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Louise| February 24

Cabbage is one of the trendiest veggies these days, and looking at these recipes you will soon understand why!

Besides being Paleo-friendly, cabbage is also easy on your wallet, simple to cook, and more versatile than you probably even realized.

Traditional Or Spiced Up?

One of the most common ways to cook cabbage is to chop it up and throw it in the frying pan. It’s also one of the tastiest; if you don’t believe me then why don’t you try one of the fried cabbage recipes below.

Add bacon for a traditional approach, or try something a bit more exotic, like curried cabbage! If you’d rather have lemony or smoky flavors, no problem. This list of Paleo cabbage recipes covers those, as well.

Cabbage Is Perfect For Stews

I love uncooked cabbage; it’s fresh and crispy, which is why coleslaw makes such a perfect Paleo side dish.

However, if you’d prefer a cabbage stew, we’ve got something for everyone. Have you tried cabbage stew with apples, pork or beet?

What surprised me was how well cabbage pairs up with seafood. If you like fish, for example salmon or tilapia, you’re in for a tasty treat.

Or do what people have been doing for centuries; make sauerkraut!

This Is Why You Should Eat Fermented Foods

Initially people used fermentation to preserve foods, and enhance the flavor. Later on scientist have found that the microorganisms – the bacteria in the fermented foods have many health benefits.

For example:

  • they can help lower your blood pressure
  • they have anti-microbial effects and can improve your gut health
  • they are anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic

If sauerkraut isn’t your thing, you’ll be happy to find out you can make incredible cabbage rolls that are completely Paleo. And in case you’re feeling lazy, we’ve included some crazy-easy, deconstructed cabbage rolls recipes!

Here are just a few of the Paleo Cabbage Recipes we’ve included:

  • Cumin Spiced Beef Wraps Recipe [Paleo, Keto]
  • Mustard Cabbage and Apples Recipe
  • Quick Stewed Napa Cabbage
  • Easy One-Pot Pork and Cabbage Stew [Paleo, Keto, AIP]
  • Braised Cardamom Cabbage and Pork
  • Pressure Cooker Beet Cabbage Apple Stew Recipe [Paleo, AIP]
  • Baked Salmon with Cabbage, Apple, Fennel [AIP]
  • Keto Coleslaw Recipe

If you click or tap any of the links above, it will instantly take you to the recipe below. Or download the entire list by clicking on the green button below.

Fried Paleo Cabbage Recipes

Keto Creamy Meatballs Recipe with Fried Cabbage [Paleo, AIP]

– Keto Summit

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (1)

Ingredients: ground beef (or ground turkey or ground chicken or ground lamb), garlic powder, egg, salt, black pepper, coconut oil, onion, cherry tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, coconut cream, cabbage.

Here is another great idea for a healthy and satisfying Paleo meal for the whole family! The creamy tomato sauce helps to boost the flavors of the meatballs and the fried cabbage is a good alternative as a side dish. This recipe would also work using other ground meats such as pork or turkey, so it can accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have to cater for.

Southern Fried Cabbage Recipe

– I Heart Recipes

Ingredients: cabbage, bacon, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, yellow onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper.

With all the colors of the bell peppers in this really attractive Paleo side, you have a perfect dish to serve to family and friends, or to take to a barbecue as it goes really well with grilled chicken. This is cooked in one pot, using the fat from the bacon to cook the cabbage and other veggies, so the delicious flavor is spread right through the dish, and you get a slight heat from the chili flakes.

Fried Cabbage and Bacon Slaw

– The View from Great Island

Ingredients: smoked bacon, green cabbage, yellow onion, carrot, black pepper.

This is a really adaptable recipe that gives you a tasty and colorful side to serve with sausage, chops or grilled meats. I have even been known to have this on its own for lunch! On the Paleo diet, leftovers can easily be transformed into breakfast for the next day, so any of this slaw could be reheated and topped with eggs next morning!

Skillet Fried Cabbage

– Buy This Cook That

Ingredients: green cabbage, bell pepper, onion, water, salsa, oil, garlic, salt-free all purpose seasoning blend, salt, black pepper.

Cabbage is a great source of vitamins and fibre and is low in calories and carbs, making it a really healthy vegetable to use on the Paleo diet, especially if you are watching your weight. Sides like this are a great way of filling people without spending too much so this would be a great dish for larger families on a budget. You can also turn this into a main by adding some sausage or crispy bacon.

