 10 mov~ II out rlglltaway.

If grain has something wrongwith It which would. not beaffected by storage, farmerscoulJ:lllang.M!ll.1I yntll lhe mix ofdamage conditions changes atthe elevator. he said.

groups will be asked to bringthetr completed model to Lincoln

in late April for a special 4-H

~ergy Exploration Day. The

ex Iblts wlJl be_ reviewed by ap el of experts and commentsgiven to the club members In anIntervlew·dlscusslon format.

"All groups and Individualsparticipating will receivespecially designed ribbons todenote Involvement. A plaquewill be given to the top model Ineach division - f05911 fuel9, solarenergy and alternate energysources." Krohn· said.Krohn said parlicipatlng

central theme related t~ solvingan energy problem, must be safeto be on public display and havean adequate explanaHonprOVIded on the working modelfor the vIewer to understand thefunction results and esllmatE.>d~conomlC impacl

d<I'~~'~IO~~l':.· S'~~g·~uin' ,W~~,dlscpohted~cehtsat Ohe qi:.ih,~,ter",l~al., ,:,Dlscoonls lo.rmolslure :-'lerii belhg assesS!ld at'2 '0 3· ..c~nts',~~'·-quarter per.c~ntabove 14 percent.

"All of this polnfs to fhe need toharvest. dr~ and store - gr~lnprope,lv, Lutgen said. Forexample,- In' combining. corn.

"excess crackl,ng could be causedqy a cvllnder set too close or byreturning too· heavy.

Although not directly related tothe quallty.---oLhar-llested-graln..Lutgen noted that with highEuropean corn borer Infestationsthis ya·ar, It sppears that"keeping your machine right onthe row Is quite important, so youdon't knock off. ears that havebeen weakened by borers."

Checking grain regularly,depending on the time of year,also Is essential. Knowing thecondition ot the grain isImportant in he said.

Producers always should check

Today, for instance. we are continu­ing to reduce our 'dependence on suchcostly and unreliable sources as gas~doil. setting them aside primarily to meetreselVe reqilirements and high s.ummefpeaks.We are utilizing llIore of the ple!l~tiful supplie/l of coal, and arecontlnOlng .to rely on nuclear (uranium) -and hydro.'

. (water) power. . .. ...It'sour jolrto1na~~sureJi~L!S~lt/'IJ-.'~ .

poweryou must I1@Y!l~Qn y,our sldJl.AtthJ!o~t1el. ,,'s your jO!l,to \Jse iref1i~enIlY';I:'. ",' . ;it. , •.

This is·ours.

.ta\ COAL'!!J

the 4 H group name, leader oradVisor, the number and age ofthe members. why the group is~

Interested. In the prOlect, name of)a contact person, a bUd~et

request and one or h.yoparagraphs describing 'hetentalive plan and the process fabe used In deSigning,constructing and testing the An grant reauests should bemodel typed and sent 10 Glen Krohn. 4 H

Model specdlcatlons Include SpeciallSf. 116 Ag Hall. ISNRIhat II IS built by a 4 H group UNL. lincoln. Neb., 68583 Grantellorl thaI the working model requests must be in the 4 Hmusl not exceed dImensIons of· department on Dec 15, 1980four feet deep, lour feel wide andfour feet high must have a

..produc.ers 'dt'rec.tly~·, "IQca,~el~vators will' pas~' tho$e 'costS.along to larmers, he sallt. "thaV'mav not be apparent. but they'rethere," he said.

Dtscounts for excess moistureIn corn ranged from 2 to 3 cents.for each hall percent above 1.1:5percent- moisture. Lutgen said,The three terminals assessedoa 1cent discount for each -pound ofcorn that was under Its standardw~lght of 56 pounds. ~

Sour corn was discounted fromJ. to 5 centS. grain. Weevils in cornbrought a 3 to 4 cents discountand foreign matter above 3percent was discounted from I toJ cents per percentage point atthe three terminals. ..-

A t one of the markets, sourgrain thaf showed heaf damagewas taking an 8 cents a busheldlsrount, Lutgen reported.

For grain sorghum, discountsup to 15 cents. per hundredweightwere applied for damaged andsour grain Musty, weevlly or

Actually, when it comes to should only have to be concernedabout using it efficiently. It is our concernto be sure !hat the power comes out of anelectric outlet when you need il. How­ever. all of us share the concern ofkeeping energy costs as low as practjcal.

. So we're trying to take good care ofthe power on our side. generating it witflthe fuel mix that's currsptly most eco:nomical. reliable andc~aililble ..:;l\nd 11!l.condItions,c~ang~, so j:foesthe "mix".

Farmers" who wcmf-tQ"-avoJddiscounts when they take theirgrain to market should take extracare to combine, dry and store Itproperly.

A small fnvestment of time canmake a big difference' on the plusside of fhe balance sheet,accordlng to Lynn Lutgen;extensIon economist In theInstitute of Agriculture andNatural Resources at theUniversity of Nebraska.

..A lot of farmers want to seehow fast tbey .csn get Oller theland" when combining, he said.Instead Of taking the necessarytime to do the lob right. Thathaste can hurt at the elevator,Lutgen cautioned. I n an Informalsurvey of three terminal marketsin Nebraska conducted In earlyOctober. discounts of one to twocents a bushel were beingassessed on No.2 yellow corn foreach percentage over S percent ofcracked and broken kernels.

While prices at terminalmarkets would not seem to affect

There~ twosidesto everyoatlet.

4-H'ers May Apply For Energy GrantsNebraska 4 H"ers are Invited to

apply lor a 525 $100 gran' fromthe Nebraska Energy Office Incooperation WIth the NebraskaAo;soclat,on lor 4 H Developmentand the State 4 H YouthDepartment

There Will be 40 granfSawarded. with the lunds used todefray costs of materials to(Onstruc' working models whiche>:;empllfy a "'solution to theproblem In productIon or efficientutol"aflon 01 fossil fuels, solar.. nergy or Ofher alternate energy'>ources .

Grant requests should Include

Z"~.-.. /.:.~ ~~ r

, ; -0-English pharmaCist

,John Walker invt'nkd lilt'first match In 1H27. Tht,tiP wa.s a comblnutlon ofantimony ~ulfldf' ilndpotassium chlorate

Cdn add from $13 to SIS per headSpille said the pxperlments

Invotved only pa'lture cattleFeedlot Callie require a different!y~ of In~ecllclde The studyInvolved beet (alfle and not dairycaltle he noled

There art> other methods of lIycontrol available. he <'dld <,uch as011<, PiH Jag<, dnd <,prdylngHowever the du<,l bdg melhoddppears to bE' thl' ed<,leSt,>Implesl and liledpesf

For more lntormallon, conlactSpille at the Wayne (OUn1fCOUrH10u<,e Sh<ln{' GI{~se or Jot",Wilkow,>kl af Northea,>l StallOIlnf'ar (ollcord

slve ot the types of lly control County Ag Agent Dun ~pl!le note<, theImportance of ptacing the bags 01 dusl prOperly ~'J If,(' d'J..,t I~ app!rt>devenly over the critter

The experlmenl was conductedon cattle In two county pa<;lureareas the Shane Gle<,e farmand the Mel ... ln Melerhenry tar m

Spill£' said the type 01 bag usedl'i Importanl I f mu~t be heavyenough to keep the fly dust drydurlng damp weather and shouldhave <,ome type ot 'n~tlng 10

prOVide an even distribution atthe dust on the backs of cows

The )ocatlon 01 the bags IS allImportant Spllle Sdld They'ihould be placed so catlle hil 81

le<1<,t one of Ihem once {' ... pry }~

hour,> He <,uggesled pl<1tJFlg bitgsflear a water '>ourtt>

The pa<,sagl-'wdy through whit h

~he '.attle travel should not b('

much Wider than the lOw and thebag<, <,hould be low enough 50

they hil the cow In the horns orlorehead and down the back

A mdlor benetlt to tly control ISan Improved r<ite of gain Inweaning callie'> Spille said<,Iudlt><, show a I) \~ poundIncrl?ase m gam m calves that iJreweaning tram theIr mothers

Fly control dllows more milkproduction In mother<" and Spilleestimated that adequate control

The dppll(Iflon 01 almost anylly du<,1 by u<,mg bags has provedto be elfedlve In comballng taceand horn files which have51gnlfrcanl effect on rate 01 ga,nF I,es also can be a malor cause atpink eye In raftle according toCounty E AtenSiOn Agent Don':>p,fle

Plant Managers * Sales PersonsFloater Operators • Mechanics

~ Full Benefits I'~Write Fertilizer Company

SUite 113. Sharp Bldg., Lincoln, NE 68S08

HELP WANTED (fertilizer ~""""""



OfficialEnd of Year

Clearance SaleNow through October 20m


Bea! our deals on every 1980 Dodge or Chrysler in stock...Beat our generous trade-inallowances and immediate deliverv... Beat the 1981 price ihcrease now...Compare ourcars to anydne else'sl '

CONTROL OF FACE and horn files IS becoming more and more 1mportant 'or carlle producers The type of fly dust applicator pICturedabove I'> betomlnq Ihe most effiCient, the Simplest and most lneApen

Eliminate Flies and Make MoneyAlthough thiS Y'E'etr <., ~Iy <;eil<,on

IS nearing Jl., end d ",tudyionducted by Norlheds'Nebra,>ka E Aperlmt>nldl Stationdnd the Wdyne County EJCtpn~"on

Ottlce ,ndl( dIes thdt etrmlno'ltrnqIly problems dround (OW5 ISeasier than mosl ldfftf' produler~

Three Guests'Mrs. Carl Troutmanl Mrs. Min·

nle Graef and Mrs. George Vosswere guests at Coterie Club.which met last Thursday withMrs. Ben Benshoof.

