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At ABNB, You’re Able To Do More With Your Money

The credit union began as ComFive Federal Credit Union in 1960 with 8 members and $40 in deposits. Today, we’re ABNB Federal Credit Union celebrating 60+ years of serving members in Greater Hampton Roads, Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina including the Outer Banks.

Membership has its advantages because everything we do at the credit union is done with the success and financial health of our members in mind. We feature higher rates on deposits, lower rates and affordable terms on loans, plus low/no fees which saves you money every day vs. the BIG banks.

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Vision, Mission, and Value Statement

Our Vision Statement

To be the most trusted lifetime financial partner in the communities we serve.

Our Mission Statement

Providing financial services in a manner that improves our members' lives and benefits the communities we serve.

Our Value Statement

Trust earned through integrity.

The History of ABNB


History was made when the Credit Union first opened its doors under the names ComFive Federal Credit Union. The Credit Union was founded on principles that include honor, integrity, value, and convenience. The initial goal of ComFive Federal Credit Union was to be its members' most trusted lifetime financial partner.


The newly renovated Credit Union at NavPhiBase celebrated its grand opening November 29, 1976. Public Works spent approximately six weeks preparing the location to accommodate the new Credit Union. The new location, according to then manager Robert Morgan, improved employees attitudes so greatly that they pitched in two Saturdays and one evening to help with painting and cleaning.


This year was the first for the Credit Union and the “Automatic Teller.” The automatic teller offered a quick and easy way for members to obtain cash during and after business hours. Additionally, Naval Base Norfolk Federal Credit Union and Navy Federal Credit Union (Washington, DC) agreed to install a shared automatic teller machine (ATM) network for use by the members of both Credit Unions.


The merger of Amphibious Base FCU and Naval Base Norfolk FCU occurred in 1996. The name ABNB stood for Amphibious Base Naval Base. The mission of ABNB Federal Credit Union was simple - to deliver financial services in a manner that improved our members’ lives and benefited our community.


During the year 1999, testing for Y2K was constant in order to gear up for 2000. Additionally, ABNB continued in its efforts to remain “People Helping People” as ABNB emphasized the idea that credit unions are “ Where People Are Worth More Than Money.” With this philosophy in mind, ABNB focused its efforts on community events, such as Habitat for Humanity.


In order to follow the strategic plan for the opening of new offices to serve members and potential members, branches were opened in 2004 at Town Point in Suffolk and another office in Moyock, North Carolina. The highlight of the year was the grand opening in March of the new Operations Center, located in the Greenbrier Business Park in Chesapeake, Virginia.


In spite of tough economic times, 2009 remained a successful year for the Credit Union. During this time, ABNB saw the opening of new and replacement branches, including Chesapeake Square and Towne Place in Chesapeake, and Lakeside in Suffolk. Furthermore, 2009 became the biggest year for our Annual CHKD Fishing Fest, with ABNB raising over $52,000 - an increase of more than $7,000 from the previous year.


More than 60 years later, ABNB Federal Credit Union remains committed to expanding and improving upon our products and services, all while providing member service that is outstanding in all respects. We remain committed to providing the membership with a financial institution that is second to none.

Learn About ABNB Through Transparency TV

ABNB is deeply committed to delivering Financial Education for our members. We also want to take the mystery out of financial services and be transparent about how we do business to help members improve their financial lives. We have created a fun, educational and informational video series called Transparency TV. Each short 1-2 minute video covers a different financial topic. Enjoy!

Introducing Transparency TV: Performance Money Market Accounts

With your ABNB Performance Money Market account, you’re able to earn more on your money. Click here to learn more about our Performance Money Market Accounts.

The Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks

Unlike banks, credit unions are all about people, not profits.

Alexa Enabled Mobile Banking at ABNB

Enjoy the convenience of accessing your ABNB accounts 24/7, hands-free on your Alexa device from wherever you are. Click here to learn more about Alexa-Enabled Mobile Banking.

Credit Union True or False

A little Credit Union trivia. See how many you can get right, and learn why Credit Unions are better than banks!

Branches, Shared Branches and ATMs

It’s easy to access all your accounts at ABNB using branches, shared credit union branches, online/mobile banking and a nationwide network of surcharge-free ATM's. View our shared branches and ATM locations here.

Serving Members for Over 60 Years

ABNB has proudly been serving members for over six decades providing great low rates and affordable terms on loans, high rates on deposits, plus Insurance, Investment Services, Business Services and more.

Focused on People, Regardless of Their Financial Status

The credit union works every single day to help people in our community, regardless of their financial standing. In fact, we help members from all walks of life on a daily basis, especially the folks that banks have forgotten.

How Credit Unions Are Committed To Giving Back To The Communities

ABNB has a long and storied history of charitable giving and community involvement. Beyond the credit union’s annual charitable giving, The ABNB Community Foundation also provides additional financial support to local non-profits helping families and children in need across the region.

ABNB Member Testimonials

ABNB Financial Coaching

Mr. Callahan worked with our Financial Education Team to improve his finances. Here's his story:

ABNB Collections

Mr. Byrne worked with our Collections Team to help him manage a new business. Here's his story:

We're able to help you, too!


As an enthusiast and expert in financial services and credit unions, I can confidently delve into the concepts mentioned in the provided article about ABNB Federal Credit Union. Here's a breakdown of the key concepts and terms used:

  1. Credit Union: ABNB Federal Credit Union started as ComFive Federal Credit Union in 1960. A credit union is a member-owned financial cooperative, where members pool their assets to provide loans and other financial services to each other.

  2. Mission Statement: ABNB's mission is to provide financial services in a manner that improves its members' lives and benefits the communities it serves.

  3. Vision Statement: ABNB aims to be the most trusted lifetime financial partner in the communities it serves.

  4. Value Statement: Trust is earned through integrity, highlighting the importance of honesty and ethical behavior in their operations.

  5. History: The article outlines significant milestones in ABNB's history, such as its founding, mergers, branch openings, and community involvement over the decades.

  6. Transparency TV: ABNB emphasizes financial education and transparency in its operations through its video series, "Transparency TV," which covers various financial topics.

  7. Performance Money Market Account: ABNB offers Performance Money Market Accounts, which allow members to earn more on their savings.

  8. Branches, Shared Branches, and ATMs: ABNB provides convenient access to accounts through its branches, shared credit union branches, online/mobile banking, and a network of surcharge-free ATMs.

  9. Credit Union vs. Banks: The article highlights the differences between credit unions and banks, emphasizing that credit unions prioritize people over profits.

  10. Alexa-Enabled Mobile Banking: ABNB offers Alexa-enabled mobile banking for members' convenience, allowing access to accounts via Alexa devices.

  11. Community Involvement and Giving Back: ABNB has a history of charitable giving and community involvement through its annual charitable giving and the ABNB Community Foundation, which supports local non-profits helping families and children in need.

  12. Financial Coaching and Collections: ABNB provides financial coaching and assistance to its members, as showcased in testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from their services.

Overall, ABNB Federal Credit Union demonstrates a strong commitment to its members' financial well-being, community engagement, and transparent operations, positioning itself as a trusted financial partner in the regions it serves.

About ABNB | ABNB Federal Credit Union (2024)
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