37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (2024)

There are many reasons to decorate with simple wedding centerpieces. Using fewer flowers is typically less expensive than using large quantities of blooms, and these arrangements are generally less overwhelming than their bigger counterparts. This is an especially great choice for smaller weddings, or when you want another part of the reception to be the main attraction.

Of course, simple doesn't automatically mean subdued—sometimes the most stunning displays are those that do the most with the least. Ahead, examples of wedding centerpieces that are easy to assemble, but don't look it. Each elegant arrangement is based on a different take of what "simple" means, whether that's a monochrome color palette, bundles featuring just one type of flower, displays that use accessible, common materials , or casual, rustic assortments.

There's something here for every season and theme, plus any reception venue or table type. Best of all, each pretty idea would work well for a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or other nuptial-related event as well.

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Conversation Starters

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (1)

Cream canvas and indigo-dyed cotton bring a serene feel to this tablescape. Low arrangements of thistle, scabiosa, rice flowers, and Queen Anne's lace facilitate easy cross-table conversation and complete the look.

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Ultra Romantic

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (2)

These Stemz centerpieces were arranged by wrapping greenery around lanterns and placing flowers beside them in small, complementary vessels.

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Happy Hydrangeas

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (3)

MMD Events used blue hydrangeas, lanterns, and orange, patterned runners to decorate the tables at this yacht club wedding.

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Floral Garlands

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (4)

Garlands filled with foliage and saturated pink peonies by Big Day were all this reception's tables needed.

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Pretty and Practical

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (5)

Honey & Poppies filled these vases with crushed white glass and zerographica airplants. The tables were also decorated with seasonings for dinner.

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Wild and Bottled

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (6)

Laura Kohr placed interesting, rustic wildflowers in vintage bottles on this reception's tables.

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Wooden Runners

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (7)

White Full Bloom floral centerpieces sat alongside candles at this wedding. They were styled on top of wooden slabs.

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Mossy Spheres

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (8)

Red and green were the main colors in the short Em Creative Floral centerpieces used at this Christmastime wedding, planned by Ashley Rhodes Event Designs.

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Leafy Garlands

Thrifted candlesticks made from mixed metals were combined with greenery for striking Bowman & Clark wedding centerpieces at this celebration.

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Warm Glow

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (10)

At this Themeworks wedding, small candles were placed in glowing rows down the centers of the tables.

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Sweet Stems

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (11)

These wildflower arrangements by Seaberry Farm were bright, simple, and charming.

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Floral Goblets

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (12)

These shabby-chic DIY wedding centerpieces were made using spotted cloth and Whole Blossoms flowers stuffed into metal cups.

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Organic Blooms

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (13)

Organic flower arrangements were placed in simple glass vessels for this destination wedding on the English countryside.

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Mismatched China

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (14)

Brightly-colored flowers placed in mismatched china vessels by Colonial Designs gave these tabletops some quirky charm.

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Nautical Nuances

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (15)

This bride crafted origami sailboats for her nautical wedding's centerpieces. Elizabeth Designs placed flower-filled canning jars beside them.

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Clear Décor

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (16)

Assorted clear vases were clustered down the center of these reception tables. Each The Nouveau Romantics arrangement held a few blooms, such as foxglove, begonia foliage, thistle, ranunculus, and umbrella fern. Vintage crystal candleholders and white taper candles were also added to the mix.

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Rustic Arrangements

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (17)

Each of these vintage glass bottles was filled with a single type of flower. The Kate Parket Designs arrangements lended a pastoral look to the wooden tables.

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A Touch of Glamour

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (18)

For this formal affair, sequined chevron fabric and silver vessels holding a few peonies topped the co*cktail tables. The Kathleen Deery Design arrangements offered a bit of glamour.

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Mason Jar Collection

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (19)

Red Door Event and Design kept the wedding centerpieces minimal for this reception so they wouldn't detract from the natural surroundings. Jars were filled with white stock flowers and roses and placed in small clusters.

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Mismatched Centerpieces

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (20)

Complementing a rustic barn venue, DIY arrangements of eucalyptus leaves, carnations, lavender, and cotton blooms were housed in various glass vessels, while gold-painted pomegranates accented these reception tables.

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A Cheerful Display

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (21)

Arrangements of dahlias, 'Majolica' roses, scented geranium, gomphrena, snapdragons, and exploding grass dotted the tables at this wedding reception and fit the vibe on Martha's Vineyard.

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Dried Flowers

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (22)

Cream and white dried ammobiums set in mason jars and tied with twine created a down-home look for an autumn wedding on the West Coast.

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Easy Orchids

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (23)

Tall cobalt-blue vases filled with white orchids (by Celestine's Special Occasions) looked striking in this seaside Florida setting.

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37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (24)

At this wedding, each table had vintage milk-glass vessels that held sweet Janie Medley arrangements of lilacs, roses, scabiosas, and greenery.

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String Lights and Flowers

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (25)

The wooden reception tables' Sidra Forman wedding centerpieces included cloches filled with string lights plus plates of flowers in a city wedding.

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Geometric Design

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (26)

Here, ShapeColour used a sculpture as a vase and adding a variety of flowers for a unique look.

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Whimsical Arrangements

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (27)

Artisan Bloom filled these low vases with seeded eucalyptus, garden roses, lisianthus, freesia, hellebores, anemone, and andromeda flowers.

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Golden Glam

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (28)

These bold floral arrangements in metallic vases were crafted by Sarah's Garden.

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37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (29)

For this art-themed wedding, empty paint cans were filled with Sendick's Home flowers that matched the tablecloths.

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Autumnal Hues

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (30)

These tables were set with gorgeous garden flowers arranged by Bows and Arrows as centerpieces for the wedding.

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Desert Dreams

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (31)

A little bit of this and a little bit of that. This wedding's Bows and Arrows centerpieces had a mix of marble, glass, and terra-cotta vessels filled with interesting greenery and flowers.

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Forest Fairy Tale

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (32)

Philosophy Flowers loosely arranged these overflowing blooms into simple pots.

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Pastel Dreams

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (33)

Breathtaking Hana Floral Design arrangements of dahlias, peonies, roses, sweet peas, and herbs graced these dinner tables.

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Glass and Gold

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (34)

These tables were festooned with gold compotes that held dahlias, roses, and a mix of greenery arranged by Fleurish Floral Designs.

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Simple Ferns

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (35)

Ferns in mismatched glass vessels (arranged by Pollen) brought the outside into this wedding's industrial-chic setting.

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Casual Clusters

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (36)

These casual Greenwich Floral centerpieces were composed of blue glass vessels and groups of flowers.

37 Simple Wedding Centerpieces (2024)
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