Prizes were won by Mrs. N. L.Oltman, high, Mrs. IreneWarnemunde, low, and Mrs. J. G.

L.-- --Sweigard. average. Guest prizeswent to Mrs. Minnie Graef. high.and Mrs. Carl Troutman, low.

Next meeting will be Oct. 23with Mrs. N. L. Oltman.

.The An9rew Manns-were Sun'- - ­day dinner guests of the RogerThompsons of Newman Grove.The Andrc;l:w Manns Jr. and A.·K.. 'Norfolk. joined them for supper~

iThe LeRoy WllllerS, CheY"rne.

Wyo., were SaturdaY'9Uesfs~f~Is

parents. the Fred WittIer's.'". OnSunday they went to Lincoln tovisit Mrs. Wittler's mother. Mrs.Minnie Wade, and her brother.Ihe Dick Wades. The WyomIngguests left fo'rth~lr~omeMonday:rriornlng~:~,:; ;': "~'I~": '."'h ." .



Sf. Paul's LutheranC~urc~

(John e. Hafermannt pastor) .Thursday: Worn ens Bible~

Mrs. Graef HO$tessMrs. Minnie Graef entertained

the Three-Four Bridge Club for a2 o'clock dessert luncheon Fri­day. Mrs. Ben Benshoof becamea new member.

Prizes were won by Mrs. LouieWillers. Mrs. Wayne Imel andMrs. N. l. Oltman.

Mrs. Imel will be the Oct. 24hostess.

. Conlral:l Bridge ~

Contract Bridge .Club met Oct.a In the home 'of 'Mrs. J. G.Sweigard with three guests. Mrs.Clarence Pfeiffer, Mrs. Ben Ben­shoof and Mrs. Don Wacker.

Club prizes were won by Mrs.Wayne I mel, Mr~~ '-reneWarnemunde, Mrs. GladysGaebler and Mrs. N. L, DUman.Guests also received prizes.

Next meeting will ~e Nov. .4with Mrs. Irene Warnemunde.

The George Farrans:and Missywere weekend i:g~~~t.s ~n theRoger Hill home." T-ec*mseh.Other "gue$ts were. the Ver~on

Hills, lormer Wlhsl~e.:resldenls.On Su.nd~'(I. t~ey.~I_! .h,a,#. a picnic _(firmer a('·lndla,,· 'Hills 'Cave:­Enroute home Sunday eyeing. theFarrans visited Ihe Gene Millersof Omaha. -

Dinner" guests .$und~y, In theUnited Methodist home ,of Mrs. Arlene !ZO:ffk;a were

Church -~:;t:;r.i~~~R:~~ft~e~~~:~d~~~(Shirley Carpenter. pastor) Lhmemanns, Hoskins.'.:the Dan

Sunday: Sunday- school, 10 J,aegers and', Jessica, '~he D4ve :a.m.; worship. 11. -Jaegers;----joshqa--anrDanntka;--:-.----

the Herberl Jaegers;.. Dirk and. Doug, and Le~ell .. Zollka 01

Wayne; .' ',~

Trinity LutheranChurch

(lon DuBois, pastor)Sunday: Sunday school and

adult class; 9:30 a.m.; worship,10,30.

Adriana ,Cole. Mrs. Marilyn~elghton.'Mrs.Terry Munter andMrs. Dennis Van Houten.

Mrs. Charles· Jacksonpresented ~ach stude.nt with afireman'S hat when they returnedto school.

~eighborlng CircleNeighboring Circle met Thurs·

day with Mrs. Wayne Oenklau.Guests were Mrs-. -Don -Wackerand Mrs. Warren Gallop andMaggie.

Women attendlng·the meetingwore costumes o'r masks In obser­vance of Halloween.

Pitch furnished entertainment,with prizes going to Mrs. -HenryLangenberg, Mrs. Leo Voss, Mrs.Ray Jacobsen and the g~ests.

Kindergarten students' of theWInside Public School toured theWinsIde tire hall lasf..Thursday In·observance of National FirePrevention Week,

Fireman Oean Mann showedyoungsters the fire equipmentand clothing a9d gave them aride on the fire truck.

A ttendlng were Becky Appel.Ryan Brogren. Christine Brug·ger. Kyle F-redertck. Jennie- Han-~co*ck. John Hanco*ck. TreverHartman, Holly Holdorf, BobbyHoltgrew, Chris Mann, CoryMiller, Christi Mundi!. AnnieMunter, Donnie Nelson. NicoleSchell peper , Cameron Shelton,Chad Stalling. Jason Tapp andOereck Van Houten.

They were accompanied by

~'.(,:. . ,NEAR COLLEGE· two bedrooms up and twodown, large decl.., walk-out basem*nt I backvard joinl'3 a park, possible basem*nt rental!

has become associated with a new and excitingnational organization known as PARTNERS. Ourprimarv concern is to better serve you and all ourclients by gaining the maximum exposure in thereal estate mark<etplace. We will be better able toserve vou ~through the manv avenues thePARTNERS affiliation will open to us.

NEW LiSTING. Immediate possession



;~-lAKINGSECOND In the Wayne State College Homecoming parade Lambda. above The theme was "Even a Cowboy Gets bown-·toi'~' Saturday In the organIzation category was the flcal entry of Phi Beta Business .,


'1 ,

;~:Setond Place at Homecoming



The Herberf irennetls,Galesburg, N, D•• speni Friday foTuesday In the Carl Bring homeand with other relatives.

The Coin Beucks. South SiouxCity, and Marvin Beuel<. Ed·dyville. tow8, were Thursdayafternoon callers In the hqme'ofMrs. Louise Beuck.

Supper guests Oct. 8 In thehome of Marie 8rlng were theGlen Froenkes. Wheaton. Minn.,the Dick Jenkins family. Carroll.and the Carl Brings.

The Ed H. Keifer family wereFriday visitors in the GlenRetzlaff home. Weeping Water.

Dave Miller. Kandl Kurtz.Omaha, and the Floyd Millersand TIm were Sunday dinnergues~s In the Joe Dusal home.Tilden

Dave Fuchs. Lincoln. spent theweekend in the lawrence Fuchshome

Fay Brandow, Mounf Vernon.Wash., is visiting in the Bill Bran­dow home

The Ed H Keifer family wereSaturday and Sunday guests inthe Gene Cook home. lincoln.

Dennis Staperman. Milford.spent Saturday to Tuesday In theClarence Stapelman home

The John QUlstS. Cut Bank.Mont, were Oct 6 breakfastQuests In the home of Mrs. AlvinYoung

Sunday dInner guests in theClarence Stapeiman home werethe John QUiStS, Cut Bank. Mont,Dennis Stapelman, Milford.Mark Fey, San DIego. Calif.Mrs Don Fey Dianna Fey.Omaha, M·rs AI ... ln Young. the(~My Stapelman lamily and theRon Stapehnan tamily

Guesls Saturday evening in 'hehome of Mrs Loul:>e Beuck inhonor 01 her BJrd birthday wereMrs Kathleen Skokan, Newton.Iowa. tre Ed Kelters and the Dennl5 Krles

The Palmer Rools Richfield.Mlnn spent Saturday to MondayIn the Floyd Rool home

Mrs Kathleen Skokan.Newton. Iowa, waS a guest in thehome 01 Mrs louis.e BeuckSaturday to Monday

Mrs Mildred Canecd.Hellevue spent Frida)" to Manddy In the home at Mrs FredPtlanz

The Mike Murphys and LeighAnn dnd ~<-oft Keanan, Omaha...ere weE"kend guests In the Earlf- ,sh home


Model 4&24-AuthenticEarly American DeSign





Cafhollc Church(Roberf Duffy, pasfor)

Sunday Mas~ 10)0 a rn

- - -·l\iteet fOr"' Bridge.