Southern Bacon-Fried Cabbage

– Love Bakes Good Cakes

Ingredients: bacon, onion, garlic, cabbage, seasoned salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder.

This side dish has all the flavors we associate with bacon and cabbage sides and is seasoned with garlic and onion to give a tasty partner for steaks or chops. Cabbage is good for Paleo folks as it is low in carbs and so versatile. This gluten free side is perfect for barbecues and can even be enjoyed on its own. Add the bacon pieces right at the end to keep them crispy and give good texture.

Indian Fried Cabbage

– Center Cut Cook

Ingredients: cabbage, oil, cumin seeds, ginger, paprika powder, coriander powder, green peas, salt.

This delicious Indian-inspired recipe would make a great alternative to the traditional cabbage and bacon sides we all know and love! You are using ginger, coriander and cumin to give the real Indian flavor and this would be a great side to serve with grilled meat such as chicken or pork, but as this is also a vegetarian recipe you could serve it with Paleo naan as a main course.

Easy Fried Cabbage

– The Stay at Home Chef

Ingredients: bacon, onion, green cabbage, salt, pepper, smoked paprika.

This recipe is a basic instruction on how to fry cabbage, and would be perfect for those of you who are new to cooking or not very confident in the kitchen. This dish can be made vegetarian-compliant by omitting the bacon, but either way it makes a great side for your favourite protein source. For a vegetarian dinner you can pile this onto grilled mushrooms, or for meat-eaters serve it with steak or chicken.

Fried Cabbage

– Southern Plate

Ingredients: bacon, cabbage, salt, pepper.

Here is another basic and simple recipe that gives you instructions for making a wonderfully tasty side dish. You have the choice to make this with any kind of bacon, even vegan bacon, but remember to add a little oil as some bacon does not have the same amount of fat as pork. If you want to jazz up the flavor a little you can add a sprinkle of smoked paprika or a bit of garlic powder.

Fried Cabbage with Kielbasa – Low Carb, Gluten Free

– Peace, Love and Low Carb

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (2)

Photo Credit: Kyndra from Peace Love and Low Carb

Ingredients: butter or olive oil or ghee or coconut oil, onion, garlic, red wine vinegar, kielbasa, green cabbage, paprika, sea salt, pepper, parsley.

Kielbasa is a sausage very commonly found in Poland, but if you can’t source it near you, you can use any firm sausage you prefer such as chorizo. If you choose to use chorizo, you might want to omit the paprika as this may cause the flavor to be overwhelming! This is a low carb, gluten free dish that you can enjoy for lunch as it has all the protein and veggie goodness you need.

Paleo Cabbage Stir-fry Recipes

Stir Fried Pork with Cabbage Noodles

– Meatified

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (3)

Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified

Ingredients: avocado oil, ground pork, cabbage, onion, garlic powder, ground ginger, coconut aminos, gluten free fish sauce, dried Thai basil, green onions, cilantro, mint leaves, lime juice.

Cabbage makes a great alternative to zucchini when it comes to using veggies as noodles. However, be careful what color of cabbage you use – the red ones tend to ‘bleed’ color into the dish and can make it look muddy, so for a crisp look stick to green cabbage. Adding the fish sauce and the lime juice lends a more authentic Thai flavor to this Keto stir fry.

Cabbage Thoran (Stir-Fry)

– My Heart Beets

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (4)

Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Ingredients: cabbage, white onion, garlic cloves, serrano pepper, grated coconut, coconut oil, black mustard seeds, curry leaves, turmeric powder, salt.

Thoran is an Indian dish that just means ‘stir-fry’, but obviously this is flavored with Indian spices and fresh curry leaves. This is a vegetarian dish which is very low in carbohydrates, but if you wanted to add in some extra protein you could – perhaps some cooked, chopped chicken or shrimp would work here. Curry leaves can be frozen then taken out as you need them and are available online if you don’t have an Indian store nearby.

Curried Cabbage with Gulf Shrimp

– Seasonal and Savory

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (5)

Photo Credit: Angela from Seasonal & Savory

Ingredients: ghee or olive oil, mustard seed, curry powder, turmeric powder, garlic, cabbage, tomatoes, salt, raw Gulf shrimp, cilantro.

