Welcome to Seven Cats Farm!

Welcome to Seven Cats Farm! We are a ten acre family farm located in the Salinas Valley, one of the most productive farming regions in California. This area is steeped in rich agricultural history, which John Steinbeck helped make famous in such novels as East of Eden, Of Mice and Men, and Grapes of Wrath. At Seven Cats Farm, we grow herbs, heirloom varieties of fruit trees, cider apples, and have a small egg-producing flock of heritage-breed chickens. As strong believers in respecting the land and all animals, we grow things in a sustainable manner, which mimics the natural cycles of the year and of nature. We support other local farmers and businesses as much as possible. We strive to produce high quality products while maintaining the integrity of the natural environment. We like to produce things in the manner your great grandmother did – slow, natural, and with love and positive intention.