Mrs. DOh Wlnkelbauer was a'guest. and prizes went to Mrs.Ray Anderson. highJ- I and Mrs.Fred Pflanz. low.

Brownies MeetBrownies met Oct. 7 at the fire

hall tor a regular meeting. Out­door games furnished entertaIn·ment. Anne Kelter bec,;Ime amember. T rea ts were served bylynn Lackas

On Ocf. 4, Brownie leadersMrs. Loyal Lackas and Mrs. EdH Keifer accompanied fheBrownies and three gue'sfs fa'Wayne fa hear a storyteller. Thegroup had lunch before returningfo Belden

Presbyterian Church(Thomds Robson, pasfor)

SUnddY' Worship 9 30church school 10)0

Presbyterian WomenThe Union Presbyterian

Womens Association met lastThursday alter noon with 22members

FollOWing the bUSinessmeeting. Mrs Thomas Robsonpresented the lesson, entitled"The Second Spring of SamanthaMuffin'

Mrs Dick Stapel man, MrsDoug Preston, Mrs Cy Smith andMrs Muriel Slapelman reportedon the Fall Presbyterial they altended in Norfolk on Oct 8

Seated at the birthday tablewere Mrs Elmer Ayer, MrsLoyd Heath Mrs Darrel Neeseand Mrs Fred Pllanz

On the serving commilfpt" wereMrs Darrell Grat Mr<; LoydHeath and Mr<; Maud Grat

Relax tonightl

, ,,

supper and: meeting.Twenty-one members attend­


OAPY Cruft-MeetsMr, and Mrs. Al Brandl enter­

tained the Sunday eveningmeeting of the OAPY Club. heldU, the Bank parlors.

Pinochle furnished entertain·ment. with prizes going toLeonard Sauser and Mrs.Leonard Dowling. high. and EarlFish and Mrs, Pearl' Fish, lOIN.Mrs. Gordon Casal received thetraveling prize.

Altar SocietySt Mary's Altar Society met

Thursday afternoon In the Bankparlors

The Rev Robert Dutfy led thegroup In mass. followed w'lth thelesson, Mrs. Don Pflanz servedlunch

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:~:,,"~!Jf!~ay _dh'Jne~, ,art4::.-- '$upp"erg,00515- In tt€e·Cerf .,8rilJg, h~_me :'!1

''honof Of the I!!llttbjrthdayof theh~t, "·Jere, ,the t.eRoy· Brings."Serge.!!nf BIr,i'f, Iowa', the TomDixons. and Kristin, Mrs. Bruce-Schmidt, MovUle; Iowa, theHerbert Bennetts, Gafesburg, N.D" the Dick Jenkins family, Car·roU, and Marte Bring.

Joining them in th~ eveningw~re f...'\r. andel-MS. Craig Bartelsand Mrs. Byron McLain.

~ '=

Next Class Starts ~~ Nov. 11,1980 /' ~


"--_. -,-- ,-.--'-' ~."" ...."co'rlege d

~Name ~

Address C, fy ~

PtiOn~ lip Code __~ ~ The Harry Olsons. ColeridgE'

B~. 11....;. fir"\l.0r d~~, cHId thf' W,lllclm Ebys attpndedaD UD U\&; the 30th wedding dnnlver'>dry of

the V "'(lo'nl 8e(ker~ ",undoy

D O~ n"tv enD nono c:::>I' afternoon In Creighton1:Ql..,;~II>.II 1I 'II>.IIDUIl;;':!j'l;; d The Robeet Hacp",'wece\un

"' . Ph·o·'n'e-('402) 721-6500 ~ day allemoon lunch gue," ,n IheDon Drummond home Decatur

1660 N, 'Cront Frem ant, Nebrask a 68.0.25 '?> They al,o allended Ihp f ,,,'

IdlJwQQ.lm~QQQQOQO 0OY 000 00000000000Vii" ~~·u'~,~~~~' Awa'd' la, \he" y

,c "

Studenl supporters of FirstDistrict Congressman. ~~ugBereuter have- ·~nnou."ce,dformation of Young Nebras.kansFor Bereuter., . ,

The organlZallon 01· college andhigh school students will sponsorcampus booths ar:td assist in dcor~,o·ddor campaignIng. duringBereuter'-s re-election campaign.

Headlng- the'-'Orgao1zatlon '. ar-e--'students Irom Ihe followingareas: Syd Peterspn" NebraskaWesleyan ·University; Lorl_. VonMinden, University of Nebraska:Tom Burney, Wayn~ StateCollege; John Gradv.fohl and'MegKlosterman, Doane Colleg~.

IOFriends ~ave aft things incommon. .. . Plato

Student ~rCll:1p

Backs B~~Jvter

Social CalendarThursday, Oct. 16: Get-to-

Zion Lutheran Church(Robin Fish. pastor)

Saturday: Saturday school, 9a.m.

Sunday: Worship. 8:45 a.m.;Sunday school and adulf Bibleclass, 9'45; Sunday School in·sfltute, 7 p.m.

Peace UnitedChurch of Christ

(Johh C. David, pastor)Sunday: Worship, 9:30 a.m,;

Sunday school, 10:30.Wednesday: Cqntlrmation

class, 8 p.m.; choir pracflce, 8.

Trinity EvangelicalLutheran Churc;h

(Wesley Bruss: pastor)Thursday-Friday: Teachers

conference,Sunday: Sunday school, 9:30

a m.; worship with communion.10: 15.

Monday: Choir practice. 7:30p.m.

Quarterly Meetinglion Lutheran Church's voting

members held their quarterlymeeting Oct 7

Newly elected offIcers, whoWill assume theIr duties In

Get·Together HeldA pastor teacher get-together

was held FrIday evening at theTrinity Lutheran SchooL beglnn·ing with a 6:30 potluck supper

Pastors and teachers of theLutheran Church, WisconsinSynod. and their familles attended from Stanton, Norfolk, Hadarand Hoskins.

Members-of IhECCJ'llglll1lnQWomen's Honle E)(tenston Club"Ispl~yed handlcralls 'When IMymel laSl' 'Thursday afternoon Inthe' home of Mrs. 'Gij'orgeLangenberg Sr..

The Jesson was on handicrafts._Guests _at 'ihEL meeting were

Mrs. Mary' .Langenberg', anhonorary member, arid Mrs.

"Frances Ulrlch:of N~folk andDeb Garris of Aurora. .

President Mrs. Arnold Wlftlerconducted the business meeting,which opened with the ExtensionClub Creed In unison. Members~n~w~~ecr!"ollc;aU wlttLw'haUbe.y:­likeabout a nice autumn day.

The secretary and treasurer'sreports were given by Mrs.' RonLange. Reports also were givenon the Community Health Fairheld last month in Wayne and onthe County Council meeting.

Mrs. Arthur Behmer and Mrs.Hilda Thomas were honored withthe birthday song. Mrs. LaneMarotz, read an article, entitled"Hogs - Using Everything Butthe Squeal."

Next meeting will be wIth Mrs.Norris Langenberg on Nov. 13.

Hostess HonoredGuests In the Clarence

Hoemann home last Thursdayevening for the hostess' birthdaywere the Perry Hoemanns andMr. and Mrs. Owen JenkIns ofNorfolk, the E(wIn Morrises,Mrs Anna Mae Morris, AIThomas and Mr. and Mrs RoyJenkins. all of CarrolL and Mrs.Hilda -Thomas and the ErnstEckmans at HoSkins

a~ j


'il:l!l @~. U~A





<l?l8 U:I. ll;eIl'U!!Hi'~1'C



'Ii Dim. m:ree~me(('

tr;rnWJ~ El;!fl<RJ(1:~«e!f'!!!D


C"c.:,.',"";, '


'ilO'l2@:I. m@;.lJi!i1!l::1?~(Q]1Ml @)fl Mlu~liiUr@@flil'Il

1!l::1?@(§]fM @i! (S;1til8I'Ce(1!l11iJ


.m ml@Q9 Iill'C«l!JJ.~1l'il(Q]fi'mOIn}

,,@m~et "iJ'lhi;!i@B~






UX1<I )l





(Publ OCt. 141

WAGES~ en Boerne'YBernIce MayorS.e"..,nDUmlinSM.srllyn C.ssllurJoAnn Hlllfl';lBonnloll Lundl.elh.a Shlml!f'kaDQf\IILd KahlerYlcklll~yer


C.arol HanlCrPhylll' KnobbeE ~"'yn Ml'lllonkl'llCldemaWHtI

'Senkers Life ... " ....•. ~ :~'.:::•....AIOJ!;ander & Alexandef' •• ,_•.., . , ..PROJECT LAND RIOHTS:

~fR~"c~6:~.:=~;·".,.··:... 99,OOCUIO_

NARD, , , .. •..• r ,.. • W.ODScribner LeglonC1Vb .. 2$,00l;Iollday Inn 220.32DUEllNARD.. ...... . _. '.510.00SPECIAL PROJECTS:R.F, Blalt1trt j.. 141.91PAYROLL TAXES:SoelalSec:urltyBureau .•...... :.~ 1.311.52Delay Flnt National .. _..... .., 1.:n~.IO

HeMaska Dept. "Of RevenUtl', . . 613.00OFFICE EQUIPMENTIXerox , , .INTER·GOVERNMENTALCOST SHARE: .'Welding Consl. Co.