If you are looking for a quick meal to make midweek when you don’t have time to stand over the stove, shrimp could be your new best friend! It cooks up really well in stir fry dishes and only takes a few minutes to get ready. Shrimp is a good source of protein and goes well with the Indian spices used here, giving you a speedy, low carb meal for midweek.

Sauteed Caper and Garlic Cabbage with Lemon

– Slim Palate

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (6)

Photo Credit: Josh from Slim Palate

Ingredients: cabbage, capers, lemon, garlic, pepper, oil of your choice.

For those of you who are not cabbage fans, this recipe uses red cabbage which has a milder, slightly sweet flavor, and even the skeptics among you might enjoy this combination of flavors. The cabbage goes well with the salty capers and the lemon adds a zesty freshness to the dish. You can use this as an easy Keto side dish or add in some cooked meat to turn this into a main.

Smoky Unstuffed Cabbage

– Paleo in PDX

Ingredients: yellow onion, garlic, celery, bacon, ground beef, sea salt, pepper, dried parsley, canned fire roasted diced tomatoes, tomato paste, chicken bone broth, green cabbage.

This is a new twist on a traditional Paleo dish as it uses smoky flavors from the bacon and fire roasted tomatoes to give the flavor of the cabbage a real boost. This dish is comfort food at its best, and is suitable for gluten and grain free diets too. You can serve this over cauliflower rice, but I prefer it just as it is, served in a bowl with a Paleo-tear and-share bread to soak up the juices.

Napa Cabbage & Prosciutto {AIP/Paleo}

– The Bacon Mum

Ingredients: napa cabbage, bacon fat, prosciutto, parsley.

This is one of those simple recipes that taste great, even though you are only using a few ingredients. The cabbage keeps some of its crispness and this contrasts really well with the salty, smoky prosciutto. Feel free to use bacon if you don’t have prosciutto, but the meat will not crisp up as much. Napa cabbage is available worldwide, but is sometimes known as Chinese leaf.

Stir Fry Chinese Cabbage with Dried Shrimp

– Oh Snap! Let’s Eat

Ingredients: cabbage, dried shrimp, olive oil, salt.

Here is another low carb recipe that could not be easier! Dried shrimp has long been a staple ingredient in Asian cookery and, in this dish, they add a special crunch and flavor to the cabbage side. They can also be used in soups to give the desired umami taste. The dried shrimp is also a great source of vitamin B12 and Selenium, so has health benefits too.

Paleo Cabbage Rolls

Cumin Spiced Beef Wraps Recipe [Paleo, Keto]

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: ground beef, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, ginger, garlic, cumin powder, salt, pepper, coconut oil, savoy or napa cabbage leaves.

These wraps make a great tasty Paleo-compliant lunch for the whole family and are quite quick to prepare. The cumin adds an earthy note to the flavor of the meat and it goes well with the combination of garlic and ginger. You can use blanched cabbage leaves as wraps but for an even speedier meal you can use lettuce leaves or other low carb wraps.

Cabbage Dolmas

– My Heart Beets

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (8)

Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets

Ingredients: cabbage, butter or ghee or coconut oil, beef stew meat, white onion, cinnamon sticks, fine sea salt, black pepper, beef broth, cilantro, ground beef, parsley, ground cumin, ground cinnamon.

These amazing stuffed cabbage leaves act like little dumplings floating in the rich beefy stew, but keeping the carbs to a minimum. I often make these for the youngest family members as they don’t even notice they are eating cabbage! The cabbage dolmas remind me of Greek-inspired stuffed vine leaves, and the ingredients can be adapted to suit the main you are serving them with.

Deconstructed Cabbage Rolls

– The Healthy Foodie

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (9)

Photo Credit: Sonia from The Healthy Foodie

Ingredients: lean ground beef, cauliflower, parsley, eggs, almond meal, garlic, black pepper, ground coriander, smoked paprika, anise seeds, salt, ground cinnamon, ground clove, ground allspice, cacao powder, instant coffee powder, onions, mushrooms, water, cider vinegar, dried mustard, dried oregano, crushed chili peppers, canned diced tomatoes, canned crushed tomatoes, green cabbage.

This dish has all the ingredients associated with cabbage rolls, but without the hassle of having to roll them. The meat is formed into meatballs rather than being mixed through, which gives you an extra meaty bite to this dish. There are a lot of spices and herbs used here, so this is a super-tasty meal, but it is still suitable for the Paleo lifestyle. This would be a great dinner party dish!