LAND TR-EATMENT:Joe Vomacka .Joe VachaRuth T!" WeiherL.eIlardHollmannHlld.ll BnmlOAllen FuchsFranees/DOlT RottlerEmanuel KabesL<!Irry BelzLouIse Melertu!nryD80H F<!IrmsMolrvln HealeyLllveTn Clau'M!n(;.er.slcr ElkmelerMaynlllrdAblerFrankie CbarlPt"Lillian MarvinLoran KratochvilH<!Irord WIKhenEunice&. Lorr"lne KomperDuane Plllel

NOTES PAYABl.E·Delay first N<!Illon.a1



At per requlremenhby LB. 4lM."15PERSONNEL EXPENSES·NARD 162,00NWRA ISO.OOMolrltyn Caslk.a 26 oeSte",en G Ollmll'" 186.46e""ceMl'lyer 13.SSHolld"y Inn~ 191.25MId PlaInes FlI~hl 483_"1)Evelyn Maslonkll )1 8~

Vlck, MeYfJr 1111TRUCK EXPEN5.ESPhIllips l'i' Jl(COV"" SfJr~'ce 2'061~

Goody.. ilr 22~ 86Norfolk Dodge In '\.I

INFORMATION & olEcOf\omlc;

D"vt'lopmt'nl I 11

Nortolk (h"mber of Commer<" 1~ 00Stanlon Reglsler ~ 4S"lAC 0 E ndowmenl Fund 190 coDouble K SO 50NorlOlll Fly,ng Serv'ce 6Il11QLEGAL NOTrCESNorfolk Darly "Ie"" 1(1.1 4fI

Wayne Herald ,&991

W9,I Po,nl News JW bSOFFICE SUPPLIESF nle'p',~" E locI,,, )& nAILQ IJI1Grbsons 1801x,·, 0_ 1~1 J7

Ij"c~.. " In{OJlIl. (0 Pre''' L18.1POSTAGE~tanlon Pos'masl.., " 00Nortolk Poslm",sl.., ISO 00PROFESSIONAL SERVICE,>HoskinS W...slern Sond... regg..,PROJECT LEGAL COSTSp,.,..c .. Co Reqrsler 01 O....-ds

AttnlNorman J. MeltonCill' Clerk

STATEMENT OF CONDITIONas of September 30, 1980

ASSETSMortgage Loans and Other Loans on Real Estate. $113,759,215All other Loans 1,593,269Cash and Investments ..10,123,879Fixed Assets Less DepreCiation , ..1,868,551Deferred Charges and Oth'er Assets .. ', .2,525,674

TotaJ. . $129,870,588

LIABILITIES AND NET WORTHSavings Accounts. . . .. $110,204,348Advances from Federal Home Loan Bank. . 10,814,167Loans In Process. . .......• 61~,740Other liabilities. . 1,691,556General Reserves. . 3,990,474Undivided Profits ... , . , . A!,5~~,.303-

Total •.. : ,'/;' ,', , .. , . , , , ,.:: . $129;$70~5~

A lip 01 Ihe hat 10 all of you who watched your money grow atMidwest Federal Not only did your money return healthydiVidendS-II was used 10 help OUI communilles grow andprosper

ThiS IS the end 01 OUI bUSiness year buill IS the beginning of a newand exciting era lor us and lor you You'" soon be able to open anInterest Earning Checking Account at Midwest Federal Walch forthe announcement

it's9reat/tobe 8 . . r~rne

$7,800POO earned byMidwest Federal savers





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Tara R1<1£c AddU!...

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Tan Rl~ AddIHOP

Lotl..... "Lot 12

P:ovtna DIJlrlcl ..' 18 l

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PavU\i District' 1C-ID

lIinsloo TraeuPt~. 1-l5·l

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Ifotrlble'll I'i"c AddJtlonl.I:lU21·12

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Pav'na nt.trlet r 1>_\

bUT ttlln D~'trl't • 18.1


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(..---toni 4 l/....... '. MIllionI III Lot. 9 10-11 on 9

~ ~ll!on to Cnrroll

P:>vina: District I 15-J

1lreJ;,ler a PiltterllQl'J'~ bt A4t:11tlonloU J·Z .•. ,. all' z..e.!.8

Pavin,: Df.trict , 15.-4

IteJbho'lI Znd Adcllti<lll

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PavJn: Dbtrla , 'S·1l

sresde1' 6 Pat~'~ lat AdditionLoU 1-2 , ••.• Ilk 1 .. 611.4S

PavinJ IliItrkt , 7S-!1

kessler '" PaUfl5OJl'-$,ll1t.AddJtlOll­LoJ ...S ZS' Si ••• 8lk " ••• 133.10


1rM,leT '" PstterlHlll"",- bt; Mtlit,lmN c" 1i;lt 1, '••• '11' 1 ,., '355.-56

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Lolll IIH I:IPl l l!U 11l.ol Jl OH 1\ll' JO' In,, I~ I' II lin 111.0.·8 IIH :1PI Lol. 910.\.1\ 11 Bn II~ ,. ,. Lol 9 Il1k.'l

I.'" II W', 10 It,-\gh'''n~lt~,,,,1"'1 I' 11).

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Lotall·J1 ...Lot }·S}O' LoI!Lot~ 17-18Lot. IS·If.-ll 18

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Crawford r; Ihom" Qutlot!

Col~e~~ Hill nnt .l.ddlllon

Coll"lle Ifill Sel;:ond Addition


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Lot. lJ·J1 81): ILots 1-1 BIll. 1

N 100' Lot lB-E 15'N 100' Lot) Blk ..

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Pt LoU 7-89-10Lotlll12

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lol I IHk D ',~ to8"',(I' l.ou 11>-)7 18 Slk IJ \p I)J

'i H~' l.of 9 BH .') 970 J~

'"' Lol ~ 5 14' lD hlk!1 I."" :l.J"90 1.o10-"W·.. ~~' Lol ~

5'5·lnt I~, ,£75' lnl \~l<>t I~, ,PlLof .'

=3 ." '," ~ :Lot 11 •.. ,. Bll< 5E SO" Lou S-fl Blk 6wt 1 .•.• :.:. 81k II~LotS.~_Lot6.1I1k 11

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I .. :",:nIn I""!,~ I,,' ,I .. tn'

1,...-.,', \d<llnuI: In "II'. <;.,c \I" Ion ~ 'ill", ""'- 11I', ~',""". ......-..p, 1', >,1-'''''''" f',.'iJ"~'\'II\

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1',<;1'.', ~'.'i1',"nc.'.016M