Involtini Con La Verza: Italian Cabbage Rolls Paleofied!

– The Nourished Caveman

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (10)

Photo Credit: Vivica from The Nourished Caveman

Ingredients: cabbage, ground beef, eggs, cassava flour or psyllium husk powder or chia seed flour, Herbes De Provence, red chili flakes, unrefined sea salt, black pepper, lard or ghee or butter or coconut oil.

Cabbage rolls have been family favorites for many years, so sometimes it is a good idea to jazz up the flavors a bit to reinvent them as a family meal. These ones take their influence from Italian cuisine and uses herbs and spices to give the seasoning. The cabbage rolls can be served on their own, or with a fresh, green salad. To keep things low carb, you could swap the cassava flour for chia seeds.

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

– Lauren Rabadi

Ingredients: green cabbage, white onion, ground beef, ground pork, parsley, granulated onion, black pepper, Himalayan pink salt, canned peeled tomatoes with basil leaf, Italian seasoning.

In this Paleo recipe you get two-in-one as the instructions are there for both the cabbage rolls and a delicious sugar free tomato sauce that you could use as a base for ‘pasta’ dishes! The rolls are stuffed with a mixture of ground beef and ground pork, but any combination works well here. To give more varied flavors you can also experiment with other fresh herbs instead of parsley.

Lazy Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

– The Domestic Man

Ingredients: butter or ghee, onion, garlic, ground beef, dried dill, ground mustard, salt, black pepper, canned or jarred diced tomatoes, green cabbage, collard greens, carrot.

This is the perfect Paleo recipe for those of us who enjoy cabbage rolls but don’t have the time to spend blanching the leaves and rolling them up around the filling – just chop the cabbage and toss it into the other ingredients! This isn’t really lazy, just a bit less time-consuming. To make these more filling you can add in some cauliflower rice, and this cuts the cost as it makes the mixture go further.

Paleo Cabbage Rolls

– Food by Mars

Ingredients: ghee, shallot, ground turkey chicken or pork, sea salt, garlic powder, ginger powder, carrot, fish sauce, lime, coconut aminos, scallions, cilantro, cabbage, sesame oil, honey.

If you are having friends or family over for dinner, these delicious Paleo cabbage rolls would make a great main. They do take a bit of time, but if this is for a celebration or special occasion, it would be worth the effort. To cut down on time a bit, these rolls can be constructed in advance then cooked when you need them.

Pulled Pork Cabbage Rolls

– Pretend It’s a Donut

Ingredients: cabbage, pork butt or shoulder, white onion, paprika, Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, carrots, water, parsley, tomato paste, unsweetened almond milk, broth.

One of the great things about cabbage rolls is that you can use whatever ground meat or pulled meat you have, and this is a good way to use up leftovers. This recipe uses pulled pork which has been richly seasoned with spices and herbs, and the rolls are then smothered in a homemade Paleo tomato sauce before serving. You could also pour over the sauce before cooking so the rolls take on some of the tomato flavor.

Lazy Paleo Cabbage Rolls

– Going Against the Grain

Ingredients: cabbage, onion, coconut oil, water, cauliflower, ground beef, tomato sauce, green relish, fresh dill, sauerkraut, salt, black pepper.

This cabbage roll recipe is a Paleo version of an authentic Ukrainian recipe that uses sauerkraut, and this is a great way to get the family eating fermented foods. It does not involve rolling the cabbage leaves, but rather you layer them in the ovenproof dish with the meat mixture, much like you construct lasagne. Like a lot of dishes like these, this tastes even better next day.

Other Paleo Cabbage Recipes

Mustard Cabbage and Apples Recipe

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: white or red cabbage, apples, chicken broth (or other broth), mustard (any type), salt.

I am often surprised how well cabbage and apple go together – the apple lends a sweetness and fresh flavor contrasting the earthy cabbage. This is a simple Paleo recipe that is designed as a side dish for any protein, but it tastes great with chops or sausage. You can use green or red cabbage, but try to use the freshest one you can find – your farmer’s market is a good source. To make this recipe strictly AIP, omit the mustard.

Quick Stewed Napa Cabbage

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: napa cabbage, tomatoes, bell pepper, salt and pepper, coconut oil.

This recipe shows you how to cook Napa cabbage to give it a great level of flavor, as the cabbage absorbs the flavor of the chicken broth. This is a colorful dish that can be used as a tasty Paleo side along with cooked chicken or pork chops. Once the cabbage is cooked you will find that it has released a lot of water, so drain it well first before serving.

Easy One-Pot Pork and Cabbage Stew [Paleo, Keto, AIP]

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: boneless pork (shoulder, butt or loin), cold water, cabbage, onion or leek, ginger, apple cider vinegar, salt, coconut oil.

Don’t you just love one-pot cooking? So simple and less washing-up, so this is a win-win situation! This tasty Paleo-friendly stew is hearty and warming so it is perfect to have for dinner on a chilly day as you get the gentle heat from the ginger giving a boost to the flavor of the pork. Just make sure you check the liquid level regularly so the pork doesn’t dry out.

Braised Cardamom Cabbage and Pork

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: pork (tenderloin or other cut), cabbage, leek or onion, apple, chicken stock/broth, cardamom powder, turmeric, salt, coconut oil.

I have often thought of cabbage as a winter vegetable and this great Paleo one-pot wonder is full of winter-warming flavors! The cabbage does not taste bitter as this is offset by the apple and cardamom and the pork is mouth-wateringly tender and juicy. There is no need for any sides as this is a meal in a pot and is very filling and satisfying after a hard day.

Pressure Cooker Beet Cabbage Apple Stew Recipe [Paleo, AIP]

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: chicken broth or bone broth, apple, cabbage, onion, beets, carrots, ginger, parsley, salt.

The first thing that you will notice when you see this dish is the rainbow of colors from the different vegetables and fruit used here, and this would make a very impressive Paleo side dish to serve at a dinner party, or as a main course for a vegetarian meal. If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you can easily cook this on the stovetop, just be careful to keep an eye on the liquid level.

Baked Salmon with Cabbage, Apple, Fennel [AIP]

– Paleo Flourish

Ingredients: salmon filets, olive oil, cabbage, fennel (or celery heart), apples, chicken broth (or water), coconut oil, bacon, salt.

Using the bacon as a topping for this AIP-friendly salmon gives this whole dish a professional and appealing look, so this would be good when you are entertaining. The apples and fennel give this dish an original mix of flavors and of course we know how well fennel goes with most fish. You can use any cabbage that you like, but one idea would be to try using red cabbage as a way to add to the color.

Keto Coleslaw Recipe

– Keto Summit

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (17)

Ingredients: cabbage, carrot, apple cider vinegar, mayo, mustard, onion.

Coleslaw is a side dish that is recognized all over the world, with certain variations depending on where you are. However, the most common type is a mix of cabbage, carrot and onion in a mayo dressing, just like this one. It makes a great Keto side as it goes well with so many meats and fish, even burgers, and can be a great way to encourage picky eaters to eat vegetables.

Keto Chicken and Cabbage Stew

– Keto Summit

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (18)

Ingredients: coconut oil, chicken breasts, bacon, onion, cabbage, water or chicken broth, salt, pepper

This stew is so simple it can be made in less than an hour. Once all of your proteins are cooked off, you can just add the remaining ingredients and let it all cook together. You can have this stew ready between picking the kids up from school and dinner time.

You can add additional ingredients to suit your taste. Some extras I like to add are tomatoes, zucchini, and carrots.

Shrimp, Tilapia and Cabbage Curry

– The Paleo Mom

Ingredients: raw shrimp, tilapia fillets, cabbage, carrots, spinach, chicken broth, extra virgin coconut oil, ginger, curry powder, salt, coconut cream concentrate.

Seafood and fish are a great source of protein on a diet, whether you are aiming it at weight loss or just trying to reduce the carbohydrates, as it is a healthy way to feed your system and is easily digested. With the curry flavor and slight heat from the ginger, this curry is family-friendly and so tasty, and the cabbage makes a great alternative to cauliflower rice as a base for the fish.

How to Make Raw Sauerkraut

– Ditch the Wheat

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (19)

Photo Credit: Carol from Ditch The Wheat

Ingredients: green or red cabbage, sea salt.

Eating fermented foods is highly recommended as they are rich in pro-biotics and can help to support gut health. Sauerkraut is free of refined sugars and is very low in calories, so this would make a good addition to a weight loss plan. This recipe gives you clear and simple instructions on making what some of us think is a challenging dish, but it is quite quick and easy, so let’s get fermenting!

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (20)

35 Paleo Cabbage Recipes Your Grandma Would Be Proud Of (2024)
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