"'"JI'II'...,~) BloS1


NOTICE OF MEETllCGThe Wayne County Soard or Commls·$i~ will meet on Tuesday. October .21.1980 at 'he Wayne County Courthouse from 9

~~~~~~~J~~:p~CFical~=:,':tt~:~~~~~~ty Clerk'S offIce

Orllretta MorTbCQ\lnty Cler"



puaLlCM£ETINGtq1TtCE ••.,.~ Reqular Meetlng of the- RegIon IV

Gq\'lf!,Jr!g..~9<;Ir~ will b.::tItr¢"at 10;00 un.on Friday, OctObe{2.4;1980.,t ~eglon IV Ser·vlea~ t.;orfolk at218 Braa~chAv.enue. Nor·folk~ Nebraska.~ agenda Is on flIe a:t the Cenfrel Office,

114 We$t Third. Wayne, Nebraska.Edn.1 Macklloe. Seqet..ry

(Pub!. Oct. 16)


Ocfobe"'.I980The Warne COl,lnty Board 01 Commissioners met per adjOlJrnment with all members


Advance Mtlceot this meeting was published In The Wayne Herllld, .sIegal newspaper,on October 2, 1980

Th& mlnul~ 0' 11m last meeting were relld (Ina approvedThe foUowlng officers reports of fees collected during the month 0' September and remit

fed to Stilte and County Treasurers wore approved as follOWSDrgre«aC. Morrl,. County Clerk - 52145 20

0Jo:all~~~t~e;. ~h~~'~-;,,:/~Th~ Distress Warrant CertIficatIon 5ubmitted b)/ Leon Meyer County Tre,n..

amlned and approved.The Qua"'erl.,. Fee Repon at Leon F Meyer County Treasurer. was Illl.(lmined and ap


A motion w~s m<lde by Eddie lind ~onded by Po"p,,,hol to adopt the following Reso'ulionWHEREAS. the budgets tor 5Chool Dl5trtCts 1~.25.]J "nO 45 ..nd lor Wakefield Fire DistrictNo 9weresubmlttCld 10 Ihe Wayne County Levy!ng Board belore Augusl 2~. 1980. a, provlded by law. andWHEREAS. the levlM lor tho above named entllj~ were ~t ", tollows. on Sepl..,m~r II1980 by Ihe Wayne County Levying Board

Sc;;hocJl OlstrktNo. IS S 110 MillsSchool District No.1~ ~ olllMlllsSchool DIstrkf No )3 11 11 MillsSchool Dlstrlcl No 4S I) 50 MillSW,,!l.efleld Fire Db.trlct No 9 T9 Mllh

WHEREAS, dUll! 10 Iheenllth!s exceeding the r~ lId bill the Cudgels werecorrlKled by theNebrask<!l Department ot Re",enve. 4ndWHEREAS. rho lel/les which had been adl)pled by Ihe LfOvy,nq Bo.!Ird on SeplI'lmended and IIdop1ed liS read" belOW

'>chootDlslrlclNo IS • '6M,lhSchool Dlslrlc' No H .71MlllsSchool Dlslrlcl No ]) ~ I, MdlsSchool DISlrl<;1 No 4S '0 'n MllhWakefield f're Dlslrlcl No_9 '{J M,lls

NOW THE RE FORE BE IT RESOL VI" 0 Ihe <!Ibnve I"led .,.nlltl"~ .. III oO-.erve II)r. lev, ..s II'"mended ..nd <!IdopledRoll call ",ole r.,..,.ul~ ,n all Ayl!'S

Tho following RowIU',on w<!Is adopted"IE SOL VED Ihal wherellS the deposits ollhls county ,n WinSIde Slate Bank do nol now ...ceed $150.000 00, 5lI1d bank IS enlltled 10 .snd" he<eby permrtled 10 .... ,thdu.'" the 101\ow,nQsecurlt,,:~s held In ,",crow by Omllha Nationi'll Blink Itrusl~llo se<ure d..poSiis 011"" covnIy In s<lld bank to wIIfEDlANOBk BONDS dId lo-111~due'\, To... , U<lOOOOOBOOI<. ENTAv167411BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED thaI the Counl)' Treasu'er 's her 'nslruc'ed thaI lhemll,,'mum IImounf of deposits to .....hlch WId boIIn. J~ .,nlJtled 's tnereby ,e-ducl'd ..nd Ih.. llh..OXIn'Y d"l)05lls In s.. td blln. "n..11 nol .,..cee<t In" 5 .... "" 01 51SoO.000 00 unl,' add,l,,,,,,,,securllles. approved by thIS board. h..",e been deposJlocod "... Ih .... 'd Iruslee liS ""cu"ly t01county depl7SltsThe loregolng re>;<>l"tlon WII. movecr by Edd'e ..nd ~onded by Posp,sh" lind on 'oil ,- .. IItt,.. "'01.., resulled In all Ayl!'S

The BOiJrd accepted Ihe res"ilnalJon ot Harold Wrtll'" Irom Ihe W/ityne (ou"ly Plllnm"glind Zoning Comml~lon

A prlorlfy number tor Ihe fedet-/I1 Aid PrOI""'! No BRO r~ '0: .. ,II be deslg"II'ed .01'he ne.1 m~fln9

T"e request "t Judge Mer"" Wllr,.,n 10' .. ..,.,... ~. to' 'n.. Con' ..r.,n~e 'DO"",s~"ssed and labled untIJ II ''''vre meel'""

The Board r.,,,,'~d Ih.. b.ds lor IhI!' W'de Br 'oge S'9n,"',1 p' Dlll'C I whlct1 hl'ldbePn opened on September n. 1980 II apparenl Ihllt H.. ,I <"qns Inc of Bloom,ng'onInd "<!Id the low bid 10' WeIgh' L,mll s'gns and "'1"" Wh.,.,Ie<, Sr .qeq', P",pe, C" Nortol~

N..b,as... nlld Ihe low b,d lor PO'S" ..nd H..rd..... reThe 101lOWlng claims were I'ludlle<l ..nd allOWed W",r/lnts 10 be '''lid'!' lor d,strlOullon 01'

O<lober II '11'110

W"..-r,,""Sal",rlesE ..slernNeb' t"lephoneCo ~I ~vlCp

Brlck.. r S In~ suppliesDes MOines StllmpMtg Co suppliesI(,.. tfblll suppll ......E ..slmlln Kooak Co suppl'esWm Lllenlh",I'" Sam.. suppliesR...:llleid !I. Co Inc. suppliesNorfolk Ofllc.. Equlpme"l. supplies mill",J"",nn Ost,ander CDC posla';leWuyne Herald supplies publl""pLuvern" Hilton A(J pos.llI';IeCharlie, R"I"gerallon new equlpmen'lu~ern.. HIlTon ACJ county court cost,H.smmond & Slephens Co s""ppln';l Cl7SlsP .. I'ICk l Murphy supplle~

Wayne Den"llIu ~on",en"on el(pOonllid Weible JII,lor IlIlIon I..... '" tid of pr"

Norbed H Brug\ler m~lnl ot eq"lpm.,.nlDOO!"~che< Appltllnce new equlpmenlCily olWllyne ulllllesOISQll E..lerml"alor Co Inc pest con"olH"rr" J<ln'lor Supply. ~upplles

W~yne Refuse ServIce. Sept I,""h se.",lceABC V"cuum Clelln... Warehou.... new equ'pm.,.ntOl$On Termite'" Pesl Conlrol IInn"",IInSpe<:lIonW.,.ste<n Tl'pewnter & OUlce. ,otnl m~chlne ,,,ppl'e, ,,10Joann Ostrander CDC. Dlslrle' Courl Cl7SlsJOdnn Oslr..nd", CDC snerJIIs 'eesW..yn" Denkl,.u Irll",.. I .."pNebr Dept 01 Admin ServIces. Sepl ,nw.slhX_. _ eqUlpmenl machIne mlllniJQoIInn R lenser Sepl cl",,.nln9 ",''''IC~

REGIONAL CENTER FUNDBe"lrlc" 501 .. 1.. Develop Ctr malnlenllnCe 01 res.ldenh

SPECIAL POLICE PROTECTION FUNOMerchant 011 Co IJII~ ~~J 11Ellingson Morors. Inc mllinten,.nce ot equ'pmenl III rsF , ..drlckson 011 Co maintenance of equipment J 25

WAYNE COUNTY IMPROVEMENT FUND )Belermann E leclroc labor "nd supplies 101 ~I


S..llIrl"s . IG 11,,1 ~~Consollddted EngIneers Arch enqlneerln';l serviCes __

61,~~: ~~p~~r s~:~I~~Y. supplies / ~

Kopll" Auto Supply. supplies ~, r~

L~an VlIlley Implemenl suppll.... S 90Mar..- IS Machine Shop. supplies. repllin n 2~

Schmodes.. Inc supplies ,~ 11T&W Tire ServIce, supplies, repll''S 1~)8

Tn!es Brudlg.!ln. Inc, &upplles 11 00Wlly"e Aulo Par~. supplies . I~ 21Coryell Derby. repa!rll 68 90Grllh",m Br"ke. repairs 199 nMerchanl 011 Co . 9as. oil. grease 179 61Neb..- Sand & Gravel. gr"vel 6,811.00Wheeler 01", St Regis P4per. lumber J.nl1ONebr Department of Roads, contrl'lct work 6..tlltI1"CIty of Wllyn.. , utilIties 46 78Consolidated Englneers·Arch ,englnuerlng services Wppl,l!'i ~9.~

H McLain 011 Co.. fuel and supplies 1..601.83Wheeler Olv SI Regis Paper. supplies, lumber 2.1S1.JOMcCorklndllle Implement, Inc. repairs 41l.16Mldcon Equipment Co . repairs ill )2Mike Petry Chev Otds, repairs 11 ~O

Mortis MIIchlne Shl)p, repairs 16.50YOlJ~ Service. radIator repair 48.00Kahler Construction, gravel 114.50Mid West Bridge & Consfrucflon, gravel, sand 1,1SO SOSwInney Bridge & Consfructlon, contract brldgs work ~,090.00

Wayne County Public Power Dist., sept. &f!rvlces 10.00Con5OJldated Engineer-Arch.. bl-monfhly Pt'yment ~l 66Consolidated Engineer-Arch., englneerln9llervlc~supplies S9.S4Bruggeman 011 Co.• suppUes . ) 00ConstTuctlDl'l Service Equipment, supplies. replllrs JI1.66COI'yeH Derby, suppl~. f~1 3.3'hI51Koplin Auto Supply. lupplies 11.19Rex·TtlJl Equipment Corp.. supplies 101.76Sherry Bros.·True Vatve. 5UP.P~les . S.59'Stenwall CQnocoS-Vlce. ~pplies, gas, etreset 1,026.38Th.les·BrudlglJn.lnc·,tl.lPP,lles. 16.10Wayne Auto Pat:f1l, supplfes 142.9'1

... W4)'fIeAtitQSaivasw,wppfles.. 71.65~ WlnsldeM~e.J ...... ~................ 14.36

L_~=~::;:t";':~~!:;;;~~~~;ai~5" ~~:~:.. DlersSupply,oIJ ..... _...................... 27,1'

; ~J;~::~~:'c:;~~~iio,;.. g~~·~,f:.::· ... ::::: ~~::~ 1A:lt Hf!, 'r'lC. alley IUIi) ~5.S6: :t~~~;:'%~~~ ..... :., 6.1'::: .Spahr" Addltlon~ Werl!l!m/JMetd!'Jt&lC;e~/bulldlnglr'tSLIranee' 13OJ1O .75' lDt- s-w 7S' _:~ Trl-COUntyHon.St/kkC~.op.~opane ..' 162.00 N S' Lot 4 ., •• 'Illk 'Y S10.10

~ STA~~no~~c:...~') / t~~';~·"'Mditic.l

~ COUwry~F.~~~E::::~i:~'j~ -..:'.:- .'., _. '_ _ ~Sfl~~iz·~:;·,:.::-:::::Jlli:=." J..tMuitcWnlgned.cavnty~~·.theeovntyDfW.."... Hebr".sk¥.,.,.etiYcer1lfythllt ~ SO' Lo1 2" •..••••• , .... , 1,,7.8S

~ ~~~u::.'=~m:::;~ef$t~=:=f=Ic-=::: ~~'~lti<m:. -~GffkvGf"*-~C1trk;tNtJU~St,lbleets·wtt'·~t.'*lnsatdagendafar.atJe'"t Lot.,g.... 1Dt ..7·•• , •.•••• IOl1.70

l'! =;!,~r:..~~.:I:,'rv"'~~tri":.=:=:::=~:'.t":= ~t 5S .. , .. ~ ..... , .. 1'0.38-'---'EO-~~':"f.'t""':'.:~..r.:::':'~I":T'::~E~;;"'':_~E:-:~r~o~r~t..~..~,':'~....'!'t.!'i.:",~~~;u'~...'!l.....~_!;!:-!:~~...!':~~~...~I..~...,~..~:;~!~i'1_~,".,l"'_"""--'-~-~t'--Mdl~lcm

~ ~< • '~c.,....... I'ff.ot'-lJ)..AUf,otU·

--:;. _c • ' ••....;.-e-fy0ri" ~·~~.:P::c"I'''; m .: ;; ~;~r--.. ; .t~.Od.1') -~

~8-~ (5) AU papers' filedwith eOd pr-oceedings--beforethe commission or masters

(fo~~n~~~~~nih~Sthf:~r:c~tion prlOf to any fonnal openherin::ashall be confiden­tla. a --the- The filing of

ft~~~~ ~i~~:bdef~~~\h;commiSSion or masters orthe SUarefne Court: snan bede~me a pnvileged com­munication. The Supreme

&~~~0~~d~~:~n1~~th~~~~~tion before the commission,the masters, and the Su­preme Court:-

lAH6l No Justice or judgewfl<H:iH>~eomm~~preme---GoUl'-t Judge of theSupreme Court or other

~:~~~s=~~:~~~~~:.sion, or as a master. or as amember of the SupremeCourt, in any proceedingsinvolving his Of her ownreprimand, dis~ cen·sure, suspension. removal.or r.etirement." -

Proposed Amend~e.;,tNo. ~

4 vote f£lI 'this proposal

-r,'ri1~~:~{~~;:~h~::J:,&~:~~~ 1A:~1~::~.'i/j:nn;b~~:t~~~ Pr:t~Z~~'!!,~~n,; ~ouOh a~d 'efflc~t' .tf.fcommon 8ehoo/~~' Wh~c~.'methrid

::~gen::t~7t::t~J~:"~I~O::;excesBive·.burdim 'is lmped onproperty ow~~~~:" :, '::: 1:«-' "w~rd~~f511r:,~Il:~f:rur:u:~,

Proposed Amendment No.3_ ~~i:tdi~t~e~~l:rt,~~..,~: ~~:a~},;:::I/;*:hl~:r:r:tJ~:1~,. ".egactnaent of a·,pla~!~ lot theenact leg~lation providIng Ihat ._ "~;::=~~:. ,;0.r.?'~~~~!: +e~,~,~#on inlhe Increased value ofrt:al prop­erty resulting (rona ina~

provements- designed primarilyfor ellery!! collservaUu~ may beexempt from. taxallon. suchexemption to be upon any terms.consIderations altd re.'ltrictivnsprescribed by the Legislature.

A vote MiA.l1YJ:iI thi.., proposalwill not authorize Ihe Legisla~ture to enact legifllatitin of anykind proViding that the in­crealled value· of real propertyrenulting from imprQvements

~:~i::::al~~mc::;~~~o;e~n:,z~from taxation. '

..A conatitutional- amend·ment to lnlthoriz~the Legisla.ture to provide 0 tax exemp· _tion on encJ;'gy conservationimprovements as prescribed.

oFoTo Against"

Ile it enacted by the people oftheState ofNebraska. -_

e ~~:~t~o: l~ ~:;:~i~~.~~80~there shall be~submitted to theelectors oUhe State-ofNebraska

-'~~e:f:~~tt~i~tCl~o~\~L~~~lion 2', orthe ConstitutioJ;l.!:If Ne·braska~ \vhich is· hereby pro­pos.~bY the Legislature'.:

"Sec. 2. The pro!lO~rty ofthestate and its governmeritalsubdivisions shall '00 exeJ!lpt ­from taxatio,n. The- Legisla· ...

for phys.Jca -or mental.dis­ability .seriously interferingwith the perfonnance of his I

or her duties if such disabil.


~ti~:~or;f t~&~:t~n~f 1.r:.braska may request theCommission on Judicial

~~a~~~ifA°c"aSti~~scoOf8~~;Justice or Judge of the Su·preme-Court or other judge,and in such event; the com­mission shaH make such in.v~stigation as the cornmis­

flloQ deems necessary and in-;-.it1VdtsereOOn- m&Y,-~

./ ~!U:e,a ~~~~it~' o~/~~~~~dsue ustice or u ge 0 t eSupreme Court or othe'r

tUe:~~nO;t'~::!id1::0~:e~concernmg the reprimand.diSCipline, censure, suspen­SIOn, removal, or retirementOTSuch Justice or Judge of

Jt~dg~u~~eili~~l~~n~~i~~h~~m addition, the commissionmay request the Supr~me

Court to appoint one Or morespecial rnastertl who shall beJudges of court!; of record tohea,. and hold a formal open

~~~r~:~hto::~:r~~~~~t:e ;;port to the commission If.

:~:~:;rc~~~id;r~~g~~:r~:~:ord and report of the mas-

~=~fu:°tha~~~:charges are established byclear and convincing eVI­

dence, It shal I recommend tot:Ji"e'S'upreme Court that theJustice or Judge of the Su­preme Court or other JudgeInvolved shall be !.!..2..:.rimanded, disciplined, cen­sured, suspended withoutpay ror a definite penod oftime not to exceed six


l2J The Supreme Courtshall review the record ofthe proceedings and .m Itsdiscretion may per~lt theIntroduction of additionaleVidence The SupremeCourt shall make such de­termination as it finds justand proper, and ~ay oz:derthe reprimand, dlscip~

censure, suspenSion, re­moval, or retirement or suchJustice or Judge of the Su-

~~e~~;o~h~fryotr~~~~~~teerecommendatIOn. Upon anorder for retirement, thoJustice or Judge of the Su-

~;;~O~h~~~b~ b~ ::b:~J':v4rhthe ~ame rights. andpnvlleges as .fhe or she hadretired purl;uant to statuteUpon an order for removal,the Justice or Judge of theSupreme Court or otherJudge shall be removed fromoffice, and his or her salaryshall·cease froril"ili'edate ofsuch order, and- he or sheshall be ineligible for judi­cial office. Upon an order forsuspenslon,the Justice orJudge of the StiEreme Courtor other judge shall draw nosalary and shall perform no

Judicial functions dU~in\theperiod of suspensIOn. us-enSlOn shaJi a

vacanc 10 t e s·ticeor u eo e

ourt or at er IU ge.




o Against"

Be it enacted by the people of theState of ,Vebraska,

SectIOn 1. That at the general

~~:~i~;;altb~~~~~i~~ed l~9~~,electol"lil of the State of Nebrascr

~~e:1J:;:tVt:~~~~lefV~ :;;;j~~~28, 29'bsnd30, ofth.e Co~stituuon


8h'~~~":~jd~~~rr:~~~~i~~slon on Judicial Qualifics.­tionS'consisting of: ll, Twd

~7:W:f~~iou&·diMf'tet- -"C'OUi'l-e-,"onejudgiHH'- e-munie~OUfl;,

~:~pen8~=CottIol, ",,*,he~ounty-roUf't&Tree 'ud es

Proposed Amendment No.2

re:u~:t~f!l!::::t!::~~~~ComtnUJsion on Judi,cIarQualill­eat/ona from 11 to 1D; add thesanctiona of reprimand. dtBcl.pUnt, celUJure and BU8pension ofjudgeo without pay for not to ex­ceed 8 months to the presentpnes of removal ur retirement,·add a new ground of conductprejudicial to the admlnJ3tra·tlOtl o( Juatlce for 5uch satlc­Ilona; Gnd authorize the Su-

~~d:ewf:nu::e:rh:::18u:~:tftn:~K:;;:.ta:~~~It;~~~ :':;1~:~~recommendation of the Com­mIssIon remove a Judgewhenever nch judge pleadsguilty or no contest to a felonycharge.

A vote~ th;5 proposal

~~~ C:~;.I~sio':e::,bj;~~i;f

s.~aJ::::~:n;,.:~,~f~:I~~,r,:~i~:~:Y':::'~~~~c;~~':i,:~':nm::~~r;:;::d~dri1u:n:;~a:~tto~~t!I&~above; wlU Rot add the addi­tlonat ground for 80n('tlon8 ofcondud prejudIcial to the ad­ministration o( Justite; andwould nol add the propqaed newauthority o( the Supreme Coarlregarding the disqualification or

':I'l:v:: ~Ie:~~; ~~i7t~h:;g~~cOlllest to ffdonu charges.


~oc~:F:8ioe:;:e:6~~d~~~~iQuaJJflcudons ond to providvaddiUonnl dJsciplJnary mens­ures lind an additionalground (or discipline appli­cable to a Justice or Judge ofthe Supreme Court or otherjudge.

$4"............_............ - ea.

$£69.............~........;....u- ea.

.'899........................... - ea.

$lAV Cll«~IBn~G

LtV II $@O ~@ll

$33~5 ,


5" II 0'

tw~ ~AW~ £A ~@DU $'jj'@(fi[ orr GOOlllnti A.~~!jj) un2 ~Oml ~@UGH BOARDS

lRleo1 Brand

121f2 gs. Barbed Wire $3487/00-roo1 11'088 ••••••••••••••••••

rh.rtLUMBE·R .cO. ,


~,,", '



$456,,, ' .4/a l:!7 elil.

CREOSOTED POSTS(Pressure Treated)

SYP .3Va" .. iVa' : ~313 Iillla.


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Stee~ Roofing& Siding

29 Ga. Galvanized1%" Corruglllted6' to 16' lllmgths

E¥¥ r 8&

34"h 16' IHtO>g Panels ..".."." ~1-449EACH

52"x16' CombinaUon Pane~s .~1789 EACtl

$2'995. :_' 1'1 i tOO oq. It

Red [Srand Sioc~ade Pan~~s1f4 Inch Gal". WeDded S@eeD Mesh

32 In. he/ill'IfY H@g Wlrre $"77~952G-,od 0'@99 IJ ;;V


'126 In. he/ill~ Hog Wire $6S;:~~'1 20-rcd rolD _..


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Gemco NutMill

Candy Dish&(over

Crystal GlassCheese Platter/' .1.00 free 2 free 3 free 4 free

Free Gifts!Deposit Deposit Deposit Depalt lIoposltS250 SSOG »,000 SS.OOO

DESCRIPTION or mO-nli or more or mont 0 ....... or more

Gemc:o Mixer 1. 1.50 1.00 free 2 free 3 free4.

9'rrier 8. lvesfree free 2 free 3 free 4 freePie Plate 2.

Cheese Slicer8. Cutter 3. 1.50 1.00 free 2 free 3 free

Rubbermaid 1%Qt. Pitcher 4. 1.50 1.00 free 2 free 3 free

A Second Place For Morey

. ~tl

TAKING SECOND PLACE at the college's homecoming parade in Del's Place'• the dormitory division vyas the Morey Hall enfry of "Showdown at

at Columbus Federal

them for supper SUf,lday wereMrs. Faye' Hurlbert, ·Mr, andMrs. John Reesand E1rr'er Jones.

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Stephens andthe Clarence Morrises, all of Car­roll, were among guests Oct. 4 Inthe Darryl Field home In Wisnerto help CarrIe Jo celebrate her se·cond birthday. Mr. and Mrs. NickNickels of Tracy, Iowa, spent theevening Irl the Clarence Morrishome and also were amongguests in Wisner.

Linda Fork. South Sioux City.spent the weekend in the EdwardFork'f1l:i'Me.•

The Cyril Hansens and Heidispent the Oct, 5 weekend InYankton with their daughter,Lynette. who aftends Mt. MartyCollege., Hansens attendedParents Day at the college,

The Leonard Halleens andJanie Halleen of Colorado Springs, Colo., had supper lastThursday evening in the home ofMrs. BessIe Nettleton

The Lee Middletons, Leadville,Colo,. were visitors Oct. B in thehome of Mrs. Robed JohnsonMrs. Middleton is the formerMIriam Hennrickson of Carroll


fhe Applied S("'ence D'vl">lon ilf

Wayne Stale Colit'ge Will hold il

high school _.apen house onThursday Oct 16

So far 14 area high \(1'10015

have accepled the Invltat,on atDr Don (attle head ot WS(Applied SCience Dlv,slon

The open house will deal wPlhhome economics Indu';.troaleducation and solely education

Demonstralions Will be carriedout by WSC !>ludenls who drecurrently enrolled In appliedsCiences courses

VIsiting ">tudent<, are trpl' toill/end demon<,!ratrons clnl1sessions <.oordinilted hrMilrQdret l-1ansen In horn!'economltS dnd Don (altl", 'IIdpplled sCience

The mdln purpose ot the opl~n

house I" a publl( service tor th,,,diVISion 10 Inform dred people atwhat we dre dOing Or Call1t'sdld The Dpen hou">E' will .,idr! at~ )0 d m In Benthack Hall wlIh cI

symposium called (areers InHome EconomiCS

information will be prOVided oncareer opportunities In Ihe areaof hOfne economiCS Wayne Slalegraduafes w'Hl be shdilng theirexperiences and careers In theareas of fashIOn merchandiSingInterior deSIgn bUSinessextenSlOn. SOCial services andother careers where homeeconomics has been dn assel Thestudents wIll have an opportunItyto VISit and. ask questions of thegrads as well dS meel and VISi!Wllh Wayne State homeeconomics students

For those viSitors Interested ,nIndustrial education a programhas been designed in Meas ofcrafts, such as plaster casting,ledthercraft and the art 01

decoupage Otner areas ofdemonstrations are .baslcelectricity, offset and letterpressduplication"s, engInedynamometer and automobileengine diagnosis. There will bedemonstrations and lectures onmetals and welding as well aswood working.

Psycho·physical tests in safetyeducation will be In operation forobservation by the gueststudents They will have theopportunltv to conduct tests indistance judgment, fi,eld ofvision, visual acuity and reactiontime.

The visitIng students will havelunch in the WSC Student Center.

Applied Science

Walter Jager returned homeOct 8 from a Sioux City hospItallollowlng surgery He entered fhehospital Sept I)

f he Lester Andersons. Stanton,IoWd, spent the weekend In theClarence Morrts home JOining

-5ociat-Calendar'Thursday, Oct. 16: Carroll

Craft Club, Mrs. Larry Alderson;Senior Citizens meet for crafts;Delta Dek Bridge Club, Mrs.Frank Vlasak

Friday, Oct. 17: GST BridgeClub, Stan Morrises; SeniorCitrzens meet to paInt

Sunday. Oct. 19; AdultFellowship masquerade party,Presbyferian Church

Monday, Oct. 20: Deer CreekValley 4 H Club, Glen Lobergs:Senior Citizens meet for cards

Tuesday, Oct, 2}: HillcrestHome Extension Club, MrsMarian Jordan, Senior Citizensmeet tor bingo

Wednesdav, Oct. 22: Congregatlonal Womens Fellowship

Open House

Set at College

Sunday school, 8:10.

United Me1hodistChurch

(Kenneth Edmonds, pastor)Suriday: Sunday SChool, 10

a.m.; worship, 11,


(Gail Axen, pastor)Sunday: Combined worship

service at Presbyterian Church,10:30 a.m.

')1 Paul's LutheranChurch

Sunday Worshrp 7 ~5

Skating PartyAll Faith Youth are planning a

roller skating party at theWakefield Recrea:tion CenterThursday evening. Oct. 23.

The group met Oct. 8 at theMethodlsf Church with 13members present. The Rev. Ken·neth EdnlOnds had. the openingprayer and presented the lesson,entitJed "What the Bible Is"

Mrs. Randy Schluns !)ervedlunch

The Rev Gail Axen will be aguest at the next regularmeeting. scheduled Oct 22

SenIOr (,frzens(inroll Senior (III/ens met for

crafts and cards lasl Friday<'ltternoon On Thursday KayGlltert of Norfolk aSSisted Withpillntlnq

t)lnQo turnl<,hed entertainment0(1 7 with prlles QOlng 10 MrsRuby Olln( an Mr<., LOUise BoyceClfld Mr'> E mil Hank

~Clrr\, Hotf'ldi LOUie AmbrOlMr.., Chil<,II!ll:' look and Mr..,HI-'f thd I~om ..... pre w,nnf'(<' el'

I ,]I(j';. followlnq iI potluck dinnerD, t 6 eI' th(' (,,('n'Df (il,/ens( p"Ipr

..Pastor '·Fredricksen served St.Paut's Lutheran Church" in Car­roll from 1934 to 1946.

Fark HonoredEdward Fork observed his blr

Ihday last Thursday eveningGuests In the Fork home in

eluded Gladys Fork of Sioux City,the Pete Vollersons, the ErnestForks and Ed Gadeken andRenee, allot Laurel, the Kenne'hDunk laus 01 Wayne, and the Lonn,e Forks Angela KimberlyJennifer itnd 1 amara

Gerald A ConwayCan4idate for Legislature

fft be~tlllt Jeff's CGf!f212 Main street Wayne

.........~' -

t~~~~~~SII~'!jL~C!~~e"lil from 10 . II-=if' r~;

il'lI. Pub'ic' is Cordiall, Invifed to an Informal Coffee for,

ReceIves ChairA pastor's chair lor SI Paul'~

Lutheran Church chancel hasbeen given as a memOrial lor theRev and Mrs C E Fredricksenby their children Carl atPhoenix, Arir Mrs Carl IVeralGirbino of Ohio, Mrs Charle">(Erma) Peterson 01 SIOUJ( Fall';.5 0 Mrs Vernon rValellaiBurg 01 SIOUX (lty and Willi" 01

Newark, N Y

William Hf'lIry Ji;"nM>nst'"rvt"d th.' sh,,,t,-,,I t.'rmIn Orr,Cf' '11 dav, 'n

11-\4 I Franklin j) /-{OUI>"

velt sl'rv..d th,- I'HlI.':'·S(starting In 1'-!:UVl'ars, 39 dav~

·.Shar" G~d's·eof LWMLvl~es ·Oct. 12

Church:ocal' Chrls­

:tJ'ln.grolol!th leader. distributed. "pe<:lar10,,11"" at the ~ervlce. A

ne\\I banner {or the church properwas 'made by Mrs. Ar11:\ur Cook._J1!~ ~v. Fredrick Cook of

laurel " In charge of the in­vocation and delivered the morn­Ing message. A chancel drama,entitled "The Good Samaritan,"was pr.esented by Mrs. GilmoreSShs~ -1'/;.T5. Arthur Cook, MrsLumlr Buresh and Mrs. MurrayLetcy. Narrating the drama wasMrs. Arnold Junek

Sunday school youngsters, ledby Mrs. Dennis Rohde, sang"Father, Abraham" and"Walking and Talking and Prais-lng God."

The service closed with prayerand a hymn accompanIed byMrs. Edward Fork

Following thebreakfast was served to about 65persons in the church fellowshiphall. The breakfast was spansored by the Ladles Aid andLWML

wlfh national standardsStates may select one of three

systems for monitoring the lunchprogram under the new rules.The three options Include anaudit system. a review s·ystem ora combination of aUdits andreviews. Each system requireson· site evaluations of schoolprograms. Howovcr.requirements vary with eachsystem regarding frequency ofvisits and actions fa kenregarding deficiencies.

"In provIding three options forstates. we are attempting toprovide them flexibility to do thebest pOSSible job," said Foreman.

This ffexlbility Is provided tostates as o. result of commentsreceived "On proposed regulationsIssued last year. Commentors,representIng· local and stateofficIals, school administrators,school food service workers andparents, emphasized differencesIn problems and resourceS fromstafe to state.

An additional $4 million Infederal funds are being providedto states 'to offset expenses formonitoring responsibilitieS:.

Currently, 27 million childrenreceIve meals In 95,000 the natIonal schoollunch~program at a federal cost of $3billion a.year. Schools and statesfile claims for federal moneybased on the number of free.redocea- price ·snd--pafd· mealsthey serve that meet federalstandards. -

Sunday evening guests in theKen Linatelter home were theFay Isoms and David. Sioux CJty.the Walter Hales, Mr. and Mrs.Vern Jones and the John Ralphs,San Diego, Calif.

Keith Ellis and son Lance,Englewood, Colo., visited recent·ly with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.Doc Ellis.

The Ken Llnafelters and theJohn Ralphs were Friday andSaturday guests In the ClaytonSchroeder home, Lincoln.

The Vernon Snyders.Greehleaf, Idaho, have been InAllert. They came to attendmemorial services for hismother, Elsie Snyde!.

S:Chool CalendarFriday( Oct. 17: Footba'lt,

Homer at Alieni 7:30 p.m. ,..':~Tuesday, Oct. 21: PSAT tests;

8:30 a.m. to noon; funlor· highvolleyball. Homer at Allen, 4~~0

p.m.; varsity volleybaH. Homerat Allen. 6:30 p.m.

Wednesday. Oct. 22: Football,Allen at Walthill. 7:-30 p.m.

Thursday·Friday, Oct. 23·24:No schooL teachers convention.

United MethodistChurch

(Vivian Hand, pasfor)Friday: United Methodist

'vJomen bazaar at the church, 1p rn. Chicken and biscuit supperserved 'rom 5 to 8 p.m

SundaYl Sunday school, 9 1~

a.m.; worship, 10:30, UMYF.7 )0 p.m.

Wednesday: Choir. 6 30 p.m

Springbank FriendsChurch

(Galan Burnett, pastor)Sunday: Sunday school~ 10

a.m.; worship, n.Wednesday: Prayer meeting, a


First Lutheran Church(David Newman, pastor)

Thursday: Dorcas Circle, toa.m., with potluck meal at noon.

Sunday: WOrship, 9 a.m.; Sun-

":"A comprehensive ma'nagement~ystem for Identifying and

'-·cOrrectlng problems in' localschool feeding programs willtake effect Jan 1, according toCarol Tucker Foreman, assistantsecretary for the U 5.·Department of Agriculture(USDA).

Regulations Issued by USDAestablish new requirements forstate reviews of lunch programs.actions to remedy problemsfound by reviewers and plans forrecovering lederal fundsmisspent In the program.

"This new system IS designedboth to Improve admInistration ofthe program and make certainthat all required componenfs ofschool meals are being served tochildren." Foreman said.

Audits conducted by USDA andfhe General Accounttng Otflce Inrec::ent years revealedweaknesses in state and. localmanagement of school lunch

pr~~~aem~f the deflclencle/cltedwere Inadequate procedures forreviewing student applicationsfor free and reduced price meals;errors In counting, claiming aodcosting of meals served; and lackof compliance· with federalstandards regarding mealcomponents.

The new regUlations requirestatE~s to monItor schOOl" .lUnch·prograros by conducting on·sitereviews to deterrrilne c<:;Jmpfiance

Hansen is FirstDave Hansen won first place

from among 55 senior individualsparticipating In the DistrictFuture Farmers of America

~::r~u;~:;~ng conlest al Blair New Schoo. lunch.Hansen received a Itrst place g

trophy and a purple ribbon

Also receiving a purple ribbon Ru•e l!:.' To Rdent °l·fy,was Bruce MalcQm, who placed U i;;» n11 th out of the 5S senior in-dividuals

Jeff McAfee placed In the blue Correct S tribbon senior group and Pai _. . y.s emOnderstal placed in the red rib·bon Benlor group

The senior team 01 Hansen,Ma!~om, McAtee and Onderstalplaced second out 01 14 feams,and the iunlor team of Kevin

Some of Wayne's FinestDRESSED INCOGNITO are Wayne:Carroll Hlgh]chool students during "reverse day", ot homecomingac'lvltles last week. Boys cam~ to schoOf dressed like girls and vice versa. Here. somo 01 'he well dressed stummts pose lor the cameta. Front row from left are Jere.Morrls, Michelle Kubik, Mike luft Back{OW from left: Tod Heier, Kara I(ugler, Perry Nelson.






f i


~, i



- ----- ._..1.-, _.~_ ...




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